Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess It's Never Going to End

Well at least not this year. Doesn't seem to matter what QB you throw in, how much some of the young receivers improve, or how damn hard Jackson works, this team simply can't seem to find a way to win.

It is almost looking like the one win that they have thus far was a fluke. What else could it have been?

Even when they seem to have improved from week to week, they still can't seem to hang in there to win. Boller started off well and gave a lot of Rams fans hope early in the game, but just like Bulger he just didn't seem to have what it takes to keep it going for four quarters.

The Red Zone woes just seem to continue. They can drive the ball, there doesn't seem to be a problem there, but once they hit that Red Zone it's as if they are allergic to something in that 20 yard space of turf.

Spags has got more than a lot of work a head of him, he might be in need of a miracle if he can't find himself a quarterback especially, that can run this team and lead them to more than one or two victories a year.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jackson Is the Man

Time has come for some of the people of St. Louis, who for whatever reason have never warmed up to Steven Jackson, to let it go.

It's time that they pay attention. He's the face of the franchise now. It's time to stop entertaining the thoughts of using him as trade bait and picking up players that may not even come close to what he has to offer. He IS the face of the franchise.

Jackson's time has come. He has quieted his critics, he has opened the eyes of the NFL to his brilliant talent, it's time that folks in St. Louis give in and finally realize that the future of this franchise rests on the back of Steven Jackson and from here on out the team will be built around him.

This is a man that despite the teams losing record has still managed to gain respect all over the NFL, has been able to become a franchise leader historically with his 5th consecutive 1000+ yard season just this week and still has 6 more games to go.

He makes no demands on his coaches, works harder than anyone on the team, never gives up, doesn't whine to the press and keeps his nose clean off the field. What more could a group of fans want?

Steven Jackson deserves respect. It's time that it's truly given to him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Losing This One

Just didn't quite feel the same as all the other, often times embarrassing losses this year.

In fact this game actually gave us hope. The Rams had us believing again that they could win, that they had improved. Even down to the last few seconds they had us believing they could pull it off.

Of course it didn't happen and it really wasn't expected that we would against a team that is almost the equivalent of the long gone Greatest Show. But they did however; play much improved football where even they believed they could win.

OK, so it was only a moral victory, but it was a type of moral victory that this young team can feed off of. I guess you could say it was a win within a loss.

I hope that this positive trend will continue throughout the season and help them build a brighter and more successful season in 2010.


P.S. Bulger still has to go.

Monday, November 2, 2009

We Won, We Won, We Won!

Funny though, doesn't feel as good as I thought it might feel.

Maybe, it's because the same glaring problems still exist and beating our counterparts, the Detroit Lions simply made you realize just how glaring those problems are.

I'm glad we won, I'm glad we're not headed for 0-16, because had we not beat the Lions, that's where we'd be going. It's just that winning one game doesn't take away the following facts:

Bulger just stinks it up. You can make all the excuses you want to make, bad offensive line, still learning Spags' offense, whatever. None of the changes the fact that the man sucks it up as a quarterback. Even Josh Brown can throw for a longer pass that ends in a touchdown! All Bulger can do is throw INT's in the red zone.

We have no true wide receivers that stand out as being well, really good. With all the injuries that Avery has had, he's not beem able to prove anything except that he's a walking accident waiting to happen.

Pat Shurmur still has miles to go before his offensive scheme will be a threat to anyone, but then his cast of characters aren't anything to write home about either. But still you'd think Bulger could do something with it, it doesn't look too complicated that's for sure.

The only true talent to this very day that we have on offense is Steven Jackson. Even those who seemed to always find a reason not to like Jackson are now beginning to appreciate the talent this young man brings to the team. And heart, no one should ever question his heart. Jackson is a true leader and he's doing it without any help whatsoever. Reminiscent of the days when the great Barry Sanders played for a Lions team that had the worst offensive line in the NFL for the entire time Sanders played the game.

Yes, it was great to finally get a "W" in the win/loss column but somehow it's bitter sweet knowing that it might be the last one we get for the rest of the season.