Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Just Numb

I don't know what else to call it but complete and utter numbness after Sundays game. It's like I've got no feeling in any part of my body especially my brain.

This horrendous and unbelievable season that our boys in blue and gold are having is beyond comprehension and leaves me nearly speechless. What few words are being ushered out here are coming out as quickly as a snail on it's fastest day.

When Jackson stepped onto the field I could feel the fire the intensity and I knew there was renewed hope and it really looked as if we had this game. Only to find out it was yet another cruel joke the "football gods" were playing on us, he was yanked from the team never to be seen the rest of the game. And with that slap in the face all hope of a win was washed away.

This year I feel, as a fan, that I'm stuck in quicksand and struggling without any success to get out of this pit and being sucked under inch by inch. With each loss, I find myself watching less and less football because other games only serve as painful reminders of the quagmire that we find our team floundering in. Each Rams game leaves me empty and the last thing I want to see is more football because one game is all this fragile psyche can handle these days.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Offense Simply Offensive

Can we excuse Bulger for his ineptitude due to his broken ribs or is there something else wrong.

I can understand how having your ribs being hit could cause you to cough up the ball, but it shouldn't have anything to do with INT's. Last time I checked the ribs generally don't have anything to do with your eyesight. Because those INT's had to been thrown by someone who was simply blind or utterly lost out there on the field.

And please, whatever happened to sticking with your "bread and butter" Holt and Bruce, especially when it was working? I just don't understand Linehan's inability to utilize Holt and Bruce.

It's amazing how Haslett has kept his promise to improve the defense and teach them how to stop the run....accomplished. They have yet let a runningback get a 100 yards on them to date. Kudos to Haslett for keeping up his end of the bargain.

But what is Linehan doing with the offense? I just don't get it. 48 points scored in 7 weeks? You've got to be kidding me.

I'm sickened by the whole affair and simply don't know where this team should go from here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Five Interceptions and Another Degrading Loss

With not many players left on the team that most people in the NFL have even heard of, the Rams went into Baltimore with a defense that wanted a win but an offense that shot itself in the foot nearly every time Frerotte touched the ball.

Whine and complain all you want about the team as a whole but this one falls completely on the shoulders of Gus Frerotte. Five interceptions at any level of football is unacceptable and inexcusable. And let's not forget the one lost fumble.

The Rams were credited with six turnovers all of which came from the not so nifty hands of Frerotte.

Frerotte had to be the loneliest player on the flight out of Baltimore and he has no one to blame but himself.

The saddest part of all of this is that despite all the adversity the Rams defense never gave up always giving it over to the offense with good possibilities to score yet nothing but failure came of it.

The players on this team must be, at this point in time completely demoralized and lacking in any faith in one another, especially the offense that is filled with talent that either is racked by injuries or simply not being implemented in the proper scheme of things.

How much longer can this team hold onto such a thin thread before they turn on each other? The coaching staff needs to act fast to motivate them or not only will the season be a total loss but relationships within the team will be shattered beyond repair.

Note: And to you sportswriters out there that think it's so painful to be forced to watch the entire Rams game and then have to confront fans and then have to write on the game....stop your damn whining, at least you get paid to do it. It's your job!

This amateur writer doesn't care about your pain.....try doing this because you love the team not because you're paid to do it! And then tell me how painful it is!

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Cards Thank the Refs

For helping them not fall into those blue and gold mouse traps they had hanging up all over their locker room this week. Because until the refs stepped in to help out the Cardinals the blue and gold mouse traps were being tripped by one Cardinal or another as it looked like the Rams were going to pull off their first win.

Ref's TD #1: The fumbled football that rolls into the end zone without a player attached to it. The ball came loose before James was down and beat him over the goal line.

Ref's TD #2: With the Cardinals on the goal line and the first half coming to a close, the clock runs down to 0:00. Generally in my book that means play over, half ended, go to the locker rooms boys. But instead the center fumbles the ball into the end zone, where it bounces unknowingly off of a Rams players foot, is recovered by the Rams...fumble right? End of half right? NOT. Instead the Rams are penalized for illegally kicking the football and with 0:00 on the clock the Refs allow Warner to squeeze into the end zone.

Both these TD's were questioned and scrutinized highly even by the announcers who were shocked that either one of these were allowed to be called touchdowns. So I feel I have a right to complain about such incredibly poor officiating.

So you might say, "So what? Gus killed us with his INT's" That could be true too, but those came after the Cards were spotted 14 points.

Cards 34 - 14 ref pts = 20
Rams 31

Even with the turnovers, we still would have won the game. So don't tell me that poor officiating CAN NOT and DOES NOT affect a game. Because in this game it clearly did.

P.S. I don't buy it when the refs said they didn't have access to all the angles on the touchdown that should have been a touchback. Which they now admit to the fact it wasn't a TD. I think they had access to all views, after all why would fans have better views than the officials? They simply got caught with their pants down and instead of admitting the real truth they placed blame on not having the right angle. Whatever! Take back even one of those two off the wall calls and the Rams STILL win. Jerks!