Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please Put an End to It!

Enough, is enough! Let this incredibly horrible season be over with. It's like one of those horror stories where no matter how fast you run away you still can't seem to get away from the lunatic that's behind you chasing you!

It's like one of those nightmares that mo matter how hard you try you can't seem to wake up from because when you do wake up you find that you are still dreaming! I mean seriously folks, this season should have been put out of it's misery weeks and weeks ago and yet we still have two more weeks to go? You've got to be kidding me.

Never in my life have I ever prayed, begged, you name for a season to be over with. But this year I've been begging for it to be over with for well over a month now! That's pathetic wanting the season to be over with before the month of December. But, that's just how miserable this season has been for most fans.

We all should have a party to celebrate when it's over.

This season has been so unbelievably bad that PR stopped grading the team, stopped giving out the GH award? Stopped with the videos, stopped with the photos....but how can you continue to look at loss after loss after loss? It gets tough and that's why even we here at PR has to sometimes take a step back and just say "No More!"

But, as we limp off to our corners and lick our deep wounds, we more than likely will begin the new year with nothing but hope and a sparkle in our eyes. That's what Rams fans are good about doing, putting it behind us and looking to the future. We just have to get through the last two weeks of this season! So, please just put an end to it already!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Talk About Courage

Got to take a lot of courage to stand there and be a Rams fan in Candlestick Park, especially this season. Oh my, don't think I'd have the courage to do it, that's for sure. However, I do believe our buddy BeaverRam was there so if he made it there, then kudos.

I also say kudos to one single Rams player. Despite the fact the team is basically destitute, demolished, destroyed, you name it, there is a glimmer of a true star on defense and that's Chris Long. He's had at least one sack in each of his last six games bringing him to a total of 12 sacks on the season with four games left.

So here's to you Chris, keep it up and get at least 4 more sacks one for each remaining game bringing your total to 16 sacks and who knows, maybe you'll be voted into the Pro Bowl, of course you'd be the only one, but you will have earned it. If they snub you just as they snubbed the best punter for the 2010 season, Donnie Jones, at least know this, there's no doubt your Dad's proud of you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

So Why Did The Rams Lose? Again?

Well for a lot of reasons of course, but here is a count down of the top five reasons why this team lost yet another extremely winnable game against another lousy team.

5. Offensive Line - Yes, there are a lot of injuries, but this is the NFL and every team is going to run into this. For a few weeks there, it seemed they were starting to get it together and it was giving way for SJ39 to really be on a roll, but again injuries and a shift in the line and they no longer could open up holes for Jackson and against a poor team. Sure they seemed to protect Sam better overall but that was only because the game plan had Sam getting rid of the ball sooner.

4. Sam Bradford - Sorry Sam, we all know you've lost some key players that you were comfortable with but there comes a time in every QB's game that they have to take over the show, especially when that player is a number one draft pick! If a player is going to be the star they were drafted to be, there comes a time, that even when everything is falling apart around you that you have to pick the pieces up and start carrying the team on your back. Just ask SJ39. To become a good leader this is what is expected of you Sam, and you have yet to show any of us that you can do this. Sure Sam had an OK passer rating of 85.8, but OK is not what you are looking for from a #1 draft pick.

3. Defensive Line and Linebackers - The play of these guys was close to embarrassing once you realized that the Cards were playing a backup QB, and they made him look like a stud. Plus, playing a backup QB, didn't the Rams defense realize that they just might be running the ball just a tad more? Hello? Enter Beanie Wells and 238 yards later! Good grief, the second time they allowed a player to run wild for over 200 yards rushing! Now that's just simply embarrassing beyond words.

2. Special Teams - Oh my, did we forget about what happened just three weeks ago?

Dear Donnie Jones,
I just want to thank you for making me look like a Hall of Famer.  I mean, seriously, I'm a talented dude, and I am a playmaker and all that, but come on, four punt return touchdowns of more than 80 yards for a touchdown?  In one season?!?  That's crazy!!!
And to think, I returned two of them against the Rams because you kept kicking the ball to me.  I don't know if your coaches are just that stupid, or if you didn't do your job and kick away from me.  Either way, it's doesn't matter.  I'm a superstar now, and I have you to thank for it.
Patrick Peterson
Someone help me here on this one! What were they thinking kicking it directly to this guy? After all the Cards learned really fast to keep it away from our new guy Nick or nail him after he ran it back for an 84 yard TD!

And drum roll please, the number one reason for losing this game and most of the other ones is......

1. Coaching - We are 2-9 for the year and just 10-33 under Spags for the past three years. They amazingly beat the Saints, one they probably should have lost, and beat an even worse than them Browns team. Oh whoop. Could have easily beaten the Skins and should have beat a horrible Cardinals team both times and they should and could easily be 5-6 right now and not 2-9.

There are just some guys that can find a way to will their teams to win under any circumstance, especially those in which are the close ones. If you are close in a game those coaches that know how to win and know how to get their team to believe in it, they more than likely are going to get that win. However, when your coach has only a 23% winning record, makes bad decisions, manages the clock poorly at key times in the game and has a so called stud for a QB that is regressing instead of getting better, it doesn't bode well for a coach or his team.

Simply put, the Rams do not know how to play winning football with Spags at the helm.

The question is, is there anyone out there that can come in and teach them how to win or is there too much damage already done?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Battered QB Syndrome

Sam Bradford, with 5 sacks in the Seahawks game on November 21st, has just become the "Poster Child" for Battered QB Syndrome and if it were in the Webster standard dictionary this picture would be listed right next to the description of what Battered QB Syndrome is.

The inability of team officials to bring in the right core of players to protect their $65 million dollar love child is doing nothing but destroy what could be a bright future for a very bright player. But, how long will the light remain on for Bradford if he continues to get his lights knocked out with the abuse that he continues to get from that horrendous offensive line?

Even his statements are beginning to show signs of a player that is doubting if he made the right decision to even accept the drafting from this organization and worse yet, he appears to be doubting himself and whether or not he's cut out to be in this league and that my friends is a crime!

As much as he admits that he does not know how this team has gotten to this point in time he still proclaims he will do all that he can to give it his complete all. However, he has multitude of signs that he's becoming extremely shell shocked so sadly early in his short career.

If something doesn't change soon for Bradford, this organization will have completely destroyed him and even if they find someone to come in to turn things around for the team, it will be too late to save Bradford.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Win Number 2

Yep we got another win. Not very impressive but we got it anyway. One thing we can say is that it sure didn't have much to do with our ability to score. This time we were the team that had luck on our side with Dawson missing the FG that could have made it the Browns victory and not ours. After all we all know how good or should I say bad we are at finishing games if it comes down to the wire.

No, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining, after all it was a win and we all know a win is a win is a win. However, that kind of changes when it's against another fairly bad team. Now if we'd been pounding it out against a powerhouse of a team then I might say job well done, but in all honesty can't do it.

The consistent player that we have on offense remains our beast in SJ39 otherwise, we're failing there. Bradford has yet to really open up and show us the talent he's being paid for. So, the jury is still out on this. Lloyd looks like he could be the guy for Bradford but they've yet had enough time to get something truly going between the two of them. Unfortunately once they've had enough time, the season will be over for this year.

Bradford has already had to go through two major offensive changes and this could be retarding his growth. But, the way the things are going, he could end up facing one more huge change next season if Spags is handed his walking papers. That in turn is going to be yet another year that's going to be wasted for poor Bradford. So, in his defense I must conclude that a lot of this is probably not his fault because he's not getting the environment that most rookies QB's get when they first start their careers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

It Just Doesn't Quit

This horrible Rams saga just doesn't quit does it? I mean if it's not one thing it's another. One week we see a team that makes up believe that all the other weeks were behind us and that the "real" team has finally stepped up and then you get this week. What can you say?

I can say this is that I don't think Bradford was ready to come back and I don't think that this team is going to be able to salavage this season period, end of discussion. No matter how good the defense seems to improve, there seems to always be some unit on this team that screws up one week and then it's another unit that screws up the next week.

Until the coaching can get each and every unit of this team to play together on the same sheet of music all together, all at once as a whole team, it's never going to happen, we're never going to have a winning team. This is not to say that each unit needs to be perfect, that would be asking for a miracle, because that usually doesn't happen with any team, but even if some of their units may have weak spots they are still able to play together as a team and stronger units will help make up for them. Not happening with the Rams and doubt it's going to happen.

Then there's the injuries, come on! Is that ever going to quit? Now, we've lost Greg Salas for the year with a broken leg! Good grief! This kid was on his way to having a pretty good rookie season as well. It's like there is some kind of voodoo curse on the WR's of this team. Maybe we all should start burning some sage to try and get rid of the bad mojo this team's receivers seem to have.

At this point in time seems like we should try anything and everything!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who Are These Guys?

Seriously, who the heck hog tied the Rams and stuffed them in their lockers during this game, because this really wasn't the same team we've grown accustomed to for pretty much the first half of the season! Really and truly who are these guys?!

My gosh, 6 sacks and 2 INT's one for 6 points! Now that is what you call a defense. They had one of the top QB's in the NFL totally confused and so flustered that by the end of the game you would have thought that it was Marc Bulger that had taken over the place of Drew Brees! Both Laurinaitis and Long were simply brutal! Let's not forget rookie Robert Quinn finally making his presence known with his first sack and a crucial blocked punt.

It's been so long since we won a game, it was like winning the Super Bowl! If the team can do this against a team whom many thought and still do think has a good shot at a run at the Super Bowl this year, why the heck can't they do this to the rest of the teams on their remaining schedule? With such a high like this, there should be enough gas in it for the team to pull strength from in coming weeks!

The offense sputtered quite a bit, especially in the beginning. Feeley simply couldn't seem to get on the same page as his receivers but thanks to the bruising and stubborn play of SJ39 with his 159 yards and two TD's the offense was finally able to pull itself up with it's bootstraps and do a halfway decent job by the end of the game.

Kudos to Jackson for putting his foot down over on the sidelines when it looked as if all the hard work was going to go down the toilet when the Rams started making stupid mistakes at crucial times of the game. Kudos for him jumping on the team and calling them out! Not only did it seem to inspire the offense but the defense as well! SJ39 truly showed his colors as this teams leader, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind after this game!

Let's hope the Rams can ride this win into Sun Devil Stadium come next week and hope they can take the same brutal play to the Cardinals and walk all over the desert birds.

Go Rams!

Monday, October 24, 2011

It Boggles the Mind

Just how terribly bad our beloved Rams are! I know that I'm totally confused and frustrated to the point of screaming at the top of my lungs from some mountain top! I mean, what is going on here?! How could players at this level, at this height of competition play so ineptly? It truly boggles the mind to no end!

Is every single player on this entire team that incredibly bad? Or is it something else that is at the heart of the disease that seems to be festering within the core of the team? Is coaching such a huge part of a teams body and soul that without a coaching staff that has true vision and the ability to make their team believe and see that vision, the team just doesn't exist on the same plain as the other teams in the NFL?

Well, I truly find it hard to believe that every single player on the team is this incredibly horrible, which of course leads me to the possibility that there is something terribly wrong with the coaching. As wonderful of virtues and ideas that Spags may have, and more power to him, I'm not seeing where the team is buying into what Spags is trying to sell. He's lost them somewhere a long the line and I think they are far to gone past the point of no return for them to ever find their way back.

If it's neither of these things then what the hell is it? Because it truly boggles the mind!

P.S. Note to Dallas. It might not be all that great of an idea to take stock in all of those 253 yards your unknown Murray made on October 23, 2011. Remember who he did it against. It's like going and betting on a horse that's never done anything before but suddenly sets a speed record racing again an old nag.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What a Nightmare

I really don't think that there are any words that can be said about just how horrible this entire season has been to this point. The Packers game is just another slap in the face and brutal reminder of just how horrible our poor Rams are.

Even Bradford seems to be already quickly regressing and doesn't even show any signs of greatness as he did in his rookie season when he was honored with the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. It's just utterly unbelievable how bad the team is. It's like none of them even know the simple fundamentals of the game.

At this point in time and how they've played so far, there is no way that team could even be able to beat a college team. In fact with some of the things they've been doing, it makes one wonder if they could even beat a high school team right now. About they only thing they might have in their favor would be size.

Sad, really sad.

Hope there is something that can be done to salvage the season but right now it would be nothing short of a miracle to make that happen. Maybe the return of Clayton will help, but he's not Superman.

Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Horrible Season

They say a picture is worth more than a 1,000 words or something like that. And this picture represents that saying to perfection.

Just looking at the picture nothing more needs to be said. It shows the complete destruction of this team and utter disappointment just in their postures and the looks on their faces.

It expresses defeat at the highest level.

What a horrible, horrible season we are having and after watching this game against the Redskins I don't see it improving any with the bye week leading into a game against the Packers in Lambeau Field. You got to be kidding right?

This loss and well from what I can tell the other losses really didn't have all that much to do with the talent of the other teams. It's the Rams who seem to continue to play more like on a high school level than anything else. In fact I've seen some high school teams play better, sorry to say. The proof is in the stats alone.

Just in the Redskins game alone there were:

7 sacks
9 bonehead penalties
8 dropped passes (5 of which were committed by Mike Sims-Walker) (3 of those dropped passes were TD throws!!! That's 21 points dropped! 21 points!!!! Right there in those 3 dropped TD opportunities we had the Skins beat!!)

Rams lead in penalties
Rams lead in dropped passes
Rams lead in missed tackles

Now those are some great stats to be #1 in!

Barring a miracle there is no way for this team to keep this ship from completely sinking. Too much damage has already been done. This keeps up, the promising career of Sam Bradford is going to go right down with this sinking ship as well and there won't be any way of resurrecting it. He's going to end up having wasted his talents and leaving the NFL a broken man, much like Marc Bulger. Something, anything, needs to be done now, not tomorrow or we're going to see an incredible talent be completely destroyed by the ineptitude of players that should know better!

There was however, one bright glimmer and that was rookie Austin Pettis when they finally put him in to receive. It was refreshing to finally see someone who could catch the ball and not drop it! Maybe they should bench Walkers sorry butt in favor of Pettis in week 5, he sure couldn't do any worse.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Than Ugly

Didn't see the game and am glad that I didn't. Only have to listen to the mood around the NFL from other fans to find out that this game was more than just ugly, it was pivotal in the fact that if Spags can't get a better response out of this team next week, the team once again is doomed and Spags might want to start revising his resume, because I can't seen ownership putting up with much more of this kind of embarrassing play.

What's going on here? Are the Rams just a cursed organization that no matter what they do they are cursed to be doomed to be the doormat and embarrassment of the NFL?

I don't know about anyone else but this is really, really getting old and it is way more than ugly!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Sams Fault

Sam Bradford was handed an offensive game plan directly from McDaniels and was asked to execute it, plain and simple. And Bradford not only executed it as asked to do but did it most of the time with absolute perfect precision. What more can you ask from any quarterback? Not much.

However, now matter how perfectly Sam was able to execute the offense of McDaniels he wasn't getting the help that he should have gotten. Without the aide of Jackson and Amendola it seemed like there wasn't much out there for poor Bradford. Gibson had a few good catches and Alexander has some spectacular ones but he wasn't utilized enough in the game. When it came to the others though, there were just far too many dropped passes and most of the passes that were dropped were perfectly thrown balls.

There simply is no excuse for dropping as many passes that were dropped in that MNF game, no excuses, not even if you are rookie. Greg Salas was pretty much horrible and being a rookie does not excuse you from being able to catch some great passes thrown right at you.

Let's not forget the mental errors as well. Good grief what was #33 Cadillac Williams thinking when he dropped that lateral pass from Bradford. He just stood there after he dropped it and just let the Giants go after it uncontested! It's pretty bad when the closest guy to the runner running into the end zone is your quarterback! Did he not realize that the pass was a lateral? Come on, he's a veteran for crying out loud!

With all the stupidity around him in that game, I truly don't understand how Sam was able to keep his cool.

At least the defense continued to play fiercely throughout the entire game. However, in order to win games they're going to have to learn how to score since the offense doesn't seem to know how to hold onto anything Bradford sends their way, at least not when it really counts!

Sam's stats - 22 of 46 331 yards 1 TD no fumbles, no INTs
Alexander's stats - 3 for 122 yards 1 TD

Hello offense, what more do you want from your leader?!

Can we use Alexander more? Come on McDaniels utilize #84 more!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It wasn't very long ago that trying to man a 53 man roster was more like trying to find enough warm bodies just to be legally eligible to play the game of football. It was a dismal task for the Rams coaches. It wasn't talent they had to go through but just who could play just good enough to pass for a professional football player.

However, things have changed for the coaching staff. Now it's not so much which warm body do they keep or get rid but how do you let yourself get rid of someone that might just go off and play for another team and do really, really good. Now they have the task of maybe ending up releasing someone that turns out to be a star somewhere else. This is something this team has not seen for some time now. As tough as this might be, it still must be a very reassuring feeling to a coach to know that you finally found some decent depth for your team.

For instance you have at least three defensive ends that are trying to get a job behind Chris Long, James Hall and Robert Quinn. Those names are three who find themselves on the bubble, George Selvie, Eugene Simms and C. J. Ah You. Then you have the decision of keeping two or three QB's. Pretty hard to get rid of a good, tried and true backup like Feeley, yet it's even harder to get rid of a QB that has a certain play making flair about him like Thaddeus Lewis. Let's not forget the receivers and the tough choices that have to be made there as well. And finally there are actually players to choose from in the RB category. There of course will be Jackson and Williams being the main players but you can't ignore Norwood or the others. Which means the Rams have a tough decision when it comes to this position as well.

Finally, the Rams are working with luxury and not so much the dire need of keeping whomever they can just to be able to field a team.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thumbs Up to Both the Rams & the Chiefs!

Hats off to both the Rams and the Chiefs for dedicating the Governor's Cup to the victims of Joplin, MO and donating proceeds to the Joplin Fund. I loved the idea that they stressed over and over again that even though the clean up is going well the people of Joplin are going to need all of our help in order to rebuild their city. This could take years. I just came back from New Orleans and it's been 6 years and they still are rebuilding!

However, shame on the NFL for not making this a national televised game. This is a game that was important and it should have been televised to all of the country so that the awareness of everyone could have been raised about this issue.

Even way out here in Portland, OR, my church and I are organizing a fundraiser for these same people. They can't be forgotten like so many are in our own country and again, I applaud both the Chiefs and the Rams for their compassion and caring!

If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser you can mail your checks or money orders to:

St. Joseph the Worker Church
2310 SE 148th Ave
Portland, OR 97236

Make sure to put "Joplin Fund" in the memo section.

Thank You!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New NFL Rule

When it was first announced that the NFL would be reviewing all scores in every game people were a tad upset about this and felt that it would interfere with the game and make it longer because of the time it would take to do reviews on all scoring plays. However, I've seen a couple of games now and I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the system that they've implemented. It's been so far nearly seamless and hasn't added any extra waiting around like some feared. Case in point, check out the video below.

Without this review rule in place, this more than likely would have been 4th and inches and not a TD. But as you can see in the video it was a TD.

Finally the NFL officials have gotten something right!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Finally Here

Well, finally we can now start planning our lives around football again. :-) That's right our lives are no longer disrupted or muted by the lack of football. Finally all of the greed was set aside and both sides came to terms with one another and decided to back from all the posturing and chest beating and have agreed that it was time to get along and play nice!

Although the casualties that have been left behind of course will not be reported on. The disappointment by the fans, the confusion caused for those poor season ticket holders and a variety of other things that went on outside of the closed doors of those who were responsible for  keeping those doors locked.

We fans hope that they got what they wanted and that the pacifier they all have been given will be strong enough so that the big boys will manage somehow to continue to get along with each other so that life as we know it in the NFL will continue for many years to come.

We all now can get our hopes back up for our teams, we can now come out of the shadows and start talking about our teams and the NFL again. Finally we might actually start seeing worthwhile news to read and discuss about our teams.

Finally things are back to normal! Yeah us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Are They Now? Isiah Robertson

Isiah Robertson grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana with fanciful dreams of being a great football player. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he exhibited immense athletic aptitude. During his high school he excelled especially in football, earned a scholarship to Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was during his collegiate football career that people began to take notice of the extraordinary talent Robertson exuded. He received multitudes of honors, including being named in both Sporting News and Time magazine’s All-American Teams, as well as being named on the AP and UPI College All-American Teams. Robertson, a linebacker, holds the longest interception record (102 yards) and had 11 interceptions in 3 years. He concluded his college career by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from Southern.

In 1971, Isiah was chosen as a first round draft pick for the Los Angeles Rams as an outside linebacker, in which he was the 10th player chosen overall. During his rookie year at the Rams, Robertson achieved the title of All-Pro, was named the Wheaties Rookie of the Year, the Rams Rookie of the Year, and the National Football Conference Rookie of the Year. Robertson started in 163 consecutive games, recovered 14 fumbles, made 13 playoff starts, 24 interceptions for 349 yards (avg. of 14.5 yards) and 4 touchdowns.

Robertson sustained a 12-year career that accredited him no less that a big play maker and an outstanding pass defender. Robertson appeared in 6 All-Pro games having been selected to 6 All-Pro teams. All of that, not to mention being the 5 time Linebacker of the Year.

In July of 1979, Robertson was traded to the Buffalo Bills. In 4 years, Isiah helped Coach Chuck Knox restore Buffalo from one of the worst teams in the NFL to a playoff contender. Robertson was directly involved with Special Olympics for 10 years, coached Little League baseball for 10 years, coached 8 years in the Junior All-American football, and held football camps for underprivileged children in Southern California for 6 years.

Robertson retired from the NFL in 1983. Subsequently, he opened a cellular telephone system franchise in California. As a successful business man, Robertson, among California’s wealthy and elite, became entrapped in California’s wealthy social drug scene. Robertson’s drug use escalated and spun miserably out of control.

Eventually, in the grips of full-blown drug addiction, Robertson lost his 14 homes, his family, his business, and almost his life. Through the loss of those things which he counted so precious, Robertson came to realize his own inadequacy in stopping drugs on his own and faced the fact – he was an addict.

After 3 years of hard work and rehabilitation, being delivered and restored from the pit of perilous chemical dependency, Robertson started the House of Isaiah, a long-term residential recovery program for men. Initially the House of Isaiah started as a shelter, and over the past 17 years it has become a flourishing recovery program offering a clean sober environment, spiritual growth and recovery education, and a second chance to many young men on the verge of having their lives totally consumed by chemical dependency.

For over 17 years Isiah Robertson has been proclaiming freedom from the chains of addiction through the power of spiritual transformation and learning how to live again. He has lectured all over the United States and Canada to thousands with his dynamic platform message: Run To Win!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where Are They Now?

Vince Ferragamo

Vince Ferragamo started his collegiate career at the University of California, Berkeley in 1972, but transferred to the powerhouse Nebraska Cornhuskers in 1974. Starting out at Cal, Vince became one of only three quarterbacks from Cal and the only quarterback from Nebraska to start in a Super Bowl. At Nebraska he was coached by the legendary Tom Osborne and led the team to the Fiesta Bowl in 1975 and the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl in 1976.
Vince was an All American and established himself as one of Nebraska’s premier quarterbacks when he set the Husker record for most touchdown passes in a season-22. Although he came to the Huskers 7th on the depth chart he soon became a starter and led the Huskers to a 10-2 overall season and tied Oklahoma for the Big Eight Title. He achieved academic honors as an Academic All American and All Big Eight Academic. He was also a National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholarship Award winner. He was one of 6 Huskers drafted in 1977.
Vince went to the Los Angeles Rams joining football greats Jack Youngblood and Jackie Slater. In 1979 Vince took over the starting job and led the team to SuperBowl XIV. In a game that is still talked about as one the top SuperBowl clashes, the Cinderella Rams went toe to toe with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers prevailed, but the Rams gave a great performance with Vince at the helm. Before leaving the Rams, Vince set many individual and team records including: Most Passes attempted in a season-404 in 1980, Most Passes completed in a season-274 in 1983, Most Touchdown Passes in a Season-30 in 1980 and he passed for 509 yards, completing 30 of 46 passes against the Chicago Bears in 1982.
Although Vince spent time with the Montreal Alouettes, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers, his greatest years were with the Los Angeles Rams. He retired from the NFL in 1986 and began a career in Real Estate.
Vince now makes his home in Anaheim California where he owns and operates Touchdown Real Estate and End Zone Mortgage Companies. He remains active in football by doing color commentary for NFL preseason games and local high schools. He runs a football academy, tutoring young quarterbacks throughout the year and has hosted week long youth football camps.
He is a leader in the community, hosting charitable events including a celebrity golf tournament that generates funds for children’s charities. The Vince Ferragamo Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic is in its 23rd year and has benefited the Special Olympics, Speech and Language Development Center, Ronald McDonald House and many others.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Are They Now? Nolan Cromwell Is Where He Belongs

Nolan Cromwell accepted the assistant coaching job in charge of wide receivers with the St. Louis Rams in 2010.
Cromwell, 55, had served on Mike Sherman's staff at A&M for the last two seasons. He helped direct the growth of the A&M offense that ranked among the top 30 teams nationally in rushing, passing, scoring and total offense. Only Boise State was similarly ranked among those four statistical categories among FBS teams in 2009.
But Cromwell's real influence in the offense was lessened because Sherman had most of the play-calling responsibilities.
"I appreciate the passion, energy and work ethic Nolan Cromwell brought to us over these last two years," Sherman said. "You can also add patience, since it is not easy being an offensive coordinator under an offensive head coach."
Cromwell replaces Charlie Baggett, who left St. Louis after one season to be assistant head coach and wide receivers coach at Tennessee.
Cromwell also becomes the second A&M coordinator to resign since the end of the Aggies' 6-7 2009 season. Veteran defensive coordinator Joe Kines resigned after the Aggies' loss to Georgia in the Independence Bowl and has been replaced by former Air Force Academy defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter.
Cromwell has worked 17 seasons as an NFL assistant before joining Sherman's staff at A&M. He played with the Rams in Los Angeles and started his coaching career as a special teams assistant in 1991. He later was special teams coordinator for Green Bay from 1992-97, a wide receivers coach with the Packers in 1998 and spent nine seasons as the wide receivers coach with Seattle before coming to A&M.
"I am excited to be back with the Rams' family," Cromwell said. "I appreciate [St. Louis] Coach [Steve] Spagnuolo for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with the receivers on our roster and the coaching staff.This is truly a unique experience getting this opportunity with the organization I care for very deeply."
Cromwell was a second-round draft pick of the Los Angeles Rams in 1977 after his college career in Kansas, where he was a defensive back who switched to quarterback. He played his entire 11-year NFL career with the Rams, earning Pro Bowl honors four times and finishing as the team's career leader in interception return yardage with 671 yards on 37 interceptions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jim Everett QB LA Rams Where Are They Now?

Everett attended ;Purdue University and was selected in the first round of the 1986 NFL Draft. He was selected as the third pick in the first round by the Houston Oilers, and was the first quarterback taken that year. Unable to work out a contract agreement with Everett, the Oilers traded his rights to the Los Angeles Rams, with whom Everett played from 1986-93. He then played with the New Orleans Saints from 1994-96 and ended his career with a stint with the San Diego Chargers in1997.

College career

Jim Everett was a quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers from 1981-85. Originally recruited out of Eldorado High School in to play either safety or quarterback, Everett was soon slotted into the quarterback role where he narrowly missed out on being a four-year starter at Purdue, as a game day decision before his first game as a freshman led to Scott Campbell getting the nod over Everett. Campbell held off Everett for three years, one of which Everett was able to redshirt to gain an extra year of eligibility. Upon Campbell's graduation to a seven year career in the NFL, Everett took over the reins of the pass-oriented Boilermaker offense. Everett went on to break dozens of Purdue records.

As a junior, Everett led the Boilermakers to the 1984 Peach Bowl, where he passed for 253 yards and three touchdowns. Purdue lost the game to Virginia, quarterbacked by future Green Bay Packers Don Majkowski, 27-24. Everett is also the only Purdue QB to ever beat MichiganNotre Dame and OSU all in the same season.

During the 1985 season, Everett led the NCAA in total offense (3,589 yards), which at the time was also a school record (since broken by Drew Brees). Everett also finished 6th in balloting for the 1985 Heisman Trophy.

Everett excelled in the classroom at Purdue also, earning regular membership on the Distinguished Students list while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in industrial management. During his time at Purdue, Everett regularly tutored fellow Purdue athletes in courses such as calculus and statistical analysis. He was also initiated into the Sigma Chi Fraternity during his time as an undergraduate at Purdue.

NFL career

Everett had a productive career, especially with the Rams, where he was a statistical leader in several passing categories. His Rams teams were successful early in his career, earning playoff berths in 1986, 1988, and 1989. However, after losing the 1989 NFC Championship game, he would not find himself back in the playoffs for the remainder of his career. Despite that he continued to produce fine statistics, and was rewarded with a trip to the 1991 Pro Bowl game, played in .

The 1993 season was a low point in his career. He played in only ten games but managed to throw twelve interceptions. He only threw eight touchdown passes, tying the lowest amount in his career and matching his rookie total when he only played in six games. The next season in New Orleans he turned his performance around. In three years with the Saints, he threw 22, 26, and 12 touchdowns.

Over his career, he managed to perform well enough to be among league leaders in several passing categories. His 203 touchdown passes rank 25th all-time, and his 34,837 passing yards are good enough for 14th all-time. He also ranks 15th all-time in completions and 16th all-time in pass attempts. On a year to year basis, he was among the top ten league leaders in the following categories: pass attempts (seven times), completions (eight times), pass yards (seven times), and passing touchdowns (six, including leading the league twice).

Jim Rome controversy

Following the 1989 regular season, Everett was reportedly "shellshocked" from the numerous times he was sacked and hit in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers (the 49ers won, 30-3). At one point in the game, Everett was so rattled that he collapsed to the ground in the pocket in anticipation of yet another sack, even though the 49ers' defensive players actually had not yet reached him – a play now known as Everett's "Phantom Sack". From then on he was perceived to shy away from hits, and later acknowledged that his confidence was never fully restored.

This eventually led to a confrontation in 1994 with then Talk2 host Jim Rome. Rome had regularly mocked Everett's aversion to taking hits on the field by addressing him as "Chris" Everett (a reference to female tennis player Chris Evert). When Everett appeared as a guest on Talk2, Rome wasted no time, applying the insult twice within the show's first 30 seconds. Everett warned Rome not to do so again, implying that physical confrontation would ensue otherwise. When Rome did, Everett overturned the table between them and shoved Rome to the floor while still on the air. It took eight seconds before a single white-uniformed security guard intervened to help Jim.


After his NFL career ended, Everett settled in Southern California. He received an MBA degree from Pepperdine University and started his own asset management business The Jim Everett Company. He also has spent some of his free time coaching children's football as well as raising his children as a single dad.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cleveland Gary #43

Cleveland Everette Gary also known as Cleveland Edward Gary is a former professional football player who was selected in the first round of the 1989 NFL draft by the then Los Angeles Rams. Cleveland led the NFL in rushing touchdowns in 1990 by scoring 14 rushing touchdowns.

Gary began his college career at the University of Georgia before transferring to the University of Miami. After leaving the Hurricanes and before being drafted he was voted MVP in the Senior Bowl.

Gary was involved in the National Indoor Football League, an indoor football organization that operated for a few seasons in the 2000's. He was the registered agent for the league in Florida and served as the agent for several of its teams, including the Green Cove Lions; however, the NIFL ended operating in 2007.

He is Chairman of the first and only Urban TV Shopping Channel (Black Shopping Channel) in America. He has created opportunities for small business owners across America to promote their products and services to an international buying audience. He is also chairman of the Healthway Shopping Network which promotes natural products for a healthy lifestyle. He is Chairman of AMI Capital Group which funds small businesses up to $1 million dollars. He is on the cutting edge of commercializing social networking opportunities for individual business owners to build wealth and establish a presence across the globe. Mr. Gary is also a best selling author of "The Truth Behind the Ball".

Saturday, April 2, 2011

#78 The Great Jackie Slater

As much as we all felt that Orlando Pace was great at what he did on the line, there has never been anyone that could play his position the way that the great #78 did. Will there ever be another player that can fill the big shoes of this man, time will only tell, but as far as this fan is concerned, I don't see that happening for a long, long time.

So, what does Jackie do now with his time? My research has come up with the following:

Jackie Slater's O-Line Technique Seminar Series 

Jackie Slater has put in place services that will help young offensive lineman reach their goals, whether it be securing playing time, acquiring college scholarships, to having the type of quality professional career that you want, Jackie Slater can help you accomplish your goals!
Jackie is prepared to share the wealth of knowledge that he has acquired in twenty-nine consecutive years as a player including two decades as an NFL Hall of Fame player. “I feel that certain players can seize a definite advantage during training camp through these training sessions.”
The services provided include, technical teaching, problem solving, strategic planning, recourse technique, debriefing sessions and ongoing consultation for offensive linemen. “I believe that many offensive linemen are not learning the essential techniques needed to not only survive, but to thrive at the line of scrimmage.”
Playing along the offensive line involves much more than just being big and athletic. In fact, I believe that the quickest way for an offensive lineman to lose his job, and forfeit valuable playing time and future opportunities is to rely solely on his athletic ability.
In light of the reality that there is an atmosphere that lacks proven teaching of certain technical staples, it is no wonder that players are not playing as long as they would like nor are they having the success that their athletic ability warrants. The language of dominance, quality technical performance and longevity must be spoken often and taught with proven conviction.
Jackie wants to see young offensive linemen grow and have the kind of success that they desire. With the multitude of opportunities that exist for offensive linemen, it is very important that these young athletes seek and acquire the skills that will allow them to reach their goals. With playing time, college scholarships, and even professional football careers all within their reach, I encourage young linemen and their parents to start today getting ready for tomorrows challenges.
If you are a player that wants to have a definite mental and technical edge going into training camp and practices, Jackie Slater can get you ready for the unique challenges that lie ahead.


My mission is to help young offensive linemen grow and achieve desired success. To help the linemen achieve success, I will share a wealth of knowledge acquired during my twenty-nine years of playing football. I will facilitate a seminar where I teach the skills needed to play at any level of football. These skills are considered staples and cornerstones of the game.

You can check it out by Clicking Here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Are They Now?

It was probably almost as important of an even in Rams history as "The Tackle", it's what a lot of Rams fans have called "The Catch". It is the incredible catch that Ricky Prohel made in the corner of the end zone that propelled us past the Bucs and into the Super Bowl. We all know it, we all remember it. Without that catch there was not going to be that amazing Super Bowl a couple of weeks later. 

So that's who we are looking to today. Ricky Prohel and what is he doing with his life?

Proehl is the owner of Proehlific Park, a spacious and indoor and outdoor facility in Greensboro, where kids from all over the region flock to develop their abilities in a long list of sports.

Proehl, whose ties to the region began as an all-star and record-breaking receiver at Wake Forest University, is not just the owner of the facility. He is involved in every facet of the business and is very much hands-on when it comes to helping kids develop and learn fundamentals.

Now that he has officially retired, the Triad is their permanent home.

While coaching his children in recreational and travel sports, he recognized the need in the Triad for a sports complex that would enable kids to learn the unlimited and priceless benefits of free play.  The premise of Proehlific Park is based on the value of free play for kids but they also offer a multitude of other programs including Family and Adult Memberships, After School Programming, Free Scholarships, Sports Performance Training,  Specific Sport Training, Year-Round Camps,  Free Concerts, Charity Events, Rec Leagues, Academic Tutoring, FCA Huddles and on and on. Through the Park,  Ricky shares the knowledge he has gained from some of the world's best coaches and athletes with Triad youth. 

As a father of three, he understands every parent wants nothing but the best for their children.  At Proehlific Park, not only is th goal to help children achieve their best athletically, but also to assist families in raising academically, spiritually, and emotionally well-rounded children. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Are They Now?

Every off season when the news begins to slow down, I always like to kick off my "Where Are They Now?" feature and who better to start it off with this off season but our beloved Kurt Warner. Yes, he may have retired a Cardinal but there is no doubt in most Rams fans hearts that he will always have a special place in each and every one of our hearts.

First Things First Foundation

Kurt and Brenda highs and lows that have captivated fans the moment that Kurt burst onto the NFL scene when he first played for the St. Louis Rams in 1999. Their varied personal trials and triumphs acts as the inspiration for the outreach of First Things First. The foundation strives to share God's love with others through projects such as trips to Disney World for ill children, building recreation centers in children's hospitals, rewarding single parents for achieving the dream of home ownership and encouraging the inclusion of special needs individuals. All projects are centered on the Warners' life theme of putting faith and family first.

One of the outreach programs is called CHEER or Consciousness Helps Encourage Equal Respect is a high school program that encourages high school students to include their disabled peers and to learn what it is like to experience a disability. The week long program has students spending a day in a wheelchair, on crutches, wearing goggles that impair their vision they participate in a variety of different awareness events all week and when the program is done, those that took on a disability are then asked to get up in front of the school and describe to the other students what it was like to live just one day with a disability.

Basket of Hope is something Kurt and Brenda do on a regular basis by visiting critically ill children in the hospital with their parents. Their basket of hope outreach offers support, prayer and hope that all things are possible with Jesus. Their baskets contain bibles, prayer books, music as well as games, toys and stuffed animals for the children. 

Holiday Outreach is very personal to Kurt and his family and every Thanksgiving the entire family goes and helps to feed those who would not have a Thanksgiving meal if it were not for shelters that are supported by foundations like First Things First. On Christmas Kurt manages to go to at least one hospital on Christmas day to deliver gifts and be there during their time of opening each gift. They have also partnered with convalescent homes, teen pregnancy shelters and children's home in Phoenix, St. Louis and Iowa to ensure that these people receive a gift of love during Christmas.

These are just a few samples of what Kurt is doing with his life and how he continues to impact those of whom he comes in contact with.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Faulk Gives All the Credit to Mom

It wasn't easy for Faulk to get where he got to in life. But from everything we saw of him, we never would have believed that. From the talent we were blessed to experience we would have thought that it was a natural from day one that his incredible player would end up in Canton one day.

Well, we were right about something. But it was anything but easy for the boy from the bad side of town down in New Orleans. When remembering how he got to this point in his illustrious career Faulk remembers how hard it was for a kid from the tough streets of the Ninth Ward.

Faulk admits that it was the love and continual support of his mother a long with his unwillingness to fall victim to the things that surrounded him in his life that led him to the end of the road at Canton.

As fans we all knew of his greatness on the field and that he was more than just a star and team leader but a man who was humble enough to not let his talents get the better of him. He showed his humility upon being announced as one of the newest members of the HOF.....

"Disbelief," he said. "You think about growing up as a kid, and the dream is to just watch a football game. Then you get a chance to play a football game. And now the best thing that could happen to you while playing in this game when you're done ... there's guys in this Hall of Fame I look so far up to. I never thought I'd be in that room with them."

Faulk cried Saturday when asked about what this honor meant to him, considering all of the obstacles he had to overcome in his young life. He cried when he attempted to speak of his mother, Cecile. Without his mother, Faulk doesn't get out of New Orleans, doesn't get to the NFL, doesn't become a Super Bowl champion. And she helped guide him to Canton, too.

You deserve the honor you were one of the greatest and we as fans will always remember the many thrills you gave us for many years.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will the Rams Go With Julio Jones if Available?

None of us know if this kid will be there but after seeing some of his stuff, the Rams had better hope he's there at #14 and move on him because, I don't know about you, but he's just what the doctor ordered for Sam the Man.

GO RAMS.....get this kid!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sam the Man Has Brought Back Hope

It does not matter how this season ended when it comes down to looking at the beginning of the career of Sam Bradford. In his first year he was able to quiet ALL critics about any questions or doubts they may have had about him. It doesn't matter what the questions or doubts were, Sam was able to answer them all. He was able to turn all of it into oohs and ahs as the talking heads fell deeply in love with a future star in the making.

In one short season this young kid that looks like a kid and it stops there, looks like a kid, did an amazing feat. In fact he did a number of amazing feats and here's a list of what this young man did for a dying organization.

1. Number one and foremost he resurrected a team from the bowels of the NFL pits of hell and put them right back on the map of respectability. Instead of being the laughing stock of the NFL, the NFL punching bag became a team that was talked about, is talked about and will continue to be talked about. They now are considered a young team on the rise and headed in the right direction. Sam did that in one short season.

2. He showed that he was not just another green horn rookie that had to sit on the bench behind a veteran QB before he could earn his right to step out onto the field. From the first moment he stepped out onto that field he immediately took control. Even though he may have had some rough spots, he did enough on the field and in the huddle to immediately gain the respect of the team. The moment he took his first snap he had the team with him and they rode with him the entire year, never flinching at the fact he was just a rookie.

3. He brought back the fans. The fans that were jumping ship left and right but suddenly they turned their heads and took notice that the Rams had finally done something right. They came back in droves to witness the beginning of the career of what could be a super star. They came back to witness history in the making.

4. He proved to everyone that he was tough and durable and after the first few games no one ever mentioned his shoulder or his durability again during the season.

5. He showed that he could face any opponent offered up to him and not let them rattle him. Never did he stand out there looking like a deer caught in headlights, like his predecessor. Nothing rattled this kid, nothing scared him off. He has shown no matter what, he will get right back up and still be in control of his emotions.

6. He found himself right up there statistically in his rookie year with some of the best, breaking many of the rookie records Peyton Manning had set and held for years. He found himself right there in the thick of the top QB's during the year as well. His stats were not super star, not yet but they were good enough to get him noticed and noticed big time. Every defense he played most of the year were doing everything they could to fluster or rattle him. But he stood his ground just like the other tough veterans around the league.

7. He brought back hope to the team and it's fans. Instead of dreading the upcoming season all fans around the country are finally looking forward to what the Rams have to offer because Sam has us all believing that there is nowhere else but up from here.

If he doesn't win Rookie of the Year it will be a travesty.