Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Close the Coffin On This One

End the misery already will you?

I tried drinking the kool aid that GeezerRam is drinking but just tastes too bitter to me to even swallow. Guess he forgot to put the sugar in it. (just kidding with you Geezer)

Seriously though, it's a tough season to digest, just when you thought that last year was the worst, this year comes around and slaps you right back into reality.

Only thing to hope for is no wins and get the #1 pick.

Oops, wait a minute, this is the Rams drafting isn't it?


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does it Get More Heartbreaking?

Just when I thought the season couldn't get more heartbreaking, along comes this game against the Jaguars.

One of the best games of the season for the defense. Heck they even tried to win it themselves with their grit, heart and Leonard Little showing them just how it's done, how not to ever give up, to play until the final whistle blows.

With all that the defense did for the offense, for it to end in yet another loss is almost too much to take. But to play so hard that you take it to OT and lose, it simply rips your heart out as a fan.

One thing that is so glaringly obvious is the fact that must be faced by Spags soon, not next month, not in the off season, not next week, but now....that the big bad truth is Bulger is one of the biggest problems we have on offense. How can you play with a guy that looks scared to death to play even when being protected well, or can't muster up a pass any farther than 8 yards. This pathetic display of leadership and skill or lack there of is more than this team can handle. I truly believe that with Bulger the Rams need to accept the fact that they are NOT going to win a game this year.

No Boller is not the answer, but why not try the kid out, why not give Knull at least one game and see what he can do. What can he do worse than Bulger, lose? Bulger isn't winning so where's the risk?

Just a thought.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can It Get Any Worse?

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it does.

It's just incredible how many mistakes this team continues to make each week. I just don't get how you can't learn from them and stop repeating them!

If you were to look at the stats alone, you would have thought the score would show that the Rams won the game. But it's hard to win a game when you gift wrap 21 points and hand them over to the opposition. 21 points should NOT have been on the scoreboard for the Vikings. It just leaves you with an empty, sick feeling.

This is my team, and yes, I will continue to support them, but I've decided to go into each game knowing that it's going to be a loss. Perhaps that way, when and if a win should come our way, it will be a pleasant surprise. And if it's yet another loss, well the let down really isn't there if you went into the game expecting a loss.

Let's hope that Spags and company though can figure out how to show these guys how to win, especially since there are only a couple of players left on the team that have ever seen the Rams win a game!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hanging Themselves

Shooting themselves in the foot is too kind of a statement to express just how horrendous our team has become.

I sat through the entire Chiefs game waiting for the Rams game this week and while watching it I thought to myself "Wow, this team is really bad. I've never seen the Chiefs play worse than this. Man they might just be worse than the Rams.

Well that thought of the Chiefs being worse than the Rams got silenced once the Rams got on the field. After this recent debacle with the Rams, I'm afraid I've got to admit that the Rams have got to be the worst team in the NFL. How sad is that? I've been following the Rams since 1964 and this is the worst team I've ever witnessed. They actually surpass the dismal squad of the terrible 90's.

Every time they turn around they are doing stupid things. Not just an occasional oops but just downright stupid things. They pretty much hang themselves each time they go out onto that field on Sundays.

Maybe the horns on the helmets should be replaced with a noose.