Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Not Sure About This Draft

There are a lot of guys out there saying the Rams addressed almost all of their needs through this draft, however, I'm still scratching my head on some of the decisions they made. It seems to me with the WR spot, if they really wanted Quick, that's fine, but they still had the opportunity to draft more of an impact player at that position and still have a draft pick left to pick up Quick as well. It just boggles the mind. The offense does not need players that are going to be projects, it needs players that are going to be immediate impacts and from what I'm hearing, it is doubtful Quick is that guy for an immediate impact.

Another thing I question is why Pead over LaMichael James? He was still available and in my opinion would have been a far wiser pick because he is a player that could eventually take over for SJ39 when the time came. From what I've heard about Pead that does not seem like something that would ever happen with him.

So, those two picks really have me confused and questioning Jeff Fisher right now. I truly think that he needed to be a lot more concerned about the offense than what he has so far shown to all of us.

I do however, like his kicker pick. From what I hear, this guy is or was the best kicker in college. We don't hear about kickers much so of course most have not heard of him but it appears he's got one heck of a leg, so much so that without even kicking once on the practice field, he's already replaced Josh Brown.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if this draft is really going to help rebuild this team or just drag it down more as so many of our past drafts have done.

Go Rams!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rams Have Interest in Dennis Dixon

I remember when I use to see Dixon play in college and really thought he'd end up being a number one draft pick for some NFL team. But the day I saw him get injured I knew that day was over for him. It really was a shame because this kid was pretty amazing and really could get out of a jam quick and still get a good play off.

I think this might really be a good decision for the Rams to make as an option for a backup QB. He really wouldn't be any threat to Bradford's position at this point in time, but he could give the team a feeling of security should Bradford suffer any kind of injury during the 2012 season, which of course we are all praying doesn't happen. After all, poor Bradford deserves the opportunity to finally get out there and show the world exactly what he's made of.

I hope the Rams can pick up Dixon and find a way in which they can utilize his talents that would best benefit the team and Dixon.