Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rookies Make Up for Being "Bad" Boys

It was just 10 days ago that both Jenkins and Givens found themselves being taught a lesson by Fisher when they broke team rules. Instead of letting the talented rookies play against the 49ers, Fisher opted to make an example of them and deactivated both of them for this very important game.

Seems the two rookies took the lesson to heart because did they ever shine in their game against the Cardinals in Arizona.

Not only did these two rookies contribute to the game in Arizona, they were actually major difference makers in the outcome of the game. Without their excellent efforts, this game could have easily gone in the Cardinals favor without a doubt.

Fisher wanted to make sure that both these young, rising stars knew very well that being able to play in the NFL is not a given but instead that it is a privilege that must be earned.

They seemed to have learned their lesson and are looking forward to getting a shot at playing the 49ers when they come to St. Louis this week. Let's hope these kids can really give it to the "Whiners" and send them home limping and licking a few wounds.

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