Monday, July 30, 2012

Long Around for the Long Haul

Great news to hear that Long has signed what seems to be a very lucrative 4 year deal. It is good to see the Rams are serious about keeping players that are truly the heart of what defense we did have in 2011. And it is good to see that Long is a player that finds it humbling to know that he will be around with a team he feels wants him. It's good that he's not the type of player that gets a big head because of a big contract. Must take after his dad. It's also nice to see that the team is happy for him and appreciate his talents.

Teammates were genuinely glad for Long. Said quarterback Sam Bradford, "I think it's awesome. I love Chris. I think he's a leader on this football team, he's a leader on the defense. He's actually one of my really good friends on the team too, so I'm extremely excited he will be around here for five more years and hopefully I will be too."
Running back Steven Jackson was asked about his efforts to extend his contract that has two years remaining so he can retire with the Rams. He quickly turned the conversation to Long, "First and foremost, Chris had one year on his contract, and he was a priority. I think he was one of the killers of our defense last year. He's very deserving of what he just signed. It's actually nice to see some guys drafted and not move on; we keep them around. I was really stoked for him, and I have him a big hug when I heard about the news. As far as myself, what God has for me will happen and no one can take it from me, so I'm here ready to work."
Now they need to get the same thing done for Laurinaitis. Get it done Rams!