Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Than Ugly

Didn't see the game and am glad that I didn't. Only have to listen to the mood around the NFL from other fans to find out that this game was more than just ugly, it was pivotal in the fact that if Spags can't get a better response out of this team next week, the team once again is doomed and Spags might want to start revising his resume, because I can't seen ownership putting up with much more of this kind of embarrassing play.

What's going on here? Are the Rams just a cursed organization that no matter what they do they are cursed to be doomed to be the doormat and embarrassment of the NFL?

I don't know about anyone else but this is really, really getting old and it is way more than ugly!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Sams Fault

Sam Bradford was handed an offensive game plan directly from McDaniels and was asked to execute it, plain and simple. And Bradford not only executed it as asked to do but did it most of the time with absolute perfect precision. What more can you ask from any quarterback? Not much.

However, now matter how perfectly Sam was able to execute the offense of McDaniels he wasn't getting the help that he should have gotten. Without the aide of Jackson and Amendola it seemed like there wasn't much out there for poor Bradford. Gibson had a few good catches and Alexander has some spectacular ones but he wasn't utilized enough in the game. When it came to the others though, there were just far too many dropped passes and most of the passes that were dropped were perfectly thrown balls.

There simply is no excuse for dropping as many passes that were dropped in that MNF game, no excuses, not even if you are rookie. Greg Salas was pretty much horrible and being a rookie does not excuse you from being able to catch some great passes thrown right at you.

Let's not forget the mental errors as well. Good grief what was #33 Cadillac Williams thinking when he dropped that lateral pass from Bradford. He just stood there after he dropped it and just let the Giants go after it uncontested! It's pretty bad when the closest guy to the runner running into the end zone is your quarterback! Did he not realize that the pass was a lateral? Come on, he's a veteran for crying out loud!

With all the stupidity around him in that game, I truly don't understand how Sam was able to keep his cool.

At least the defense continued to play fiercely throughout the entire game. However, in order to win games they're going to have to learn how to score since the offense doesn't seem to know how to hold onto anything Bradford sends their way, at least not when it really counts!

Sam's stats - 22 of 46 331 yards 1 TD no fumbles, no INTs
Alexander's stats - 3 for 122 yards 1 TD

Hello offense, what more do you want from your leader?!

Can we use Alexander more? Come on McDaniels utilize #84 more!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It wasn't very long ago that trying to man a 53 man roster was more like trying to find enough warm bodies just to be legally eligible to play the game of football. It was a dismal task for the Rams coaches. It wasn't talent they had to go through but just who could play just good enough to pass for a professional football player.

However, things have changed for the coaching staff. Now it's not so much which warm body do they keep or get rid but how do you let yourself get rid of someone that might just go off and play for another team and do really, really good. Now they have the task of maybe ending up releasing someone that turns out to be a star somewhere else. This is something this team has not seen for some time now. As tough as this might be, it still must be a very reassuring feeling to a coach to know that you finally found some decent depth for your team.

For instance you have at least three defensive ends that are trying to get a job behind Chris Long, James Hall and Robert Quinn. Those names are three who find themselves on the bubble, George Selvie, Eugene Simms and C. J. Ah You. Then you have the decision of keeping two or three QB's. Pretty hard to get rid of a good, tried and true backup like Feeley, yet it's even harder to get rid of a QB that has a certain play making flair about him like Thaddeus Lewis. Let's not forget the receivers and the tough choices that have to be made there as well. And finally there are actually players to choose from in the RB category. There of course will be Jackson and Williams being the main players but you can't ignore Norwood or the others. Which means the Rams have a tough decision when it comes to this position as well.

Finally, the Rams are working with luxury and not so much the dire need of keeping whomever they can just to be able to field a team.