Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Star in Town

Don't get me wrong here, I love Torry Holt to death, but when you experience something like Avery, his great hands and his speed. It's hard not to take notice. And a rookie to boot.

He may be a rookie, but he plays with the smarts of a veteran and that's another notch in his belt in his rise to stardom.

A lot of people scoffed at the Rams for taking him in the second round. They're not scoffing anymore. This kid has proven himself on the field against two good teams, Cowboys and Patriots.

Watching him out there you'd never know he was a rookie and the Patriots learned fast not to take him lightly. And even when they picked up on that, he still burned them for 163 yards!

What the Rams coaching staff saw in him that others didn't see is now developing before our very own eyes on the field!

My hope is that he continues to develop at the speed he's going and that the coaches continue to allow him to do so.

Before you know it Avery will be a household name.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hail to Haslett!

Long live the chief of inspiration! I don't know what this guy has done but what a miracle he's been working up to this point.

He takes a team that is completely beaten down to the bare bone and brings them to a win, ugly win in D.C. but a win no less. Then takes that win and uses it as encouragement for the Rams to feed off of against the Cowboys!

And it was a feeding frenzy, they looked like a school of piranha out there that hadn't seen food in a very long time. How inspirational to see our team actually go out there and want to play and stick it to "America's Team". America's Team, whatever....nobody ever got my vote on that one.

Cowboys not only got the wind knocked out of them but got their butts handed to them on a few Rams horns.

What irritated me though were the announcers, here the Rams were up 34 to 7 and all they could talk about were the Cowboys this, Cowboys that and how they just handed the Rams the game. Never once giving the Rams one iota of credit for a great job. Acting as if all those turnovers were simply given to the Rams without any effort on the Rams part and they were just lucky recipients of gifts. Whatever! Admit it, the Rams outplayed the Cowboys in every aspect of the game, don't make excuses for them, just fess up to the truth.

Go Rams!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What A Difference A Coach Can Make

Well, well, well, isn't it amazing just how much difference one single person can make on a group of people?

In just one game the leadership of Haslett was shinning through like a the sun that's been hidden by a bunch of dark storm clouds that suddenly bursts through the clouds!

I commend Haslett for not only having the Rams prepared to play this game but also prepared to fight against adversity and the odds.

I commend the Rams for not putting their tails between their legs when the game started off with the unfortunate fumble by Jackson. Instead they stood by their coach and their fellow teammates and dug in deep and stood their ground.

Way to go Rams, way to go Haslett. Now, let's build from this!