Monday, July 12, 2010

Tom Condon Leaves Bad Taste in Mouth

I hate the idea of Bradford have Condon as his agent. To me, it doesn't matter just how good this agent is suppose to be, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from him and how he guided some of his other clients in the past.

Bradford needs to be signed in three weeks and they haven't begun the negotiations. We all know from the past that Condon has a reputation of having his clients hold out until the contract is up to Condon's standards and desires and not those of the player.

I have never believed that Condon has the best interests of his clients in mind. Personally I feel it is his best interests first then the players.

I hope that Bradford will somehow be able to rise above the tactics of Condon and is not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right and not what Condon thinks is right.

Otherwise there could be interference with the growth of our number one pick and that is the last thing this team needs right now is a hold out and the player they are going to build this team around not getting all the training he can get.