Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't the Fans Ever Be Happy?

OK, the fans finally got what they want when it came to finally getting a real coach with real experience. Finally got rid of those rookies that only had assisting on their resumes. But still, there comes grumbling from the crowds in St. Louis.

Unbelievable that the fans can't savor in the fact that one battle has been won thanks to Stan Kroenke and his associates. Shouldn't the fans just bask in it for a time before they start finding another damn bone to pick?

Now, here we go again with the moving to LA bull. Now it seems the fans in St. Louis are getting ticked off because Stan won't come right out and make a solid promise that the Rams will not move in 2014. Good grief aren't these fans ever happy? It's getting old all the whining that is always coming out of St. Louis.

Be happy you got the coach you wanted and now enjoy that as he and his new staff tries to bring respectability and winning back to the team. This is what a REAL fan worries about, this is what a REAL fan cares about, not where the team is playing, for crying out loud there are thousands and thousands of us Rams fans that have NEVER lived in the same city the Rams reside in! Maybe that's why it's easier for us to be concerned more about what really counts for the team!

So let it go St. Louis fans and try to enjoy the good things that are starting to happen. Geez!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Over and Done With/Heads Roll

It may be over and done with when it comes to this disastrous season, but it's only beginning for Stan Kroneke and everyone that has anything to do with the Rams organization. We are soon going to see just what Stan has in store for anyone who had a hand in one of the worst outings the Rams have had in years.

It's inevitable there will be change and more than likely it's going to be aggressive change and it should happen very soon. Just how aggressive is something we all can only guestimate. 

There is no doubt that there is probably an awful lot of tension circulating among all the players as well as everyone on the coaching staff and in the front office. Players probably shook hands and gave goodbye hugs not knowing whether or not they'd be seeing each other again come the 2012 season. Can't be a good feeling on top of how horrible it must feel to be walking away from a season that simply couldn't get out of the starting gate for the team.

They all know what has been circulating in the press about the demise of Spags and Devaney and all the bantering among the fans and with good reason. This is what happens when so much expectation is put on a team at the beginning of the year to only end up with a season that quickly crashed and burned without warning.

In all fairness to everyone involved from coaching down to every last player on the roster it would be the kindest thing if Stan would make his decision sooner than later. There is no room here now for trying to spare feelings, it's best that he not make it harder on the people involved than needed. The season was bad enough, they don't need to sit around and wait and wait for the ax to fall if that's what's going to happen. Stan Kroenke needs to step up and step up now and show the fans and the organization what his plans are to resurrect this ailing organization. He has been around this team long enough to know exactly what needs to be done and he shouldn't prolong the agony. It needs to be done now, not tomorrow, not next month but now. He needs to stand up and show everyone that he knows what he's doing, make a decision and stick with it.

We're waiting Stan, it's your call.


Rams fire Spagnuolo, Devaney

The Rams fired coach Steve Spagnuolo after a 2-14 season that ended with a seven-game losing streak.
General manager Billy Devaney, who hired Spagnuolo and reconfigured the entire front office, was also fired.
Reports have circulated for two weeks that Spagnuolo, who went 10-38 in three seasons as Rams head coach, would be replaced by owner Stan Kroenke. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and former Titans coach Jeff Fisher have been most prominently linked to the job.

"I would like to personally thank Steve and Billy for their dedication to the St. Louis Rams organization over the past several seasons," said Kroenke in a statement. "This was a difficult decision for many reasons. We have tremendous respect for Steve and Billy as people and football professionals.

"No one individual is to blame for this disappointing season and we all must hold ourselves accountable. However, we believe it's in the best interest of the St. Louis Rams to make theses changes as we continue our quest to build a team that consistently competes for playoffs and championships. We wish Steve, Billy and their families the very best in the future and thank them again for their commitment to our organization and the city of St. Louis."

Spagnuolo was thought to be at the controls of a rising team after the Rams, with Sam Bradford starting as a rookie, went 7-9 and lost in Week 17 at Seattle to just miss the NFC West division championship in 2010.

But injuries to Bradford and multiple offensive linemen exposed the Rams' lack of skill position talent, leading to a league-low 193 points scored. A poor defense crippled St. Louis despite the presence of multiple top draft picks up front, led by defensive end Chris Long and linebacker James Laurinaitis.

With Bradford, still considered a franchise-caliber quarterback, and running back Steven Jackson to build around and the up-and-coming defense, the job should be an attractive one. Moreover, the Rams are in position to have more salary cap space than any team in the NFL in 2013.

Devaney was assistant to general manager Rich McKay in Atlanta before he was hired by the Rams to run the 2008 draft. He became the Rams' GM late in 2008 and hired Spagnuolo weeks later.

Spagnuolo could be a popular defensive coordinator candidate. Philadelphia and the New York Giants, his previous employers, are among the teams who could come knocking.