Monday, December 10, 2012

We're Not Pretty

That's right, the Rams and how they play isn't very pretty, but does that matter? Ask Long if it matters how pretty this team plays. The uglier the better if games are won. Because that's all that matters is winning games and the Rams are learning just how to do that. They no longer are surviving in an atmosphere of nothing but one loss after another.

So who really cares if their wins aren't pretty? We shouldn't care. What we should care about is the fact that this team is becoming one of the ugliest teams for opponents to play against! Now that's exciting. Remember the days when we as fans would groan any time we had to play the Titans? Well, Fisher has turned this rag tag group of guys into the same type of team and this is a good thing. We are slowly beginning to get noticed and it's not to make fun of us, it's more like groaning "Oh man, we have to play the Rams this week." Win or lose, this team is tough and beats up on any and every opponent that comes their way whether it's at home or on the road.

This is a tough team, this is a mean and fiesty team and there is nothing there that makes it look or feel the same as any team we've seen in a very long time, especially the 2011 group. Who were those guys anyway? Who knows, I do know that 34 of them don't even play in the NFL ANYWHERE. Now that's a huge statement! Fisher definitely knows how to get rid of the garbage!

Fisher has even shown the NFL that you don't even have to score a ton of points to win a game. As long as you have a top notch defense and a way to intelligently manage the game on offense, you can still pull off the wins.

This is only the beginning folks, there is nothing but good to come in the future. The NFL had better be ready because this is just a glimpse of what this team is going to become and it will start as soon as 2013 is in full swing. By the way 49ers and Seahawks, watch your backs, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Monday, December 3, 2012

So Can the Rams Make the Playoffs?

Sure, if everything goes their way. They can take their remaining schedule and try to work it in their favor by making their move in winning the rest of their games. Three of their remaining four games are against NFC teams that are starting to scramble to try to make it to the postseason. That would be Buffalo, Minnesota and Tampa. Then of course Seattle, in Seattle. Realistically it can be done, but if nothing else, they can be a potential postseason changer for each and every team the play the rest of the way. And that is something the Rams have not had the power to do for quite some time.

Even if they don't win out or do win out but others around them push them out of the way, this is not really the team we expected to see about right now. Who would have thought we'd even be entertaining the thought of playoffs right now? But right at this moment even the NFL claims the Rams are still in the hunt sitting at 5-6-1. (that damn tie is going to kill us.)

With the last few games the Rams have the great opportunity to strengthen their position while at the same time weakening others. That's the most power the Rams have seen in nearly a decade. That in itself is an exciting possibility.

  • Let’s peek at the NFC wild card standings … Chicago has a grip on the top spot at 8-4. The Green Bay Packers are 8-4 but hold the tiebreaker over the Bears right now, so technically the Packers are in first place in the NFC North. But this one isn’t settled. Chicago and Green Bay will meet again at Soldier Field in Week 15. Both teams have been pounded by injuries, so it’s hard to predict what will happen the rest of the way.
  • As for the second NFC wild card pass: Seattle is 7-5, followed by Minnesota (6-6), Tampa Bay (6-6), Dallas (6-6), Washington (5-6 going into tonight’s game vs. the NYG), St. Louis (5-6-1) and New Orleans 5-7.

Nothing is impossible. Stranger things have happened.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rookies Make Up for Being "Bad" Boys

It was just 10 days ago that both Jenkins and Givens found themselves being taught a lesson by Fisher when they broke team rules. Instead of letting the talented rookies play against the 49ers, Fisher opted to make an example of them and deactivated both of them for this very important game.

Seems the two rookies took the lesson to heart because did they ever shine in their game against the Cardinals in Arizona.

Not only did these two rookies contribute to the game in Arizona, they were actually major difference makers in the outcome of the game. Without their excellent efforts, this game could have easily gone in the Cardinals favor without a doubt.

Fisher wanted to make sure that both these young, rising stars knew very well that being able to play in the NFL is not a given but instead that it is a privilege that must be earned.

They seemed to have learned their lesson and are looking forward to getting a shot at playing the 49ers when they come to St. Louis this week. Let's hope these kids can really give it to the "Whiners" and send them home limping and licking a few wounds.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Amendola is the Man

The three games that Danny missed, the Rams lost. With his return everyone hoped that it would mean a possible win.

Well, it could have and should have been a win because Danny Amendola did everything in his power to make it happen and then some. In fact you really couldn't ask for more from any single individual on a team.

Danny proved to the team, to the 49ers and to the entire NFL that he is a force to be dealt with and to be respected. Amendola may be considered a slot receiver, but the 49er game proved that he is far more than just an ordinary slot receiver. He is the star receiver of this offense and if anyone ever had any doubts prior, he should have wiped all those doubts away with his performance against the 49ers!

This game could have been a career game for him had others around him not screwed up at the most important times in the game as well as in OT. Here is a guy that did more than play his heart out but gave the team every opportunity in the world to wind the damn thing as well.

If this team wants to keep the good players that they do have on this team, then Fisher is going to have to find some way to get this team from committing so many detrimental penalties, because it won't be long before those who do it all right, may be wanting off this team.

But let's hope that's not the case with Danny, because this team needs him plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Answers, No Plans for Humiliation

The players claim they have no answers for the horrendous humiliation they offered up to their fans as entertainment in London. Maybe it's because they didn't have a well laid out plan. Hell, if you ask me, they didn't have a plan at all. It was if after that first drive, they looked over at the Pats and just decided to commit football suicide and then throw out the white flag.

It was just one of the worst things that has been witnessed this season so far. It was bad enough that a game that was suppose to be a home game was taken from us and then come into a huge stadium that favored the Patriots to begin with. That was like  deliberate suicide on the part of the Rams owner from conception. Stan may say they wanted the Rams to be "branded" in England, but did he have any idea they'd get "branded" alright, as pathetic losers, not well fought tough losers, but a team that reminds us of 2011.

Let's hope that this team and the coaches use their bye week to really reflect back upon one of the worst outings of the season and from it learn something, anything! Especially how to utilize the red zone. Chris Givens for instance seems to be the key play maker outside of Amendola and it is time that they give him full reigns plain and simple. Stop treating him like a rookie, he appears to be able to handle it, so let him handle it, plain and simple. Make him the key piece of the puzzle. End of discussion.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Givens Becoming Possible Big Threat

Both Givens and Bradford haven quite been on the same page for a lot of the season and often times it's Bradfords inability to see him on the field, however, when they do connect it always seems to generate a huge play that no one else in this receiving corp seems to be able to do. So this makes Givens a possible deep threat in coming weeks.

He has definitely been asked to step it up since the loss of Danny Amendola and for the most part, as a rookie, he's faired well. In fact he has surprisingly been the team's most impress first year receiver due to the fact that the rookie Brian Quick has been more than disappointing.

Let's hope that the two of these guys can continue to improve their relationship so that we might finally have someone that Bradford can utilize in order to open up the offense and stop relying so much upon the leg of Zeurlein.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finally the Defense is Getting Noticed

Not much has been said about the defense as they quietly rise of the ranks and maybe that's a good thing because then that means the defense is catching some of these teams off guard.

It's nice though to realize though, that we are finally building a defense that other teams are starting to fear and maybe even respect. Here's a little about out new defense.

There's a chill in the air, the leaves are turning, the baseball Cardinals are in the playoffs. Nothing new there when it comes to mid-October in these parts.
But something radically different is taking place on the football field. Two words that haven't been associated with the Rams' defense in a long time are suddenly apropos: Top 10.
Through six games this season, the Rams rank fifth in scoring defense and seventh in total defense in the National Football League. One must go back more than a decade — back to when most of the current Rams players were in grade school — to find the last time that's happened:
• The 2001 NFC championship squad finished seventh in scoring defense and third in total defense.
• The 1999 Super Bowl championship squad finished fourth in scoring defense and sixth in total defense.
• The 1998 Rams finished 10th in total defense.
That's it. In the first 17 seasons of "St. Louis" Rams football, those are the only teams to finish in the top 10 in either category. Otherwise, defense has pretty much been a lost art. The Rams have finished 24th or lower in scoring defense 12 times since the move to St. Louis in '95. They have finished 21st or lower eight times in total defense over that span.
Scoring defense ranks teams according to points allowed; total defense ranks teams according to yards allowed. The Rams are allowing 18.5 points and 311.5 yards a game this season. So even though the sample size remains relatively small with 10 games still to be played, the defensive turnaround has been just short of astounding so far.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who Are These Guys?

I mean it, seriously, who are these guys we call the Rams defense? My goodness, 9 sacks, 9 sacks! There could have been 4 or 5 more but Kolb was able to pull out of them. Could you imagine getting double digit sacks in one game? Looking at the Rams during the Cards game, I see where it could be possible.

I don't know what Fisher has done, but I don't think I've ever seen a Rams defense like this one since, dare I say it, since The Fearsome Foursome. I'm not saying they are as good as them, but they are far better than the 1999 defense and they were good.

It is hard to come to the realization that this group actually belongs with the Rams! They probably already have opposing offenses beginning to dread having to face them. Sounds familiar too, doesn't it? Do you, as fans recall how much you dreaded playing Fisher's Titans? Remember how we hated their defense so much? Well, here we are on the flip side of the coin. Sure feels a lot better doesn't it?

Who are these guys, seriously, they need a "name"!

Go Rams!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Notes

Since I wasn't able to see any of the game until the end of the 3rd quarter, it was a big relief to see the Rams were leading the minute I turned the game on.

It also was nice to see the "real" refs back. Never thought I'd ever say that but after the past few weeks, I bow down to you or might refs. LOL Just joking of course. Am glad to see officials on the field that know the game of football.

Nice to see that the Rams shut down old Golden Tate, got what he deserved this week after the undeserved TD against the poor Packers the previous week. It's called karma dude.

Have to say, without a doubt we have the best kicker in the NFL. Who ever thought that a kicker could be so good and so valuable that he would be the leading scorer on the team. But wait a minute before the season started, I read where one writer actually predicted that this is exactly what would happen. Amazing. Gotta love the kid, that's for sure, nothing like knowing once you pass the 50 yard line you are already in scoring position.

The defense is continuing to improve and now lead the league in INT's are second in the league in lowering QB ratings, on the average after a QB walks away from playing us they have a rating of just 64.2. Got to love that number!

Let's hope that next week the Rams can bring the Cardinals down to earth and pop their undefeated bubble.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Excuses

This has nothing immediately to do with the Rams, but in a way it does. The Seachickens walk away with a undeserved win and plan on marching into our stadium as if they are deserving of a 2-1 record when they simply aren't!

Enough is enough. Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge knows that this was an INT and NOT a TD by Tate. The Packers were royally screwed by the refs on this one. And the Seahags weren't even at least decent enough to admit they got a super lucky break here. They knew it was an INT and they should have said it too and not just walk away with a undeserved win. Instead they go around like it was all good, all fair. I call bullshit on that one. Sorry, but it is what it is.

I hope that the Rams will totally trample these guys come Sunday and send them yelping with their tails between their legs by the end of the game! It's time to bring them back down to earth and then drop kick them all the way back to Seattle!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow, I'm Impressed!

What can one say about a team that is actually playing like a team that not only is on a mission, but playing with one big old chip on their shoulder. Fisher is truly transforming this franchise into HIS and it is more than evident that what Fisher is feeding them during practice, in the film room, in the meeting room, before the game and during the game is working.

Sure, it is only the second game and it was a great victory. You can already see that the Rams immediately learned from the first game that could have easily been their first win, had they done what they did in this game against the Skins and the highly toted RGIII. (I don't know about anyone else, but I was getting sick of hearing about him and was glad to see him picking himself up off the ground a lot when playing the Rams. He got away easy with the Saint, but the Rams weren't going have any of the hype.) The Rams picked themselves up off the ground after the disappointing loss against Detroit and would not give up to RGIII and his Skins no matter how much they tried to intimidate the Rams. They also were able to overcome all the setbacks the dreadful officiating tried to dump on them. It was one adversity after another and not one single adversity kept them down and unwilling to fight to the bitter end.

This is NOT your "same old sorry ass Rams"! Those days are gone.

Tired of all the RGIII BS from the media, it is no doubt Bradford was going to respond and he responded with sheer brillance. He not only slid away from the pressure given to him but he scrambled away from deadly sacks, like a master, like he should do. Bradford ended with 310 yards, 3 TD's, 1 INT and a QB rating of 117.4, not bad for one days work.

Danny Amendola after his deadly fumble giving the Redskins their lead, was not going to let that stop him, nor could the Redskins stop him. He showed no mercy with his 15 catches, 1 TD and 160 yards.

And kudos to rookie Daryl Richardson who had no problems stepping in for SJ39 when he suffered a groin injury, gaining 102 total yards of offense on just 17 carries!! Let's not forget his TD and 2 point conversion. The Skins soon realized that speed kills and that is how Richardson was able to blaze through their defense, with his blazing speed.

Finnegan, Dunbar and Quinn all had a lot of fun with RGIII, even though he had a good game, these three were able to keep him in check enough to not allow the rookie to have another record day against them, on their home turf. It's apparent that RGIII was really feeling the heat and even at times showed frustration to the refs about how hard the Rams were hitting him. But like the announcers said "Hey RGIII, you need to learn that once you pass the line of scrimmage you are no different than any other player on the field, you are fair game."

There were a couple of times that Fisher should have sent the flag flying, both times were questionable calls by the fake refs on TD's that they claimed were not, but after several reviews by the announcers, they could have been over turned and given the Rams more points.

Here's a few comments from the pros:

Mike “Jeff Fisher didn't need the St. Louis Rams' 31-28 victory over the Washington Redskins as much as a certain quarterback did. Fisher has a five-year contract. He's a proven coach. He's building for the long term. Sam Bradford, entering his third season as the Rams' quarterback, needed some short-term affirmation. He'd struggled last season for a variety of reasons. Never in two-plus seasons had he looked nearly as good as Robert Griffin III had looked for the Redskins in Week 1. Bradford needed a breakout game and got one.”

Clark “Sam Bradford bashers said St. Louis was wrong to make a commitment to the guy after last season and to trade away the second pick of the draft (which Washington turned into Griffin). I want to hear them say that now. No question, RG3 could be sensational, but Bradford looks like the quarterback who nearly took the Rams to a division title in 2010 -- and that is nothing but good for a team that is tougher, more physical and more competitive under Jeff Fisher. Trust me, the Rams will be a tough out this season.”

Mike WiseWashington Post: “(The Redskins) lost because their defense couldn’t apply the pressure it wanted after losing Adam Carriker (right knee, it doesn’t look good) and Brian Orakpo to first-quarter injuries. They lost because Sam Bradford is awfully good when he gets protection, and the Rams defense began lowering their shoulders and bull rushing Griffin III until he finally went down a few times and had to give the ball up.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jenkins is the Real Deal

If there were ever any doubts in any one's minds about Jenkins being the real deal, those doubts should have been wiped away after the game against the Lions.

This kid is for real and plays with the fierceness of a seasoned vet and there is no doubt that he made it a point to prove to opposing veterans to not take him lightly just because of his rookie status.

This kid put on some major veteran like hits and his motor was running a 100mph and on all cylinders! He didn't even let "Megatron" put any fear into him. The big field of the NFL and all the veterans coming at him didn't even make him back down for a second.

Jenkins is the real deal folks and it won't be too long before he becomes a household name!

Great job rookie, even if it was in a losing effort.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rams Make Surprising Cuts

A little shocked at a few the players that were cut from the Rams after the final pre-season game. It's true that it's tough to get the 53 man roster but I'm still a little shocked at some of the players they let go.

1. Clemens - granted he wasn't nearly as good as either Bradford or the rookie Davis, but isn't it wise to try and keep 3 QB's on the roster as fast as QB's can go down sometimes?

2. Greg Salas - Last year he appeared read to light up the field before he got sidelined for the season and it was Pettis that couldn't seem to catch a single ball. With Gibson still not proving anything great on the field, it's a surprise to see Salas go.

3. Hoomanawananui - And just finally learned how to spell it and pronounce it! Seriously though, I thought Fisher leaned towards having more than one big TE on the field at a time. Has Lance Kendricks really shown enough to Fisher to get rid of Hoomanawananui? Don't know, guess we'll soon see.

4. Chase Reynolds - I thought this guy was impressive, at least impressive enough to be at least on the practice field. At times he was far better than Pead. Strange.

Well, guess we'll see how this all plays out next week when we kick it off in Detroit.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fumble is a Fumble, is a Fumble!

I don't care what you want to call it, but a fumble, is a fumble, is a fumble. Come on. When it comes to bonehead moves the refs took the cake on this one. When Kyle Orton fumbled the ball on the snap anyone with two half way good eyes could tell he wasn't trying to spike the ball, it was a fumble, plain and simple.

And what does a coach have to do to get the message across that they need the booth to review it? Usually when a coach calls for a time out in a situation like this, he is hinting to the idiots in the booth that the play should be reviewed! But did the fools up in the booth do anything? Uh Duh, like no. Were they twiddling their thumbs? Had they gone out for dinner or what?

Look, I know that it was only a pre-season game, but like Faulk said "There's no excuse for these guys to make mistakes like this, they aren't replacement officials up in the booth!" Pre-season or not, that one missed fumble did indeed change the entire complexion of the outcome of this game! Had that been a fumble it would have been Rams ball and the Cowboys would not have had 20 points. And as we all saw, in the end, the Rams rallied back and had that 3 extra points not been there to pad the score for Dallas, we could have possibly had another win.

Had this been a game that counted you can rest assured that Fisher would be filing a complaint first thing Monday morning. These are things that can't be ignored and it still needs to be pointed out to those idiots that they really blew that one!

On top of that the overall officiating was horrendous in this game and they had better get their act together before the season begins if they plan on continuing to fill in for the other idiots that call themselves officials.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Long Around for the Long Haul

Great news to hear that Long has signed what seems to be a very lucrative 4 year deal. It is good to see the Rams are serious about keeping players that are truly the heart of what defense we did have in 2011. And it is good to see that Long is a player that finds it humbling to know that he will be around with a team he feels wants him. It's good that he's not the type of player that gets a big head because of a big contract. Must take after his dad. It's also nice to see that the team is happy for him and appreciate his talents.

Teammates were genuinely glad for Long. Said quarterback Sam Bradford, "I think it's awesome. I love Chris. I think he's a leader on this football team, he's a leader on the defense. He's actually one of my really good friends on the team too, so I'm extremely excited he will be around here for five more years and hopefully I will be too."
Running back Steven Jackson was asked about his efforts to extend his contract that has two years remaining so he can retire with the Rams. He quickly turned the conversation to Long, "First and foremost, Chris had one year on his contract, and he was a priority. I think he was one of the killers of our defense last year. He's very deserving of what he just signed. It's actually nice to see some guys drafted and not move on; we keep them around. I was really stoked for him, and I have him a big hug when I heard about the news. As far as myself, what God has for me will happen and no one can take it from me, so I'm here ready to work."
Now they need to get the same thing done for Laurinaitis. Get it done Rams!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where Are They Now? - Lawrence McCutcheon

More than 40 years in the NFL, including 39 with the Rams, Lawrence McCutcheon, has been Director of Player Personnel for more than 7 seasons after he spent four years as Director of Scouting.

Clutch” was just that in eight seasons for the Rams (1972-79), ending his career as the franchise's all-time leading rusher. McCutcheon is fourth on the team's career rushing list with 6, 186 yards, and first in playoff rushing with 687 yards. Among the Rams' all-time leading rushers, McCutcheon trails only Steven Jackson, Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk. McCutcheon set Rams' records in the 1975 NFC divisional playoffs when he carried the ball 37 times for 202 yards as the Rams beat the then St. Louis Cardinals, 35-23.

McCutcheon, who finished his career with Denver and Seattle in 1980, and Buffalo in 1981, he rejoined the Rams as a scout in 1982.

He was an all-sport star at Plainview High in his native Plainview, Texas, and was named the top player of the 20th century in Texas' South Plains area by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in 1999. Among those receiving votes was NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh. In February 2007, McCutcheon was inducted into the Texas Panhandle Hall of Fame.

McCutcheon was a four year letterman at Colorado State and a third round draft choice for the Rams in 1972. He is also a member of the Colorado State Hall of Fame; he set more than 20 school and Western Athletic Conference records.

McCutcheon and his wife, Myna, live in Huntington Beach, CA, and have a son, Marcus, a graduate of Stanford University. McCutcheon als has a son, Daylon, who played cornerback for the Cleveland Browns, and a daughter, Adrian and three grand children. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Are They Now? - Roman Gabriel

Birth Name
Roman Ildonzo Gabriel Jr. 

6' 4" (1.93 m) 

Mini Biography
Roman Gabriel, the great starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams during the late 1960s and early '70s, first achieved sports stardom at North Carolina State, where he was a two-time All-American at quarterback and an academic All-American. Such was his athletic prowess, setting virtually every NC State passing record, that on Jan. 20, 1962, Gabriel's jersey was officially retired and presented to him by North Carolina governor Terry Sanford. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame 27 years later, in 1989.

Roman Gabriel, Jr. was born on August 5, 1940 in Wilmington, North Carolina, the son of a Filippino immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1925, and his Irish-American wife. In 1962, he was the first round draft pick of both the NFL's Rams (and second player picked overall in the draft) and of the Oakland Raiders in the rival American Football League (first pick overall among all players). The Rams signed him for three years at $15,000, non-guaranteed; he eventually played 11 seasons for the Rams, from 1962 to '72. At 6'4" tall and 235-lb., Gabriel is considered the first large quarterback in NFL history.

In May of 1966, the Oakland Raiders signed Gabriel for the 1967 season, part of the AFL's raiding of the older league in an attempt to create parity and force a merger. Gabriel had been dissatisfied with the way he had been used by Rams coach Harland Svare, particularly irritated that he had been overlooked for starting assignments. He was ready to leave the Rams, but when the team hired George Allen as coach, he changed his mind. Under the legendary head coach, Roman Gabriel thrived as a starting QB. He won his first Pro Bowl berth in 1967, following it up with selections in 1968 and 1969, the latter being the year that he won the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and also was MVP of the Pro Bowl.

In his years coaching the Rams, George Allen had a record of 49-17-4, the best of any coach in Rams history. Yet, owner Dan Reeves did not like him fired him after the 1968 season. The dismissal did not stick as the players revolted, and Reeves was forced to back down. However, Reeves would have his revenge: Despite having a winning season in 1970, Allen was fired by Reeves (who was dying of cancer; the team would soon change hands not once but twice in a short-time). The next two years, Gabriel's play was hampered by a torn tendon in the elbow of his throwing arm. In the ethos of the NFL of the time, Gabriel was derided as a "psycho" and a slacker, and expected to suit up and play in pain. (The novel and movie North Dallas Forty (1979) exposed this plantation mentality among NFL owners, many of whom had reputed links to organized crime.) His statistics suffered, and after the 1972 season, Don Klosterman, the newly appointed general manager of the team, acquired quarterback John Hadl from the San Diego Chargers.

Gabriel took the acquisition of a starting QB by the team as an affront and demanded a trade. Klosterman obliged. When he was traded from L.A. to the Philadeliphia Eagles, Roman Gabriel ranked as the Rams' all-time passing leader with 22,223 yards and 154 touchdowns, which are still team records, as are his passes attempted (3,313) and passes completed (1,705).

With Philadelphia in 1973, Gabriel led the league with 3,219 yards and 23 touchdown passes, winning him the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award and making the Pro Bowl. His total yards and his passing completion percentage of 58.7 were the best of his career. While with the Eagles (1973-77), he threw for 7,221 total yards and made 45 touchdowns.

Though in 1978, his career was all but over, George Allen -- newly returned to the team -- wanted Gabriel as a third-string QB and quarterback coach. However, Klosterman (and to a lesser extent Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom) made it clear to Gabriel that he was not wanted back, so Gabriel walked away from playing. He did not turn his back on the game, though, serving as the offensive coordinator of the Boston Breakers and Arizona Wranglers franchises in the short-lived USFL. He had a lackluster career as a head coach, leading the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks of the World League of American Football to a 0-10 mark in their first and only season of 1991-1992.

Possessed of a stellar physique and dark, good looks, Gabriel took advantage of living in country's major entertainment center and had a brief career in movies and television. He made his TV debut as a "native" on "Gilligan's Island" (1964) and his movie debut as a prison guard in Otto Preminger's notorious stinker Skidoo (1968). The highlight of his acting career was playing Blue Boy, the Native American adopted son of the legendary John Wayne in the horse opera The Undefeated (1969). On the set, Gabriel struck up a close friendship with co-star Rock Hudson.

Roman Gabriel and his wife Lisa are deeply committed to charity work in his North Carolina community. The couple have raised $4 million for charity through their RG Sports Connection trust.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not What Most Expected

If you can be honest with yourself as a Rams fan, you know very good and well, that Brian Quick was definitely not at the top of your draft dream list as our first pick for the wide receiver position in the draft. In fact, he may not have been on any of our lists. I know he wasn't on mine. However, he's on the team now and we now have an obligation as fans to at least give him a chance to prove that the coaches are right about him and that he is the target that Sam Bradford needs to get this offense back on track.

It has been one failed year after another since both Bruce and Holt have been gone. The Rams organization year after year have miserably failed to replace either one of these incredible receiver. In fact they've not even gotten close, ever. Making it difficult for any quarterback to perform at a level that is expected of them. The list is long:

  • Donnie Avery
  • Mardy Gilyard
  • Mark Clayton
  • Brandon Lloyd
  • Mike Sims-Walker
  • Keenan Burton
  • Danario Alexander
  • Brandon Gibson
  • Austin Pettis (jury still out)
  • Greg Salas (showed great potential for a slot receiver in 2011 till injury)
  • Danny Amendola (wonderful slot receiver but can't fill the void we have in big time wide out threats)
So, a lot could be riding on this new kid called Brian Quick. He is not only going to have to be quick on the field, but also will need to be a quick learner. So let's hope that the name is good luck for him and that he quickly picks up on everything he needs to pick up on and can become that threat that Bradford needs.

Some current players that some are comparing Quick to are listed below.

Vincent Jackson - They both are big receivers Quick is 6'4" and 220 lbs and Jackson is 6'5" and 240 lbs and both are physical players that can get a jump on the ball.

Brandon Lloyd - (This one is retrospect it seems the Rams should have kept him to go along with Quick) Lloyd has made his living off of his terrific hands and his ability to make circus like catches. Something that Quick seems to be able to do as well.

Terrell Owens - Not in attitude but in playing ability. Both receivers are nearly the same size and Quick has been known to be just as physical and ball hungry as TO, in TO's prime. Like TO, Quick goes after the ball and has the desire to come up with it and make the big play.

Larry Fitzgerald - To stand them side by side, they are both nearly the same height and weight and both of them are well rounded athletes that are both physical and have speed. Quick is nearly as good as plucking the football out of the air as Fitzgerald and Quick has great hands similar to Fitzgerald. If Quick is willing and able to put in a lot of effort into his football training, there is a chance that he could end up playing as similar to Fitzgerald as anyone could and that could eventually lead him to the top 10 list in receiving. But only time will tell.

Worst-case scenario, I think Brian Quick emerges as a big target for Sam Bradford to throw to, a luxury in the red zone and a productive player.
Best-case scenario, I think Quick becomes the kind of big, physical, imposing receiver that would elevate Bradford into the conversation with the other elite QBs in the NFL.
I could see Quick being the kind of player that averages 85-90 catches, 1,200-1,400 yards and 10-12 touchdowns per season.
First things first, I'd like to see Quick go out and make an impact as a rookie. I think he is going to get every opportunity to play, and it wouldn't shock me at all for Quick to catch 50-60 passes for 800-1,000 yards his first year in the league.

Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Not Sure About This Draft

There are a lot of guys out there saying the Rams addressed almost all of their needs through this draft, however, I'm still scratching my head on some of the decisions they made. It seems to me with the WR spot, if they really wanted Quick, that's fine, but they still had the opportunity to draft more of an impact player at that position and still have a draft pick left to pick up Quick as well. It just boggles the mind. The offense does not need players that are going to be projects, it needs players that are going to be immediate impacts and from what I'm hearing, it is doubtful Quick is that guy for an immediate impact.

Another thing I question is why Pead over LaMichael James? He was still available and in my opinion would have been a far wiser pick because he is a player that could eventually take over for SJ39 when the time came. From what I've heard about Pead that does not seem like something that would ever happen with him.

So, those two picks really have me confused and questioning Jeff Fisher right now. I truly think that he needed to be a lot more concerned about the offense than what he has so far shown to all of us.

I do however, like his kicker pick. From what I hear, this guy is or was the best kicker in college. We don't hear about kickers much so of course most have not heard of him but it appears he's got one heck of a leg, so much so that without even kicking once on the practice field, he's already replaced Josh Brown.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if this draft is really going to help rebuild this team or just drag it down more as so many of our past drafts have done.

Go Rams!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rams Have Interest in Dennis Dixon

I remember when I use to see Dixon play in college and really thought he'd end up being a number one draft pick for some NFL team. But the day I saw him get injured I knew that day was over for him. It really was a shame because this kid was pretty amazing and really could get out of a jam quick and still get a good play off.

I think this might really be a good decision for the Rams to make as an option for a backup QB. He really wouldn't be any threat to Bradford's position at this point in time, but he could give the team a feeling of security should Bradford suffer any kind of injury during the 2012 season, which of course we are all praying doesn't happen. After all, poor Bradford deserves the opportunity to finally get out there and show the world exactly what he's made of.

I hope the Rams can pick up Dixon and find a way in which they can utilize his talents that would best benefit the team and Dixon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Now What?

So here we are, thinking that we're all set for a possible great year for the Rams and this happens?!!! You've got to be kidding me! If it were not for bad luck, the Rams organization would have no luck at all!

What it means for the Rams: Williams, their new defensive coordinator, has been suspended for at least the 2012 season. Commissioner Roger Goodell will review Williams' case following the season. This is a significant setback for the Rams and one that calls into question Williams' future with the team. Head coach Jeff Fisher and assistant head coach Dave McGinnis do have experience as defensive coordinators. They'll take the lead on defense, presumably. Williams cooperated with the NFL's investigation. I suspect failure to cooperate might have led to stiffer punishment (a lifetime ban, perhaps?). Payton received a one-year suspension. Loomis got eight games and a $500,000 fine. The Saints drew a $500,000 fine while losing second-round choices in 2012 and 2013. Vitt drew a six-game suspension.

You know what? I don't give a damn about the woes of the Saints in all of this, what I want to know is why the hell are the Rams getting punished in all of this? Why are the Rams not getting some sort of compensation from this disaster? If you ask me, the Rams are victims here and they should be given some sort of compensation from the NFL in the draft, such as an extra draft pick. After all, our team had NOTHING to do with any of this mess!

Freakin unbelievable! The Rams don't deserve this. And Goodell should do something about it, plain and simple!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the Moss Grow in Someone Else's Locker Room

Absolutely NOT! I simply cannot phantom having, of all people, Randy Moss on our team, you might as well invite TO while you are at it! Look, there are reasons why someone ends their career going from one team after another.

  1. They've lost a step and no one wants to waste money on them.
  2. They are a problem child, trouble maker or cancer in the locker room.
Moss could be both! It's amazing that there would even be any kind of ridiculous talk about something like this, even Fisher says he has not ruled out the possibility. Good grief! I know we need an impact player to jump start the offense, but we don't need one that comes with so much baggage.

We need to look closer at free agency before we take someone like Moss coming out of retirement after bouncing from team to team prior to that retirement. 

I just think the "Diva" Moss is all wrong for the Rams!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Look Back - How the Rams Made it to SB 34

The 1998 Rams went 4-12, only two games better than our 2011 2-14 Rams, and the last thing anyone thought they would do was go to the Super Bowl in 1999. After all the Vegas odds were 200-1. (Man bet there's a lot of us who wished we'd put some money down on that now!) But the Rams did surprise the world and get there and win it all. But, how did they do it? They did it with smart business moves and intelligent decision making, something we hope this new regime is also going to do in 2012.

There is probably not a soul out there right now that thinks this Rams team will be ready to contend in 2012 and most say it will be a couple more years, but, if the 99' Rams did it, couldn't this team do the same thing if they make all the right moves? Let's look back to see what it was exactly the 99' Rams did to make history.

Number One and probably most important thing they did was to make that trade with the Colts for Marshall Faulk. Before the season started they traded a 2nd and 5th round pick to get the Hall of Famer on the roster. Faulk became the "kingpin" of the Greatest Show on Turf and was instrumental in propelling the team into the Super Bowl. Something like this more than likely won't happen this time around, but nothing is impossible in the scheme of things and the Rams need to keep alert to any possibility that could strengthen their roster.

Number Two was strengthening the offensive line with the likes of Adam Timmerman, Andy McCollum (lovingly known as the "Donut Brothers") and Trent Green. Trent Green of course went down to lend way to the fairy tale story of our beloved Kurt Warner. Timmerman was a great addition and helped to solidify the offensive line and giving Orlando Pace much needed help that propelled him to greatness. The 2012 Rams could shore up their offensive line by looking hard in free agency. Some notable free agents they could consider would be Carl Nicks of the Saints, Demetrius Bell of the Bills, Ben Grubbs of the Ravens, Chris Meyers of the Texans, Jeff Saturday of the Colts and Nick Hardwick of the Chargers.

Number Three is when the Rams drafted a wide receiver in the 1999 draft that became an impact player the first time he took the field and that would be Torry Holt from North Carolina State. Even though Holt was hyped up pretty much during the draft, that did not turn out to jinx him and make him a bust, instead he lived up to all of the hype and beyond! Dre Bly was also a great rookie pick up for the Rams that year, otherwise, their draft really was pretty much a bust. But Holt was  just what they needed to pair up with Isaac Bruce! The Rams need to draft a receiver that can start immediately and pair up with Brandon Lloyd and make an immediate impact. Rookies that are considered to be of the quality of Holt would be Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State, Alshon Jeffery of South Carolina, Michale Floyd of Notre Dame, Kendall Wright of Baylor and Mohamed Sanu of  Rutgers. (My personal favorite would be Justin Blackmon). 

Number Four was vital to the success of the Rams on both offense and defense and that is when Dick Vermeil, allowed his coaching staff to do their thing without interfering. We all know what that led to..."Mad Martz" creating one of the greatest offensive performances in history. As much as many fans in the end didn't like him, not one fan can deny that he created one of the best offensive units to ever grace the field! But it wasn't just the offense that got the Rams to the Super Bowl and credit must go out to Peter Giunta who put together a pretty good defense. This is probably the easiest thing that the Rams can imitate when it comes to trying to copy the blueprint for this team. Fisher has hired a very aggressive DC in Gregg Williams and Fisher is known to let his assistants do their thing. Plus he has hired Shottenheimer who is a fellow disciple of the Air Coryell, just like Martz. 

Number Five is something that has to come from within the heart and soul of a player and that is giving great performances each and every time they are out on the field. This means even from players that no one would expect to see such greatness from. The Rams in 1999 had many that did just this, Kurt Warner of course would be the top but let's not forget Jeff Robinson who converted to a TE or Ricky Prohel who propelled the Rams into the Super Bowl with his only TD catch of the season but there are many more, they all bought into it, into what Vermeil and selling them and it made each and every one of them special. There are a few players right now on this Rams team that could turn into outstanding players if they put their hearts and souls into it and those players would be Josh Gordy, Jason Smith, Austin Pettis and Lance Kendricks, if they put their mind to it, they could have break out years, if they don't buy into Fisher's system, then more than likely, they'll be gone.

So, can the Rams make it to the Super Bowl in 2012, more than likely not, but there is always hope. However, if they try to duplicate what the 1999 Rams did this year, there is absolutely no reason at all why they can't be contenders in 2013 and for years to come after that.

The Rams will immediately improve once some of their key players are back such as Danny Amendola, Greg Salas, Ron Bartell, Jerome Murphy, Bradley Fletcher, and Roger Saffold. These players make impacts on the field and they were sorely missed last season.

Another thing that is going to help the Rams improve this year as well as in 2013 is the fact that they have the largest salary cap in the NFL right now and spending on quality players is not going to be limited in any way.

As we all know, everyone laughed at the thought of the Rams making it in 1999, but they proved to the world that the worst can move to first in a heartbeat in the NFL, so why couldn't it happen in 2012?

"All things are possible."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't the Fans Ever Be Happy?

OK, the fans finally got what they want when it came to finally getting a real coach with real experience. Finally got rid of those rookies that only had assisting on their resumes. But still, there comes grumbling from the crowds in St. Louis.

Unbelievable that the fans can't savor in the fact that one battle has been won thanks to Stan Kroenke and his associates. Shouldn't the fans just bask in it for a time before they start finding another damn bone to pick?

Now, here we go again with the moving to LA bull. Now it seems the fans in St. Louis are getting ticked off because Stan won't come right out and make a solid promise that the Rams will not move in 2014. Good grief aren't these fans ever happy? It's getting old all the whining that is always coming out of St. Louis.

Be happy you got the coach you wanted and now enjoy that as he and his new staff tries to bring respectability and winning back to the team. This is what a REAL fan worries about, this is what a REAL fan cares about, not where the team is playing, for crying out loud there are thousands and thousands of us Rams fans that have NEVER lived in the same city the Rams reside in! Maybe that's why it's easier for us to be concerned more about what really counts for the team!

So let it go St. Louis fans and try to enjoy the good things that are starting to happen. Geez!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Over and Done With/Heads Roll

It may be over and done with when it comes to this disastrous season, but it's only beginning for Stan Kroneke and everyone that has anything to do with the Rams organization. We are soon going to see just what Stan has in store for anyone who had a hand in one of the worst outings the Rams have had in years.

It's inevitable there will be change and more than likely it's going to be aggressive change and it should happen very soon. Just how aggressive is something we all can only guestimate. 

There is no doubt that there is probably an awful lot of tension circulating among all the players as well as everyone on the coaching staff and in the front office. Players probably shook hands and gave goodbye hugs not knowing whether or not they'd be seeing each other again come the 2012 season. Can't be a good feeling on top of how horrible it must feel to be walking away from a season that simply couldn't get out of the starting gate for the team.

They all know what has been circulating in the press about the demise of Spags and Devaney and all the bantering among the fans and with good reason. This is what happens when so much expectation is put on a team at the beginning of the year to only end up with a season that quickly crashed and burned without warning.

In all fairness to everyone involved from coaching down to every last player on the roster it would be the kindest thing if Stan would make his decision sooner than later. There is no room here now for trying to spare feelings, it's best that he not make it harder on the people involved than needed. The season was bad enough, they don't need to sit around and wait and wait for the ax to fall if that's what's going to happen. Stan Kroenke needs to step up and step up now and show the fans and the organization what his plans are to resurrect this ailing organization. He has been around this team long enough to know exactly what needs to be done and he shouldn't prolong the agony. It needs to be done now, not tomorrow, not next month but now. He needs to stand up and show everyone that he knows what he's doing, make a decision and stick with it.

We're waiting Stan, it's your call.


Rams fire Spagnuolo, Devaney

The Rams fired coach Steve Spagnuolo after a 2-14 season that ended with a seven-game losing streak.
General manager Billy Devaney, who hired Spagnuolo and reconfigured the entire front office, was also fired.
Reports have circulated for two weeks that Spagnuolo, who went 10-38 in three seasons as Rams head coach, would be replaced by owner Stan Kroenke. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and former Titans coach Jeff Fisher have been most prominently linked to the job.

"I would like to personally thank Steve and Billy for their dedication to the St. Louis Rams organization over the past several seasons," said Kroenke in a statement. "This was a difficult decision for many reasons. We have tremendous respect for Steve and Billy as people and football professionals.

"No one individual is to blame for this disappointing season and we all must hold ourselves accountable. However, we believe it's in the best interest of the St. Louis Rams to make theses changes as we continue our quest to build a team that consistently competes for playoffs and championships. We wish Steve, Billy and their families the very best in the future and thank them again for their commitment to our organization and the city of St. Louis."

Spagnuolo was thought to be at the controls of a rising team after the Rams, with Sam Bradford starting as a rookie, went 7-9 and lost in Week 17 at Seattle to just miss the NFC West division championship in 2010.

But injuries to Bradford and multiple offensive linemen exposed the Rams' lack of skill position talent, leading to a league-low 193 points scored. A poor defense crippled St. Louis despite the presence of multiple top draft picks up front, led by defensive end Chris Long and linebacker James Laurinaitis.

With Bradford, still considered a franchise-caliber quarterback, and running back Steven Jackson to build around and the up-and-coming defense, the job should be an attractive one. Moreover, the Rams are in position to have more salary cap space than any team in the NFL in 2013.

Devaney was assistant to general manager Rich McKay in Atlanta before he was hired by the Rams to run the 2008 draft. He became the Rams' GM late in 2008 and hired Spagnuolo weeks later.

Spagnuolo could be a popular defensive coordinator candidate. Philadelphia and the New York Giants, his previous employers, are among the teams who could come knocking.