Monday, January 21, 2008

Change Is Coming

With the passing of Georgia Frontiere the Rams now stand on the threshold of certain and perhaps immense change. Some may think uncertainty but that's unlikely. The certainty is ever present in the fact that Chip Rosenbloom now has control over the Rams.

Is this a good thing? Yes. Friendships and loyalties that his mother had had probably doesn't mean as much to Chip as they did to his mother. This is not to say that he doesn't care for his mothers friends, it's just that he is a smart enough man to understand that sometimes friendships must be scrutinized in a time of change.

Chip Rosenbloom, grew up with the Rams and certainly knows how his father and mother felt about the team and it's importance. And it would stand to reason that Chip would not want to continue to see his father and mother's "pride and joy" be swallowed up by the dark abyss the team has recently been struggling to climb out of.

Change on as grand a scale as our beloved Rams need will not happen overnight, nothing this big can ever happen overnight. And we as fans need to understand this, we need to be patient, change will come and it can only offer promises of a better future for our team.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not Fair to Judge a Coach Because of Injuries?

Now isn't that what Shaw said? Did he not say that it was unfair to even consider firing Linehan because of all the injuries that occurred in 2007? I sure seem to recall him saying words to that effect, in fact on more than one occasion.

So if that is then the truth here, how was it fair to Paul Boudreau the offensive line coach, to fire him? It was his unit that was utterly decimated by injuries. Should he not been given the same type of treatment at Linehan?

Boudreau was not the problem and releasing him was not the answer and won't fix the multitude of problems this team is facing.

Olson's boring offense was part of the problem and getting rid of him makes sense, but now they are thinking of bringing in Cam Cameron, who may have an Air Coreyll style of coaching but he's yet another "loser" from Miami. Doesn't make sense, but then again, what things coming down from the front office have made sense in recent years?

The teams main problem remains coaching. Linehan has had two years to show whether or not he's got that special thing that makes a coach, that special something that turns players heads, and putting injuries aside, he simply does not have that intangible that sparks enthusiasm in the hearts of any of his players. There is where the problem lies.

But who am I? Just a fan looking in from the outside.