Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spags and Staff Are Ready

The first player casualty was announced a few days ago with the release of Corey Chavous. At least though Chavous knew it was coming and asked to be released early so that he might have a shot at finding a spot elsewhere. Perhaps Chavous was slowing down some and didn't fit the new coaches scheme on defense, but I'm sure that his leadership will be missed by younger players and his committment to the game.

With the first cut under his belt, coach has a long ways to go before he is satisfied with what he's got. Will Holt and Pace be released or will Spags feel there's a need to keep one or both by restructuring their contracts?

Will Bartell and Otogwe be resigned, deservedly so, despite a horrible season for the team, both these young players had record seasons for their young careers and are developing into very good players and deserve at shot at continuing under Spags.

Will Withespoon be kept and moved to his natural postion or will one of the team leaders be let go?

So many questions to be answered and so little time.

Can he do it? Will the team improve? Will the team succeed? How many faces will any of us recognize by opening day?

Only time will tell.

Go Rams!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Could It Happen?

Could Spags turn this team around in one season?

Sure anything is possible, anything. And that gets a lot of fans extremely excited about the 2009 season.

The problem with this newly found excitement in St. Louis is the fact that the fans there are so fickle. Those who have gotten their hopes up and putting everything they've got on Spags could be let down for a rude awakening.

Spags doesn't promise a miracle and that's what the fans should be listening to, not looking around the league to see what other young coaches have done with their teams.

The team has a lot of needs far more than probably be taken care of in one season that is why we need to approach this season with caution. Don't put too many of your expectations on the shoulders of our new head coach. He's got enough to deal with it as it is.

We need to be patient with the new coach and not turn our backs on him the moment it looks like things are going sour.

Spags will be fine, the team will be fine, just don't expect a miracle the first season. And if it does happen, then the surprise will be better than anticipated.

Go Rams!