Monday, December 29, 2008

There is No Doubt

That there are players on this team that want to come back and make a difference in 2009. Sunday's game proved that.

It would be wise of Deveany if he took a good close look at the following players and keep them on next years roster.

Torry Holt
Donnie Avery
Jason Craft
Victor Adeanju
O.J. Atogwe
Ron Bartell
Will Witherspoon
Steven Jackson
Antonio Pittman
Leonard Little
Chris Long
Adam Carriker
And the kickers are no brainers

These players should be kept at all costs and from there go for depth, which of course is what Deveany believes is important for a successful team.

In the weeks and months a head, it should be very interesting to see, if our new GM truly is allowed to make all the important decisions that will make or break this organization. But he should at least be given the chance to do it on his own without anyone breathing down his neck.

Here's to the future!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Off Season

We all know that this season will be put out of it's misery as of this weekend, but what about the off season?

With the incredible and embarrassing decline of our team, who would really want to play for us? For that matter who would really want to coach us?

Is there a player out there or a coach out there who wants to make a conscious and deliberate decision to play for a team, or coach a team that has fallen so far off the radar that not even the most up to date equipment could pick up their existence?

Devaney has grand plans, and all sound great should he truly get complete control of player personnel, but will those grand plans be realized if he can't find players who'd be willing to join an organization that's been stripped of it's honor and pride?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mastering the Art of Losing

Well if the Rams have accomplished anything at all in the past two seasons, it's mastering the art of losing. And I've got to admit it, they've become pretty good at it. They've almost reached the top at losing. The Lions seem to have gotten top dog for this skill.

No matter what the situation, no matter what the score or who the opponent is, the Rams seem to be able to squander all leads whenever there might be won and find yet one more way to lose.

They had the perfect opportunity to blow away the Seahawks, but instead the second half was just another showcase of futility.

All we can hope for next year is a bunch of new faces trying to figure out why the heck they're in St. Louis.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Brown Baggin It

After nearly two years of complete humiliation and dropping almost as low as you can possibly get, unless of course if you're the Lions, the Rams have continued to dismay short time and long time fans.

It's a sad day in Rams Nation when you begin to feel like you need to pack all your Rams gear away in a cedar hope chest filled with moth balls. You start to feel like you sure don't want to be caught dead let a lone alive in public sporting your blue and gold.

And now, a lot of fans are faced with the dilemma of deciding on whether or not they want plastic or paper at the grocery store.

Because "brown baggin it" has taken on a whole new meaning here in Rams Nation.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful I Cancelled NFL Sunday Ticket

I never thought I would hear that coming from me, saying I was thankful for ridding myself of the financial burden of NFL Sunday Ticket. But after two years of such ineptitude from our team, it's the smartest thing I could have done. At least now I don't have to pay for the misery that is our team.

Oh, I still get to see it, a week hasn't gone by that I've not been able to punish myself by finding a live stream of each game on the Internet. But at least I'm not having to pay for the punishment.

It's tough to be a Rams fan and painful. Sure it's just football but it's a pass time and aren't pass times suppose to be enjoyable?

And as bad as we're doing this season, you'd think we'd be first in line for the #1 draft pick. NOT! We can't even be given that hope with Detroit winless, Bengals with one win and the Chiefs and Seahawks clawing, scratching, and breathing down our necks to try and get that #1 pick! We can't even win that.

Pretty much sums up the season.