Thursday, August 26, 2010


Stan Kroenke is now officially the new owner of the Rams. So what does that mean for this tattered franchise? It means a mountain of things if you are the Rams.

One major thing that is for certain with all that will come with this new ownership is owner involvement from a sports minded mind. Do not think for one moment that Kroenke will stand for any more of the erosion that has been going on with this team. This is a man who owns teams that are not only use to winning but use to having playoff runs!

Rest assured Rams fans, Kroenke will not stand for their losing ways for long and will not hesitate making drastic non-financial and financial movements to improve this team. The urgency that Spags and Devaney have been feeling will immediately intensify now that Kroenke is full owner.

Now that Stan's the Man in St. Louis change and we mean big change is just around the corner, not somewhere down the road, no, expect to see it happen real soon and right before your eyes suddenly and not gradually. But this is what this team needs. Slow, methodical coddling is not going to work for Stan. It will be sink or swim with Stan the Man. Some people better start updating their resume's.

I welcome it and can't wait till I can hold my head high as a Rams fan again!

Welcome Stan!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bradford Proves He's Got What it Takes

The numbers for Bradford may have not been pretty from his NFL debut but at this stage of the game, that is not what is important. What is important is whether or not he showed enough in this debut with regards to being able to handle the pressure.

Not only did Bradford show he could handle the immense pressure that was put on him by the Vikings, but he showed the world that he could do it with poise, calm and intelligence!

Each time pressure was in his face there were absolutely no signs that the rookie was going to fall apart, there were no signs that he was going to crumble under the stress. In fact he simply got up again or walked back into the huddle totally unshaken. With all the pressure that Bradford received on Saturday, even the seasoned veteran might have become flustered and made horrible mistakes, but Bradford would have no part of that and instead was seen taking control and when given a bad situation made sure that he didn't make bad decisions on the field.

Time and time again during his stint on the field he made sure that if a play was not going to unfold as it should, he would make sure that at least the other team wouldn't benefit from it with an inherent pass floating into the hands of the opponents, nor did he have any foolish fumbles that the opponents could benefit from.

Rams fans and coaches alike should be proud of how he handled himself under such pressure and be reassured that they do have the guy that they need to make this a grand organization again. He's going to need help, something he none of on Saturday. There is a lot of work ahead for this team especially on the offensive line and those players had better be finding a way to improve to protect this $78 million dollar investment or they may be finding themselves in the unemployment line in the near future.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Veterans Impressed

Well it seems that Sam the Ram was able to walk onto the field today for his first official practice and pull it off. According to several veterans they were knocked off their feet with how natural he acted on the field. There were no rookie jitters, nothing of the sort. He maturely walked onto the field with both fellow rookies and veterans and took over the huddle as if he'd been working with these same guys for years.

This is a relatively good start for a rookie. The minute you walk onto the field you impress the veterans instead of receiving their scorn you receive their praise. This is good, very good.

Now we need to see how fast he can impress the coaches and if he will truly be ready by Sept. 12th.  Rookie or not, we need new blood in there to give us hope.

It won't be long before we finally find out if Sam's the man.