Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Job

I was really impressed with how the Rams came out firing and using a game plan that immediately put the 49ers on their heels. Unfortunately, Shurmur went conservative once again and to be honest with you, I really thought we'd end up experiencing another game like against the Chiefs.

However; that was not the case and I'm sure we all let out a collective sigh of relief when the whole team came together in the 4th quarter when it was really needed and really counted! That is the way they need to end each game by making the 4th quarter count. The first 3 quarters mean nothing if you can't take the lead and put a nail in the coffin in the 4th quarter.

It was also great to see Shurmur allow Alexander to play. He and Amendola each in their own ways offer up legitimate threat to opposing defenses and Alexander over and over again when allowed to play has shown he is the shot in the arm the offense needs.

All caution must be thrown to the wind next Sunday night in Seattle! Conservative thinking and behavior MUST be thrown out the window. The Rams must be aggressive both on defense and offense if they want to end the long chain of losses they have experienced at Qwest Field! This is it and the Rams MUST play like it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What is Going On Here?

Everyone is to blame for this loss except for maybe Donnie Jones, Brown and Amendola who just kept on ticking like a little time bomb on the field.

My God what are the coaches doing? Where's Alexander? Two 4th quarter plays to the only guy other than Jackson that poses a threat for some fireworks! What is up with that? And speaking of the coaches....where was the blitzing? Come on! None last week and only a couple against the Chiefs. And when they did blitz they got to Cassle. Hello?!!

And are we trying to create another shell shocked Marc Bulger here with poor Sam Bradford? Let's get some plays in here that's going to help the kid not diminish his talents! This is ridiculous. Instead of progressing the play calling and coaching is regressing!

Lucky for the Rams however; everyone else lost in the NFC West so they are still in control of their own destiny. But not for long if they continue to go backwards instead of forwards!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Painful Loss

I'll admit the game at times was painful to watch and at other times the Rams kept giving me the feeling that there was still hope even into the 4th quarter. A little confusing indeed. But I think that's because this is a team that clearly gives off the aura of never giving up on itself. Despite the fact this was one of their worst losses of the season at times I couldn't help but keep watching and thinking, "Just maybe, just maybe, so don't give up now, the team's not."

I will admit that at times Bradford made me feel like he was playing his first rookie game. He simply seemed to finally allow an opponents defense to finally get to him, which was a definite disappointment. He did indeed make some decisions that made it look like he had suddenly digressed instead of continuing to grow. However; there were times when some of the things he did made you truly understand exactly why the team chose this young man to be the leader of this team. He is the right choice, was the right choice to build a very good team around. Despite all the mistakes the team made, not once did this kid give up. He kept playing as hard as he could never once letting the scoreboard be a factor in his behavior.

Even in this painful loss, Bradford came out as a true leader for this team.

Despite this loss, the Rams still are in control of their own destiny if they can simply get past their next three opponents, two of which are at home, they will win the division.

As usual, the Rams need to leave this game behind come this week during practice and move onto to the next team, the Chiefs. Chiefs are having problems, so the Rams need to plan for those problems and take advantage of them.

Go Rams!

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Team Has Grit

This team not only has quited those who predicted we'd be lucky to win 4 games for the whole season and that was being generous, but this team has proven that they learn from each and every game they play.

Not only are they on an extremely fast learning curve, they probably have a lot more character and downright grit than half the teams in the NFL, and definitely far more than anyone in their own division.

Adversity is no longer a bitter pill that they can no longer swallow. Not only can the Rams take that bitter pill but they can also chew it up and spit it right back out at you. This young team seems to be beginning to thrive off of the adversity. Go ahead, throw some adversity at them. I dare you, cause if you do, they're going to shove it right back at you.

Gone are the days when you would see this team curl up in a corner and cower against the face of any adversity. Gone are the days where other teams can push this rag tag group of grid iron warriors around. Because they are true warriors now and no longer cower in the face of adversity or danger. There does not seem to be much that frightens this team anymore, not even winning on the road.

They believe in the system, the coach, themselves and most of all their new leader, Sam Bradford. Now it's time for us as fans to believe too. Because it won't be long before we'll be riding high again and you don't want to miss out on the excitement of rising to to top with the team!

Go Rams!

Monday, November 29, 2010

4th Quarter Conservativeness

I don't want to take anything away from this road win, this must win game situation, because the boys did it. And up until the 4th quarter they did it exceptionally well.

Going into half time with a score of 30-13 had everyone thinking man this is great, what a blowout this is going to be. Oops, that was the wrong way to think!

Bradford and the entire receiving group did a splendid job all day long and Bradford again proved that he doesn't really need some superstar WR out there catching passes for him. In fact, Bradford seems to be turning into one of those players that makes other players look good! But that's beside the point. The point is, you are up 36 points and where's the dagger?

Why, and I ask this every time, why does Shurmur ALWAYS go conservative in the 4th quarter when we have the lead? This has simply got to stop! This team needs to finish the opponents off. They need to be taught the "killer instinct" and it is NOT going to happen if all Shurmur does in the 4th quarter is play not to lose, when he needs to continue to play to win!

Coaching needs to not expect the players to have a killer instinct with the vanilla plays they send into them to execute. Being a good sportsman is one thing but that should not stop you from finishing off the opponent and stop letting them get back into the game! Enough is enough, nail the coffin shut next time!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Point Conversion?

Not that it would have had any influence on the game whatsoever, but my question is, why the 2pt conversion when the Falcons already had the game on ice with less than 2 minutes in the game?

This kind of shove it in or rub it in your face kind of football bothers me. So, you're the better team, is it necessary to make sure the opponent doesn't forget? I don't know, it just bothers me when a team does that. Argue all you want that it was because they wanted to make sure that it was a three score game to keep the Rams from tying it up, but come on, didn't they see enough of the Rams inability to hit the endzone in the end to convince them they weren't going to be able to overcome their deficit?

To me it is just another form of taunting  or flaunting themselves and slapping the opponent in the face after they were already down. I lose respect for coaches who play football in that manner.

Just my honest opinion.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Need For More Creativity

This game started off with some creative plays that Bradford again showed he could execute with perfection. Time and time again the kid has proven to all the coaching staff that he has the ability to execute whatever you call into him, even without any deep threat receivers.

What continues to boggle the mind is why Shurmur almost always backs down on continuing to send in those creative plays. He continues to not only bore us to tears but give the opponents a chance to predict what the Rams are going to do.

After the kid has shown Shurmur over and over again that he can do it, why does he continue to go conservative? Sometimes it works but it is apparent that in the long run it simply is not going to work, especially on the road. Chances have to be taken. Chances need to be taken. Taking chances truly cannot turn out any worse than turning to conservative play calling.

Shurmur needs to pull out the stops and start giving up on the boring, conservative play calling. It's going to be his demise.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Let the Past Go

In a different piece by GeezerRam in this weeks newsletter he mentioned how those who refer back to the Greatest Show on Turf days will begin to get impatient with the offense of the present. Now, is the time however; that we let go of the past. The Greatest Show, was the Greatest Show and can never be brought back. And why would we really want to? Leave it a lone in it's own glory. Wanting to repeat it would take away from the specialness of that part of Rams history and that's what it is, history, just like Bruce, part of Rams history, which will always be there to enjoy for many generations to come.

Bradford and his Rams are a new entity and as the team is built around this young man, he and the rest of the team will begin to build their own history. Good teams do not always have flashy offenses, some instead have a strong defense that allows the team to have a finely tuned precision oriented offense and that is what we are beginning to see with the Rams.

We may evolve into something else once a star receiver or receivers are found but until then we need to understand that what we do have is beginning to work and we need to be patient and enjoy the fact we are watching the growth of a future incredible  elite quarterback who is going to be worth every penny of any contract he signs with this team.

Right now, this is good enough for me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail to Jackson

This may have been another road loss for the Rams, making the last time they won on the road was their only win last year against the Lions! Although there are a lot of negatives to complain about, there should be time set aside for Jackson's personal and professional victory!

Despite the loss and the teams continued road woes, Jackson stood out amongst the crowd when he had his crowning moment of his career by passing the great Eric Dickerson.

On Sunday, Jackson surpassed Dickerson's all time rushing record and moved into first place in Rams franchise history. Even for those who have never quite been on Jacksons side for one strange reason or another have to admit that this was definitely a defining moment and a well deserved honor  for SJ39.

Jackson is a beast and a class act that the Rams organization and fans a like should be proud to have such a top notch player on their team.

Thanks for all you do for the team Jackson and congrats!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

And the Chargers couldn't believe it either! How could a team that got beat by 38 points by a winless team come back with such fierceness? But they did. The Rams came into this game forgetting that last week even happened. Forgetting they lost Bradford's favorite go to guy, forgot that they looked like fools just a week prior.

Instead we discover a team that is learning how to come back from all kinds of adversity instead of cowering in a corner and just letting everyone walk all over them. This is a team now that has shown the NFL that they are changing, improving and they do know how to win and they like the taste of victory and the agony it inflicts upon their opponents.

The Chargers and Rivers were beat upon by the Rams defense for the entire first half. They were manhandled severely the first half and the Chargers seemed shell shocked by half time. Although the Chargers were able to adjust in the second half, the Rams defense was good enough to stop the #1 offense from overrunning them and taking over the game.

Although the Rams offensive scheme was probably too conservative in the 2nd half, luckily they were able to pound the ball down their throats with Jackson at the end, gobbling up the time on the clock allowing them to finally just sit on the ball and send the Chargers home shocked and wondering what they had just witnessed in St. Louis.

The Rams made a statement in this game and that was telling the NFL that they refuse to be the NFL's doormat any longer!

Way to go boys! You truly deserved this awesome win!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things We've Learned

First thing that should have been learned from this, is that no matter what, Sam Bradford is still a rookie who has yet experienced everything there is to experience. Sunday's game however was a tough lesson to learn and that is the defeat by humiliation. It's better that he had this experience early in his rookie season than later. He has had his first taste of an embarrassing loss and how everything can go wrong even when you think you tried your hardest. This stinging defeat will probably stay in his memory banks for a long time and there is no doubt that he is already teaching himself how to avoid another one like it, because Bradford is not a quitter.

Another thing learned from this game is that this  team has a long way to go to learn how to bounce right back from an immediate adversity such as losing Mark Clayton. Other receivers need to be able to step in immediately and support their quarterback. Danny Amendola can not do this on his own, as much as he tried to, he is not going to be able to carry the entire receiving duties on his back a lone.

We also learned that this team is still young and immature as a total unit and they are going to need more time to be able to learn that they must play flawless football to pull off future wins. They simply are not good enough at this point to think they have the ability to screw up and then come back from it and win the game. They have yet to do enough in this league to warrant much respect from their opponents.

Whether we've learned it or not, all of us need to learn that one debacle does not mean the world is going to stop turning, that the season is over for this young team. However; it does mean that yes, the sky is a little darker than it was going into this game and we are in for some troubled weather. But all of us knew that in the very beginning, deep inside we knew the storms had not passed and that it was just a break in the clouds. But there will be other breaks in the clouds and we need to be there to enjoy them!

Hang in there Rams and fans! We'll make it through.

P.S. Planet Rams wants to offer our prayers to Mark Clayton for his devastating injury, just when it looked as if his career was to be resurrected in St. Louis this had to happen. We hope that he can recover from this and rejoin the team healthy next season!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's Take Another Look At The Schedule

After four weeks of play, I don't know about anyone else, but I see a totally different team than what the critics predicted we would see on the field. I see a team that has the heart and determination to go a lot farther than 4 wins, perhaps even more than 6 wins. Before you think I'm nuts, if the Rams continue to improve as they have each week it's possible. So let's take a look at their schedule again.

Rams @ Lions - Come on we beat them last year. (Win)
Chargers @ Rams - It's not impossible to win this game, especially since the home crowd is back in it, but for the skeptics I'll cave on a close one. (Loss)
Rams @ Bucs - Don't look any better than the Skins and we beat them. (Win)
Panthers @ Rams - Come on they are winless at the time of this writing. (Win)
By week 9 we could conceivably be standing at 5-3
Rams @ 49ers - (Win)
Falcons @ Rams - Tough one so I guess I'll go with a loss here. (Loss)
Rams @ Broncos - Denver is not having a good year and I think Rams should be able to pull it off. (Win)
Rams @ Cards - Rams are going to want to make up for the early loss by this time. (Win)
Rams @ Saints - Really tough one in New Orleans. (Loss)
49ers @ Rams - Not in our home this year. (Win)
Rams @ Seattle - The "new" Rams are not afraid of this team. (Win)

So it is possible the Rams led by Sam Bradford could end up with a 10-6 record. If they keep going forward and there are no setbacks in the learning curve, nothing is impossible!

Go Rams!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bradford Can Handle the Heat

This should have been the game that alerted everyone to the fact that Sam Bradford can handle it. No matter what it is that he asked to do, this game shows he can handle it.

Sure he got an INT, but then so did McNabb. After that INT Sam was able to simply shake it off and move on as if nothing had happened. He did not allow his anger at himself take over his overall performance.

The loss of Jackson did not send the rookie into a tailspin. Although there is no doubt he would rather have had Jackson in there, he did not let it affect his attitude or decision making.

Once Jackson was gone, it forced the coaching staff to change things up big time and try to create a running game out of nothing. But the biggest thing they had to do was turn the entire game over to the young kid out on the field.

He not only was up for the challenge, he was able to match McNabb stat per stat on the field and lead his team to their first win in the last 11 games.

Now that the coaches have seen that there is nothing that phases the kid, it's time to depend less upon SJ39 and more so on SB8.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coaching Must Change

We can blame the players all we want, we can say this guy sucks and that guy sucks, but if you can't get a good game plan out there you can't continue to blame players.

If you have an OC that seems to be afraid to let Bradford try and open it up in the air, you can't blame that on Sam Bradford. This dink and dunk type of offense doesn't work for anyone and never will. It works great for defenses for the opposing team however. The offense is so predictable that a high school defense could figure it out after a couple of quarters playing against it.

And the defensive coaching, no blitzing? What's up with that. They were throwing blitzes at the Cards every time you turned around last week. Why didn't the game plan change when a new QB was put in? They saw right from the start he was going to need to be attacked in a different manner. Yet nothing changed.

The clock is ticking and ticking fast with Stan the Man and with an owner who is use to championship caliber teams, it won't be long before the ax will fall. This is not a man of patience but a man of action. So the coaches had better start feeling the heat and come up with something to show the new owner that the team is improving or heads will roll.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mark Clayton

With just a week under his belt being with the Rams, Clayton played a far bigger role on the Rams offense than most would have thought. There may be some that will ignore the facts that overall he did a great job, a lot will look at two keep misses he had. But we need to overlook these two mistakes and take an over all look at the scheme of things.

Sam Bradford in his rookie debut found his main go to guy. Without having more than a couple of days and a few snaps to get to know Clayton it was obvious that the two of them had instant chemistry! And this is a very, very good thing, especially for a rookie QB!

This relationship that Bradford and Clayton already have can only continue to grow and not only will this help the career of Bradford but it could very well give Mark Clayton one of the best years of his career!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back Up QB Race Tight

From what I've seen in the last couple of games , Keith Null may have a tough time making the roster. Looks to me as the Rams may have found themselves a real gem in rookie QB Thadius Lewis. His last two games have in themselves have been quite noteworthy.

The first shot he got to play was against the Pats where he went 11 of 14 for 120 yards passing, 1 TD and ended with a QB rating of 96.4. In his next game he went 6 of 8 for 89 yards, 1 TD and ended with a 150.5 QB rating! Amazing numbers especially when his rookie counterpart Bradford had the near perfect rating of 153.5 in the same game! Is it possible that the Rams have maybe found themselves a QB duo? Is it possible that the Rams might be blessed with two top notch quarterbacks? Stranger things have happened.

Unless I'm missing something in the overall scheme of things, I find it hard to believe that the coaching staff would choose Null over Lewis.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Stan Kroenke is now officially the new owner of the Rams. So what does that mean for this tattered franchise? It means a mountain of things if you are the Rams.

One major thing that is for certain with all that will come with this new ownership is owner involvement from a sports minded mind. Do not think for one moment that Kroenke will stand for any more of the erosion that has been going on with this team. This is a man who owns teams that are not only use to winning but use to having playoff runs!

Rest assured Rams fans, Kroenke will not stand for their losing ways for long and will not hesitate making drastic non-financial and financial movements to improve this team. The urgency that Spags and Devaney have been feeling will immediately intensify now that Kroenke is full owner.

Now that Stan's the Man in St. Louis change and we mean big change is just around the corner, not somewhere down the road, no, expect to see it happen real soon and right before your eyes suddenly and not gradually. But this is what this team needs. Slow, methodical coddling is not going to work for Stan. It will be sink or swim with Stan the Man. Some people better start updating their resume's.

I welcome it and can't wait till I can hold my head high as a Rams fan again!

Welcome Stan!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bradford Proves He's Got What it Takes

The numbers for Bradford may have not been pretty from his NFL debut but at this stage of the game, that is not what is important. What is important is whether or not he showed enough in this debut with regards to being able to handle the pressure.

Not only did Bradford show he could handle the immense pressure that was put on him by the Vikings, but he showed the world that he could do it with poise, calm and intelligence!

Each time pressure was in his face there were absolutely no signs that the rookie was going to fall apart, there were no signs that he was going to crumble under the stress. In fact he simply got up again or walked back into the huddle totally unshaken. With all the pressure that Bradford received on Saturday, even the seasoned veteran might have become flustered and made horrible mistakes, but Bradford would have no part of that and instead was seen taking control and when given a bad situation made sure that he didn't make bad decisions on the field.

Time and time again during his stint on the field he made sure that if a play was not going to unfold as it should, he would make sure that at least the other team wouldn't benefit from it with an inherent pass floating into the hands of the opponents, nor did he have any foolish fumbles that the opponents could benefit from.

Rams fans and coaches alike should be proud of how he handled himself under such pressure and be reassured that they do have the guy that they need to make this a grand organization again. He's going to need help, something he none of on Saturday. There is a lot of work ahead for this team especially on the offensive line and those players had better be finding a way to improve to protect this $78 million dollar investment or they may be finding themselves in the unemployment line in the near future.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Veterans Impressed

Well it seems that Sam the Ram was able to walk onto the field today for his first official practice and pull it off. According to several veterans they were knocked off their feet with how natural he acted on the field. There were no rookie jitters, nothing of the sort. He maturely walked onto the field with both fellow rookies and veterans and took over the huddle as if he'd been working with these same guys for years.

This is a relatively good start for a rookie. The minute you walk onto the field you impress the veterans instead of receiving their scorn you receive their praise. This is good, very good.

Now we need to see how fast he can impress the coaches and if he will truly be ready by Sept. 12th.  Rookie or not, we need new blood in there to give us hope.

It won't be long before we finally find out if Sam's the man.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tom Condon Leaves Bad Taste in Mouth

I hate the idea of Bradford have Condon as his agent. To me, it doesn't matter just how good this agent is suppose to be, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from him and how he guided some of his other clients in the past.

Bradford needs to be signed in three weeks and they haven't begun the negotiations. We all know from the past that Condon has a reputation of having his clients hold out until the contract is up to Condon's standards and desires and not those of the player.

I have never believed that Condon has the best interests of his clients in mind. Personally I feel it is his best interests first then the players.

I hope that Bradford will somehow be able to rise above the tactics of Condon and is not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right and not what Condon thinks is right.

Otherwise there could be interference with the growth of our number one pick and that is the last thing this team needs right now is a hold out and the player they are going to build this team around not getting all the training he can get.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Gotta Feel For This Guy

Vobora is one guy, "Mr. Irrelevant", that I've been secretly rooting for all along. Big time underdog and boy does it ever continue for him. Below is an account of what this poor guy has been going through. I hope that he does clear his name and continues to be a member of the team. I think he's got talent and should be given another shot.

To say the Rams' David Vobora has had an eventful year would be akin to saying
the Gulf of Mexico has a small oil problem. Since training camp last year,

— Earned a starting job at strongside linebacker to begin his second NFL season.

— Was suspended for four games for violating the league's policy on
performance-enhancing substances, costing him $90,588 in salary.

— Regained his first-team assignment after being reinstated.

— Filed a suit in federal court against the company that provided the tainted
workout supplement.

— Was demoted after the Rams signed free-agent linebacker Na'il Diggs and
assigned him to the top strongside spot.

Throughout it all, Vobora has remained resolutely philosophical.

"My whole football career, from high school on into the pros, I kind of feel
like I've sort of been behind the 8-ball. It's been an uphill battle," he said.
"But I wouldn't want it any other way. That's what I'm all about, proving
people wrong. And that's what I've got to do again."

In the courtroom, Vobora wants to prove that he wasn't at fault. His agent said
that before taking the tainted supplement, Vobora called an NFL hot line, read
off the ingredients, and was told that none would produce a positive test.

Although he's seeking compensation for the salary he forfeited, Vobora stressed
that money isn't the motivating factor. Clearing his name is.

"Vindication's the No. 1 thing," he said. "Lost wages is lost wages."

On the field, Vobora wants to prove that he's still worthy of a starting role,
regardless of the competition from Diggs or anyone else. "My approach stays the
same: no matter who that guy is, beat him," he said.

Vobora has overcome long odds before. He was the 2008 draft's "Mr. Irrelevant"
— the last player among 252 selected. The University of Idaho product stuck
with the club, on the practice squad at first.

He moved up to the 53-man active roster in October and wound up playing in
eight games, with one start. He won a first-team spot in training camp last
year and was among the Rams' leaders in tackles after the first three games.

Then came the suspension, keeping him out of action until mid-November. Now,
he's battling again to carve out a role for himself. He's been working mostly
at middle linebacker this spring, behind James Laurinaitis.

"He's settled in and kind of concentrated just at 'mike' linebacker," coach
Steve Spagnuolo noted. "But I think any of the so-called backup linebackers
have to be able to play more than one (position). So somewhere along the way
you'll see him play some outside linebacker, too."

The 6-foot-1, 242-pound Vobora, 24, said he feels comfortable in the middle.
"There's a lot of action," he said. And some stiff mental challenges: the
middle linebacker is charged with making the defensive adjustments based on the
looks the offense presents.

"There are a lot of calls and checks in this defense," Vobora said. "James does
a heck of a job, so I'm just trying to ride off that."

Vobora said he understands the value of soaking up as much information as he

"Just learning from the older guys, being able to listen," he said. "And I
can't tell you how much I've learned just from Spags in general. … Once you
start listening to those tips (from) guys that have been around the game, then
the stuff (on the field) really slows down. You're putting your eyes on the
right things; that way your keys are faster and your footwork's better."

All the better to push his career forward, regardless of what obstacles might

"I'm excited for this (upcoming training) camp," Vobora said. "Going into year
three, it's time to take it to the next level and be a playmaker, no matter
whether that's defense, special teams, wherever I'm at. That's what I'm looking
to do."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Should Bradford Be Coddled?

There's a lot of talk about Sam Bradford going to be the face of the franchise but that he should not be rushed into anything. Even the coaching staff is giving off the impression that they are in no hurry at all about starting Bradford.

I'm not really sure if that is really the smartest thing to do in the case of the Rams. If you are going to take a quarterback at such a high pick, outwardly say he's the new face of the franchise, you can't expect him to take second fiddle to A.J. Feely. I'm sorry, it's not right and I don't see how Bradford is going to benefit from this kind of coddling.

If you want your quarterback to learn the ways of the NFL it's not going to happen on the practice field, not with the quarterback position. The only way he is going to learn is to be baptized by fire. He needs to experience the NFL as it really is and not how it looks from the sidelines.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adversity Builds Character

I'm sure that all of you have been reading as many things about the rookies that you can get your hands on.

I myself have been touched by the hard luck story of Mardy Gilyard. When you hear stories like his you know that this person knows what the hard knocks of life are all about. You know that they will either fail or thrive because adversity can build fine character or it can create a person who allows themselves to be swallowed by the adversity and come out fighting and holding a grudge against society.

As for Mardy Gilyard it has already be seen that he is letting the adversity to drive his life in a positive manner. Someone who had to live out of his car to finish college is a true test of character and in June he will see the fruits of his labors by graduating from college. Furthermore he comes to a team that is need of not just talent but those with the character to handle adversity.

Mardy will be facing plenty adversity as a Ram, but if how he responded to it in college is any sign at all, we could be blessed with a player who not only makes good impressions on the field but off the field as well.

Welcome to the Rams Mardy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Argue if You Must

You can argue all you want about the Rams number one pick. You can say Suh was the best choice hands down until you are blue in the face. But it is not going to change things. The Rams understood just how horrendous the offense was. It was going nowhere under Bulger. There was no room for improvement. They understood that we had the weakest offense out of 32 teams.

The Rams need a young talented player to build around. Steven Jackson needs someone that the team builds around so that he can perhaps let go of some of the burden. It is always better to build a team around a quarter back than any other player on the team. You can't build a team around Suh and besides the Rams defense was actually beginning to improve at the end of the year last year. The defense will have a better shot at improving if their offense isn't as pathetic as it was last year.

Sam Bradford is the real deal and instead of saying we should have taken Suh, we should be welcoming the new face of the franchise.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where Are They Now? Part 6

Matt Willig played for the Super Bowl 34 Rams and retired after a stint with the 49ers. He went on to do some acting.

In 2009, he had supporting role as a caveman tormenting Jack Black and Michael Cera in the motion picture Year One. He appeared as a gang member named Little Chino on the Showtime series Dexter (2007). He has appeared as a bodyguard named Uri on the NBC series Chuck, and has also appeared in an episode of My Name is Earl entitled "Bullies". Matt has acted in numerous national commercial campaigns, including a Capital One spot with David Spade, a Bud Light spot, and as an action hero in a Halls commercial. He also appeared in a season 7 episode of Malcolm In the Middle, as a recovering alcoholic named Crash and had a small role in the 1993 Hong Kong action movie Full Contact. He has also appeared in a minor role in iCarly as the "Sledghammer".

He lives in Brentwood, CA with his wife Chris.

Az-Zahir Ali Hakim


Hakim was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the fourth round (96th overall) of the 1998 NFL Draft. He appeared in nine games including four starts during his rookie season, catching 20 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown. He collected three receptions in first career game at the Chicago Bears on November 8, 1998. He made his first start against the Carolina Panthers two weeks later, making two receptions for 25 yards. He scored two touchdowns (nine-yard touchdown reception, 34-yard run on reverse for a touchdown) in victory over the New England Patriots on December 13.


In 1999, Hakim would have quite possibly his best career season. He would also earn a Super Bowl ring after the Rams beat the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. During the regular season, Hakim appeared in 15 games and caught 39 passes for 677 yards and eight touchdowns. His touchdown total was second on the team behind only Isaac Bruce's 12, while Hakim's 18.8 average remains also remains a personal best. Hakim also added his first punt return touchdown on the season.

Hakim had the best game of his career against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 3, becoming only the fourth player in team history to score four touchdowns in a game. The feat tied the mark previous reached by Bob Shaw, (1949) Elroy Hirsch (1951) and Harold Jackson (1973). His 84-yard punt return for a touchdown tied for the fifth longest in team history and was the third longest in the league during the 1999 season. He also set the team record for punt return yards in a game with 147. All three of his receptions went for touchdowns (9, 51, 18), and he became the first Rams’ player with three receiving touchdowns in a game since December 15, 1996 when Eddie Kennison accomplished the feat against the Atlanta Falcons.

In addition to his career game, Hakim also posted his first 100-yard receiving game against the Carolina Panthers on December 5. Hakim's four receptions, 122 yards and two scores helped St. Louis clinch the division that day.


Hakim continued his impressive production in 2000, setting career highs in multiple statistical categories. His 53 catches, 734 yards, long reception of 80 yards and 32 receptions for first downs remain personal bests. His four touchdowns on the year also represent the second-best total of his career. On special teams, Hakim's 15.8 punt return average led the NFC and was second in the NFL. He also returned his second punt for a score during the season.

The best game of the season for Hakim came in the regular season opener against the Denver Broncos on September 4. During the game, Hakim racked up five catches, 116 yards and two touchdowns. He set a career best with an 80-yard touchdown grab, and also took a punt 86 yards for a score. Hakim was one of three Rams players to surpass 100 yards on offense during the game (wide receiver Torry Holt and running back Marshall Faulk being the others), marking just the second time in franchise history the feat had been accomplished.

Other highlights on the season for Hakim include a November 5 contest against the Panthers when he had eight catches for 116 yards and a touchdown, as well as a 65-yard punt return in the NFC Wild Card playoff game against the New Orleans Saints on December 30. That game also featured a lowlight for Hakim, as he muffed a Saints' punt in the closing minute, allowing the Saints to retain possession and run out the clock, killing what was nearly an impressive Rams comeback.


In what would be his last season as a member of the Rams, Hakim totaled 39 receptions for 374 yards and three touchdowns. He appeared in all 16 games for the second straight season and started two of them. His punt return average took a significant dive from the year before, dropping from 15.3 in 2000 to just 9.2 in 2001.

In late September, Hakim joined Henry Ellard, LeRoy Irvin an Eddie Kennison as the only Rams players to amass more than 1,000 career punt return yards. He passed Kennison to move into third place all-time the following month.

Also during the season, Hakim completed his first career pass with a 51-yard touchdown to Isaac Bruce. Hakim also had 90 receiving yards and five rushing yards in a Super Bowl XXXVI loss to the New England Patriots.


Hakim joined the Detroit Lions as a free agent in 2002 and proceeded to have a rebound season in terms of receiving yards and in the punt return game. He started all 10 games in which he appeared during the season, catching 37 passes for 541 yards and three touchdowns. He also posted a 14.8 punt return average and had his third career return touchdown.

It didn't take long for Hakim to make a splash with his new team, as he holds the honor of scoring the first touchdown at Ford Field following the team's move from the Pontiac Silverdome. Other season highlights include a career-high nine receptions against the Miami Dolphins and seven catches for 143 yards against and a score on the first offensive play of the game against the Green Bay Packers.

Hakim suffered a hip injury on a shuffle pass against the New York Jets on November 17. He would miss the rest of the season due to the injury, and was the team's leading receiver when he was placed on Injured Reserve on November 10.


Despite missing the first two games of the 2003 season recovering knee surgery, Hakim went on to start 12 of the 14 games he appeared in and become Detroit's leading receiver during the season. He finished the year with 49 catches for 449 yards and four touchdowns.

Highlights from the season include a 21-yard pass to fellow wideout Charles Rogers (the second pass and completion of his career), a two-point conversion on a pass from Joey Harrington against the Chicago Bears, and a crucial 18-yard catch on a game winning drive in another contest against the Bears. He had 19 catches over a three-game span during the year, which was the most ever for him in that amount. However, his best game of the season came against his former team, as he totaled 101 yards on offense and scored a touchdown against the Rams.


In 2004, Hakim finished second on the team in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns despite missing four games due to ankle, back and groin injuries during the season. He finished with 31 receptions for 533 yards and three touchdowns.

Early in the season against the Houston Texans, Hakim eclipsed the 3,000-yard receiving mark for his career. In a game against the Minnesota Vikings, he and Roy Williams became the first Lions duo to each reach 100 receiving yards in the same game in nearly five years.


Hakim was released by the Lions in April 2005. He received interest from multiple teams before and on June 15 it was believed he had signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. The move would have reunited him with former Rams head coach Dick Vermeil. However, some provisions in the contracts caused the league to void the deal, and Hakim and Vermeil decided it would be best if he did not join the team. Hakim signed a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints on June 19.

During the season, Hakim was the team's third best receiver and finished with 34 catches for 489 yards and two touchdowns. He set a career high with nine kickoff returns, while his punt return average was the lowest of his career at just 7.6 yards.


Despite receiving some interest in the 2006 offseason, Hakim remained unsigned until the regular season began. He signed a one-year deal to return to the Lions in 2006, despite new head coach Rod Marinelli in charge. Not all was unfamiliar to Hakim, however, as this time around with the Lions he would be working with former Rams offensive coordinator and head coach Mike Martz, who was now the offensive coordinator in Detroit.

Hakim's second tenure with the Lions was not nearly as productive or long as the first. In six games with the team, he caught just 17 passes for 147 yards. He was eventually released on October 30, and remained unsigned until joining the San Diego Chargers on December 14 after wide receiver Malcolm Floyd was placed on Injured Reserve. Hakim was inactive for all three games as a Charger, resulting in the first season of his professional career in which he did not score a touchdown.


After his contract expired following the 2006 season, Hakim once again became a free agent. He received little interest on the open market, but on March 22 he signed a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. The move reunited him with new Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron, who was offensive coordinator in San Diego the previous season.


Az-Zahir Hakim signed a contract in the UFL and the Las Vegas Locomotives. He also decided to start his own burger establishment called "Quickies" located in the Tempe area.

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Where Are They Now? Part 5

Tony Horne

Antonio Tremaine Horne (born March 21, 1976) is a former professional football player in the National Football League (NFL). Undrafted as a walk on, he played the 1998, 1999, and 2000 seasons with the St. Louis Rams, where he was primarily used as a wide receiver and kickoff returner. In 1998, he finished sixth in the NFL with 1306 yards on kick returns, adding 892 yards in 1999, and 1379 in 11 games in 2000, when he again finished sixth in the league.[1] Horne works as a strength and speed coach at D1 Sports Training in Greenville. He attended Richmond Senior High in Rockingham, North Carolina, where he was a quarterback and a wide receiver in college at the University of Clemson. In 2000 he signed on as a free agent with the Kansas City Chiefs before suffering a knee injury during that preseason that ended his pro career.

Mike Jones

Michael Anthony Jones (born April 15, 1969, in Kansas City, Missouri) is a former American football linebacker in the National Football League. During his NFL career, which started in 1991 and ended after 2002, Jones played on three teams: the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Rams, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jones attended college at the University of Missouri, where he originally played as a running back. He was converted to the linebacker position when he signed with the Raiders as a rookie free agent.

He is well known for his actions during the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV, known as The Tackle, when he tackled then-Titans receiver Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line to preserve a Rams victory. He also had a superb performance during the regular season that year, recording 1 sack and 4 interceptions, which he returned for 96 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also recovered 2 fumbles, returning them for 51 yards and a touchdown.

Jones finished his 12 seasons with 9 sacks, 8 interceptions, 132 return yards, 5 fumble recoveries, 94 return yards, and 4 touchdowns (2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries) in 183 games. He is currently the head coach of the football team at Hazelwood East High School in Hazelwood, Missouri.

London Fletcher

London Levi Fletcher-Baker (born May 19, 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American football linebacker who currently plays for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League. He spent four seasons with the Rams before joining the Buffalo Bills in 2002. On March 2, 2007, Fletcher and the Redskins agreed to a 5-year, $25 million contract with a $10 million signing bonus. Known as one of the most consistent and knowledgeable linebackers in the game, Fletcher has never missed a game in his lengthy career, a feat further magnified by the intense physicality of the middle linebacker position.

St. Louis Rams

Fletcher began his professional career with the St. Louis Rams as an undrafted free agent.He was one of the two rookie free agents to make Rams’ opening day roster, he played in all 16 regular season games, starting the season finale at San Francisco. Fletcher earned the Rams Rookie of the Year Award as teams’ Rookie of the Year[1].

In 1999, Fletcher led the Rams in tackles after winning the starting middle linebacker position during training camp, he led the Rams with 138 tackles for the season were the most by a Ram since Roman Phifer collected 149 in 1995 season[1]. He was a starting linebacker for the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV, in which the Rams defeated the Titans 23-16. He also was named to the All-Madden team. In 2000, he again led the team with 193 tackles, eclipsing old franchise mark of 185 set by LB Jim Collins in 1984. Fletcher earned NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors for the first time in his career after making 14 tackles (9 solo) and tying a career-high with two sacks against the Minnesota Vikings on November 10[1]. He established season and career highs in sacks (5.5), interceptions (4), and quarterback pressures (9) and adding a forced fumble[2].

In 2001, Fletcher earned NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors twice, first in the game against the San Francisco 49ers on September 23, he led the team with a career-high 21 tackles, 15 solo. The second time was after his big performance against the New England Patriots on November 18 as he led the team with 17 tackles with one pass deflection; forced a fumble on the Rams’ three-yard line that led to a 97-yard scoring drive to end the first half and intercepted a Tom Brady pass with 5:18 left in the third quarter for an 18-yard return[3]. This season the Rams made the Super Bowl XXXVI but were defeated by the Patriots 20–17, after kicker Adam Vinatieri made a game-winning 48-yard field goal as time expired.

Buffalo Bills

After 2001 season, Fletcher was signed by the Buffalo Bills and immediately made an impact on Bills defense, setting a career high and franchise record with 209 tackles, breaking the old mark of 206 set by Chris Spielman in 1996[1]. He also was selected as a Pro Bowl alternate eight times though he has never actually been a Pro Bowler[4]. Since 2002, Fletcher started all 16 regular season games for the Bills until his last season in 2006, when he Recorded a team-high 157 tackles, including nine for loss, set a career high with 14 deflections and tied a career high with four interceptions. On September 10, in the first regular season game, Fletcher scored his first career touchdown after recovering a fumble by patriots´Tom Brady and returning it five yards for a touchdown only 12 seconds into the game[5]. Fletcher was named a 2007 Pro Bowl alternate in his last season as a Bill.

Washington Redskins

On March 2, 2007, he signed with the Washington Redskins for five years and $25 million[6][7]. He currently serves as a captain for the defense. Fletcher was named to the NFC squad in the 2010 Pro Bowl after Jonathan Vilma's New Orleans Saints qualified for Super Bowl XLIV.[8] Fletcher was also one of three candidates for the 2009 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which was ultimately won by the Kansas City Chiefs's Brian Waters[9] He also finally made the 2010 Pro Bowl as a Washington Redskin, but only due to the other players ahead of his declining to go to the Pro Bowl.

  • Prior to the 2006 season, he adopted the "Baker" to his last name to honor his late grandmother.
  • Fletcher and his wife Charne have two children, a daughter who was born during the 2007 offseason and a son who was born in August 2008.[1].
  • in 2008, the Redskins nominated Fletcher as their Walter Payton Man of the Year Award representative[10].
  • In 2007, he was named co-winner of the B.J. Blanchard Award, along with quarterback Jason Campbell, an honor given annually to a Redskins player who best helps the local media do their jobs[1].
  • Has been named a Pro Bowl Alternate 9 times. He made his first Pro Bowl after the 2009 season via replacing Jonathan Vilma, due to prepping for the Super Bowl. Fletcher once considered himself the NFL version of Susan Lucci, who won a Daytime Emmy in 1999 in her 19th attempt.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Are They Now? Part 4

This time around we are focusing on Kevin Greene a much loved Ram for years by Rams fans from all over the country. The latest on Greene is from last year.

When former linebacker Kevin Greene called seeking an interview for a job, Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers had only one question for him.

"Are you sure you're ready?"

In the five previous years, Greene had served brief summer stints in Pittsburgh, Miami, Jacksonville, St. Louis and Cincinnati as a volunteer assistant coach, and if asked then, his answer would have been no. But when he saw Capers, his old coach in Pittsburgh and Carolina, had landed a coordinator's job in Green Bay, he decided there was no time like the present.

"We had talked over the years and I never thought it was the right time," Greene said in a telephone interview Monday from his home in Florida. "I told him when I called him this was the right time. I wanted to get into it."

"I'm humbled," said Greene, whose long, blond hair and frenzied style of play were as much his trademark as his 160 sacks during a 15-year career. "I'm tickled to death. It's an awesome day for me. The opportunity to be a coach for the Green Bay Packers . . . good googly."

Given Moss was passed over for the defensive coordinator's job and now has to share responsibilities with the linebackers, it wouldn't be surprising if the working relationship between Moss and Greene was a bit strained. But McCarthy had them meet when Greene came to town and the two spent time getting to know one another.

"We spent about an hour together and I don't think there will be any issue," Greene said. "Winston is old school, just like me. My first year was 1985. His was 1987. He's a guy who would hit you just like I would. He believes in the same kind of physical mentality that I do. We hit it off."

Given that in his final season in the NFL, Greene went after Carolina assistant coach Kevin Steele on the sideline with an intent to fight him, it could get interesting with the two volatile coaches working side by side. Greene, however, had gotten good reviews from the Steelers for his work last summer with the team's linebackers and Capers figured he needed someone to help him make the transition to a 3-4 scheme.

Greene personified the 3-4 outside linebacker in Capers' blitz-happy defense, finishing third on the NFL's all-time sack list behind Bruce Smith and Reggie White. His understanding of the position will help potential outside linebackers Aaron Kampman, Brady Poppinga, Desmond Bishop and Jeremy Thompson adjust to a new position.

"He gave us a lot of technique tips," Steelers linebacker James Harrison, the 2008 NFL defensive player of the year, said during a Super Bowl XLIII media gathering Monday. "He's going to be real intense."

Defensive end Brett Keisel, a seventh-year pro, said he really enjoyed it when Greene visited camp, even it was only for a week. He said Greene had a presence among many of the defensive players and showed the same passion he did when he was playing.

"I love Kevin," Keisel said. "He's, like, one of the greatest guys I've ever met. Not only did I watch him and idolize him growing up and as a young player, he came out to training camp and helped not just the linebackers but the D-linemen.

Greene, 46, was not the typical NFL player. While attending Auburn University, he took ROTC classes and later became an Army paratrooper. For 19 years he served as a captain in the Army Reserves, using his offseasons to fulfill his commitment.

He played for Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Carolina and San Francisco, finishing his career in 1999. His fiery personality and penchant for the dramatic drew him to professional wrestling where in 1997 he teamed with former Chicago Bear Steve McMichael in the WCW.

The NFL ordered him to give up wrestling.

Now an assistant coach, Greene said his job would be to get the outside linebackers accustomed to the 3-4 defense and play with the same kind of intensity he did.

"I played four years with Dom, two in Pittsburgh and two in Carolina," Greene said. "Two of those years I led the NFL in sacks. We were always very productive with our 3-4 blitz scheme. I'm very familiar with what he's trying to implement."

"I'm just fired up. I played fired up as you probably know. I played with passion and desire. I have 15 years of on-field experience and my knowledge of how to play this position is second to none."

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Where Are They Now? Part 3

Adam Timmerman

Former South Dakota State Jackrabbit, .then NFL offensive lineman Adam Timmerman retired as a player after the 2007 season.

And now he's gone back to his hometown of Cherokee Iowa.

After making millions of dollars in a 12-year NFL career with the Packers and Rams. Coming home to Cherokee was an easy choice for the Timmerman family.

Adam Timmerman "That was always the plan...the longer we were in the NFL...we got to love the cites...when we were in Green Bay...we loved Green Bay...when we were in St. Louis...we loved St. Louis...but at 35...I wasn't working...and I needed something."

Jana Timmerman "We grew up here...and no everyone...but at first people were shy or stand offish...because they thought we were different...but we're not different...we haven't changed."

Adam spends much of his time helping run five John Deere dealerships and working on the family farm...

Timmerman "I was going to come back and farm with my dad...but he passed away 10-years I farm with my brother...we can do it together."

Timmerman played two Super Bowls with the Packers, and two with the Rams, winning one with each team. His rings are a popular attraction

Timmerman "I don't wear them...they're pretty gaudy and would draw a lot of attention...but that's not me. Sometimes people say they want to see the I'll bring them around...I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time in my career with my was fun."

Adam has also got into some coaching. He coached his son Mason's 3rd and 4th grade football team last fall.

Timmerman "That was an eye opening experience...I hope I was able to help the was fun as the season went on to see them progress...they had a bet on the first night of to whether I was going to show up in a limo...I showed up in my truck."

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Where Are They Now? Part 2

Although this is not a true Where Are They Now, it is someone that stole many of Rams hearts with his great quarterbacking ability and his goodness as a human being.

Warner will always be remembered by all Rams fans and we hope that we will be able to share in some way the next chapter in his life.

Below is a Q & A session between Dan Patrick and Kurt.

Q & A With Kurt Warner

DP: Remember a couple of years ago, you said to me, what do I have to do to be a Hall of Famer?
KW: I definitely remember that conversation. You asked me if I was a Hall of Famer, and I asked you and you said 'not yet,' but if … you can finish the story.

DP: I said if you got to the Super Bowl, then I think that would put you over the edge. How much did what you've accomplished and if it was enough to be a Hall of Famer [factor in to your decision]?
KW: It didn't really factor in. The one thing about my career, I don't know if it would have mattered how much longer I had played -- one year, two years ... the whole question is going to be that time in the middle. Did he play enough football? I'm never going to have the overall stats. I'm never going to have played in as many games as all these great ones who have played 17, 18 years. The question is going to be what did he accomplish in the time he was on the field?

DP: But you feel like you're a Hall of Famer?
KW: I do. I feel like when I've had an opportunity to play, I've played it as well as anybody. To me, that's what the Hall of Fame is all about. It shouldn't be built on stats and all those other things.

DP: How confident are you that Matt Leinart will be your successor?
KW: I'm confident he's going to have a job and have an opportunity to prove whether he deserves it. Beyond that, I think there's just a lot of questions. Even playing with him and seeing what he's capable of doing on the practice field and even sometimes in game situations. I still don't know what Matt Leinart's gonna be. I still don't know what his resume's gonna be when he's all done. I just haven't seen him play enough. I haven't seen him in numerous situations. I haven't seen him play game after game after game and do things consistently. Jus like anybody, it takes time to develop and figure out what you're going to be.

DP: Do you think it's more mental or physical with Matt?
KW: I think it's a combination of both. I think he's got the physical skills. I think he’s got the mental ability to be able to play this game. Understands the game, understands reads and the system were in. But for me, great quarterbacks [have] the ability to put bother of those things together. To be able to see things. To react quickly to what you see. And then being able to have your body do what you want it to do. ... He's gotta put all that together. I haven't seen him do all those things and do them at a high level.
But now, I'm going to be out of the picture. He's not going to feel that pressure to live up to that expectation as far as me being behind him. Now we'll see if he can settle into that position and let his skills take over.

DP: Super Bowl's on the line, you can throw to one of your former wide receiver, who are you throwing to?
KW: Where am I at on the field, what's' the situation?

DP: You need a touchdown, you're at the 15-yard line. One last play, you need a touchdown to win the Super Bowl.
KW: If I'm throwing the ball into the end zone, I'm throwing it to Larry Fitzgerald so he can go up and get it. If I'm not throwing it into the end zone, I'm throwing it to Anquan Boldin because he's as good as anybody I've been around at catching the ball making the catch and making guys miss and making plays after the catch.

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Where Are They Now? - Returns

Last year we started the series Where Are They Now for the off season. I decided that we could try it again this year.

We'll start the series off with....

Wendell Tyler
In his 10-year NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers, Tyler rushed for 6,387 yards and scored 50 touchdowns. But he also fumbled 64 times—more than all but eight other running backs in NFL history. "I either gave the fans a thrill or a chill," says Tyler, 47. "There was no in-between."

Overall wear and tear, including a knee injury, forced Tyler to retire in 1987, and for the next 10 years he owned a landscaping business in his hometown of Lancaster, Calif. After getting his real estate license in 1994, he bought, renovated and resold houses. Since 2000 he has worked for Century 21 Yarrow & Associates.

In his spare time he helps coach Marc's team. "I love being around the game," says Tyler, who with his wife of 31 years, Carmen, have four children: Candace, 31, Wendell Jr., 28, Megan, 23 and Marc 22. "I tell the kids that you have to have confidence—even if you fumble."

Growing up in Louisiana, Tyler dreamed of playing in the NFL. He started making his case to the pros in the final game of his junior season at UCLA, the 1976 Rose Bowl, in which he rushed for 172 yards, including a 54-yard touchdown dash, in a 23-10 upset of No. 1 Ohio State. The Rams took Tyler in the third round of the '77 draft. He didn't get much playing time in his first two seasons, but he broke loose for 1,109 yards in '79 and 1,074 in '81. Three years later, as part of a potent 49ers backfield that included fullback Roger Craig, he gained 1,262 yards and then was the leading rusher (65 yards) for San Francisco in its 38-16 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX.

But the defining moment of Tyler's life came on the night of July 4, 1980. He was in the passenger seat of his brother-in-law's car on a mountain road in West Virginia when the vehicle crashed into a concrete storm drain. Tyler suffered a dislocated hip and missed all but four games of the following season. "That accident changed me," says Tyler, who became a born-again Christian soon after. "I had taken my life and ability for granted. After the accident I realized there was someone higher than me."

He returned to form the next season, but he still had trouble holding onto the football. "I was always trying to go for extra yards," says Tyler of why he fumbled so often. "I tell my son to protect the ball. All good backs fumble."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank God It Is Over!

I thought I was glad to see 2008 end. That was nothing compared to this year. This miserable year just drug on and on and on, wasn't even sure if I was going to make it out with my sanity in tact.

Now it is time to lick our huge gaping wounds and take a look at the mess they call the Rams. To our dismay, the fans, we've come to realize that this was probably the worst Rams team to ever don those wonderful horns. The absolute worst. How sad is that?

We have no one qualified to be a QB
We have just one stud, in Steven Jackson on offense. We didn't get to find out about Laurent Robinson who looked as if he might have had a shot at being a stud.
We still can't stop the run. The brightest star on the defense was rookie James Laurenitis.
Our corners and safeties are too small, Bartell would have to be the best so far.
The only thing we seemed to improve upon, which has always been our weekness and that would be Danny Amendola for kick returns. We may have found something there.

So with this knowledge, what the heck are they going to do with first round draft pick? Some say QB, some say defense. I believe if you pick a QB in the first round, then you better be darn sure that he is good enough to start, otherwise forget it. I would suggest that the Rams focus on Suh of Nebraska, this is one guy that I feel could make all the difference in the world for the defense. He is an immediate impact player combined with Long and Laurenitis, we might just have a defense that improves on the spot with just one player.

As for QB, according to all the scouts this is a QB rich draft which means we could wait until the second round before trying to fill that need, even so, with a rookie QB and three pieces of dead weight on the roster, the Rams will still have to look outside of the draft to get a decent veteran on the team. (Ahhh had we just kept KW).

There is far more work to do on this team than it looks like Spags anticipated. 2010 will have to show some major improvement or Spags' days as a HC in the NFL could be numbered.