Monday, December 3, 2012

So Can the Rams Make the Playoffs?

Sure, if everything goes their way. They can take their remaining schedule and try to work it in their favor by making their move in winning the rest of their games. Three of their remaining four games are against NFC teams that are starting to scramble to try to make it to the postseason. That would be Buffalo, Minnesota and Tampa. Then of course Seattle, in Seattle. Realistically it can be done, but if nothing else, they can be a potential postseason changer for each and every team the play the rest of the way. And that is something the Rams have not had the power to do for quite some time.

Even if they don't win out or do win out but others around them push them out of the way, this is not really the team we expected to see about right now. Who would have thought we'd even be entertaining the thought of playoffs right now? But right at this moment even the NFL claims the Rams are still in the hunt sitting at 5-6-1. (that damn tie is going to kill us.)

With the last few games the Rams have the great opportunity to strengthen their position while at the same time weakening others. That's the most power the Rams have seen in nearly a decade. That in itself is an exciting possibility.

  • Let’s peek at the NFC wild card standings … Chicago has a grip on the top spot at 8-4. The Green Bay Packers are 8-4 but hold the tiebreaker over the Bears right now, so technically the Packers are in first place in the NFC North. But this one isn’t settled. Chicago and Green Bay will meet again at Soldier Field in Week 15. Both teams have been pounded by injuries, so it’s hard to predict what will happen the rest of the way.
  • As for the second NFC wild card pass: Seattle is 7-5, followed by Minnesota (6-6), Tampa Bay (6-6), Dallas (6-6), Washington (5-6 going into tonight’s game vs. the NYG), St. Louis (5-6-1) and New Orleans 5-7.

Nothing is impossible. Stranger things have happened.


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