Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Are They Now? Part 3

Adam Timmerman

Former South Dakota State Jackrabbit, .then NFL offensive lineman Adam Timmerman retired as a player after the 2007 season.

And now he's gone back to his hometown of Cherokee Iowa.

After making millions of dollars in a 12-year NFL career with the Packers and Rams. Coming home to Cherokee was an easy choice for the Timmerman family.

Adam Timmerman "That was always the plan...the longer we were in the NFL...we got to love the cites...when we were in Green Bay...we loved Green Bay...when we were in St. Louis...we loved St. Louis...but at 35...I wasn't working...and I needed something."

Jana Timmerman "We grew up here...and no everyone...but at first people were shy or stand offish...because they thought we were different...but we're not different...we haven't changed."

Adam spends much of his time helping run five John Deere dealerships and working on the family farm...

Timmerman "I was going to come back and farm with my dad...but he passed away 10-years I farm with my brother...we can do it together."

Timmerman played two Super Bowls with the Packers, and two with the Rams, winning one with each team. His rings are a popular attraction

Timmerman "I don't wear them...they're pretty gaudy and would draw a lot of attention...but that's not me. Sometimes people say they want to see the I'll bring them around...I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time in my career with my was fun."

Adam has also got into some coaching. He coached his son Mason's 3rd and 4th grade football team last fall.

Timmerman "That was an eye opening experience...I hope I was able to help the was fun as the season went on to see them progress...they had a bet on the first night of to whether I was going to show up in a limo...I showed up in my truck."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where Are They Now? Part 2

Although this is not a true Where Are They Now, it is someone that stole many of Rams hearts with his great quarterbacking ability and his goodness as a human being.

Warner will always be remembered by all Rams fans and we hope that we will be able to share in some way the next chapter in his life.

Below is a Q & A session between Dan Patrick and Kurt.

Q & A With Kurt Warner

DP: Remember a couple of years ago, you said to me, what do I have to do to be a Hall of Famer?
KW: I definitely remember that conversation. You asked me if I was a Hall of Famer, and I asked you and you said 'not yet,' but if … you can finish the story.

DP: I said if you got to the Super Bowl, then I think that would put you over the edge. How much did what you've accomplished and if it was enough to be a Hall of Famer [factor in to your decision]?
KW: It didn't really factor in. The one thing about my career, I don't know if it would have mattered how much longer I had played -- one year, two years ... the whole question is going to be that time in the middle. Did he play enough football? I'm never going to have the overall stats. I'm never going to have played in as many games as all these great ones who have played 17, 18 years. The question is going to be what did he accomplish in the time he was on the field?

DP: But you feel like you're a Hall of Famer?
KW: I do. I feel like when I've had an opportunity to play, I've played it as well as anybody. To me, that's what the Hall of Fame is all about. It shouldn't be built on stats and all those other things.

DP: How confident are you that Matt Leinart will be your successor?
KW: I'm confident he's going to have a job and have an opportunity to prove whether he deserves it. Beyond that, I think there's just a lot of questions. Even playing with him and seeing what he's capable of doing on the practice field and even sometimes in game situations. I still don't know what Matt Leinart's gonna be. I still don't know what his resume's gonna be when he's all done. I just haven't seen him play enough. I haven't seen him in numerous situations. I haven't seen him play game after game after game and do things consistently. Jus like anybody, it takes time to develop and figure out what you're going to be.

DP: Do you think it's more mental or physical with Matt?
KW: I think it's a combination of both. I think he's got the physical skills. I think he’s got the mental ability to be able to play this game. Understands the game, understands reads and the system were in. But for me, great quarterbacks [have] the ability to put bother of those things together. To be able to see things. To react quickly to what you see. And then being able to have your body do what you want it to do. ... He's gotta put all that together. I haven't seen him do all those things and do them at a high level.
But now, I'm going to be out of the picture. He's not going to feel that pressure to live up to that expectation as far as me being behind him. Now we'll see if he can settle into that position and let his skills take over.

DP: Super Bowl's on the line, you can throw to one of your former wide receiver, who are you throwing to?
KW: Where am I at on the field, what's' the situation?

DP: You need a touchdown, you're at the 15-yard line. One last play, you need a touchdown to win the Super Bowl.
KW: If I'm throwing the ball into the end zone, I'm throwing it to Larry Fitzgerald so he can go up and get it. If I'm not throwing it into the end zone, I'm throwing it to Anquan Boldin because he's as good as anybody I've been around at catching the ball making the catch and making guys miss and making plays after the catch.