Monday, December 31, 2007

The Pain and Agony

As if the season wasn't bad enough as it was, we as Rams fans had to sit in just utter angst as we watched our team be totally humiliated.

And by the Cardinals no less. The Cardinals folks, a team that hadn't had a .500 season since moving to the desert. Oh.....My.....God! Could it get any worse?!

Well of course it could.

Not only did our beloved Rams get the whoopin' they did but to make matters worse, it was at the hands of the one and only Kurt Warner. The same Warner who brought dignity and honor to the Rams Organization, that same organization that dissed the man just a few years removed from that glorious Super Bowl.

This had to be the worst game of the entire season. There were a lot of bad ones but this one was the entire season summed up in one horrendous embarrassment.

But like the sadistic fools some of us Rams fans have grown to become, many of us continued to watch this debacle to the bitter end. Perhaps to remind ourselves that we still loved our team and that no matter what we'd be there. Whatever the reasoning for this self-imposed torture, we are none the less thankful and fall on our knees and thank God that we are finally rid of this pain and agony that we called the 2007 season.

Friday, December 21, 2007

More Than a Game Was Lost

We'd all be lying to ourselves if we didn't deep down inside believe the team had quit on Linehan long before the Steelers game.

As a fan, you always hope that it'll never happen, but sometimes enough is enough, even for the players.

It's been brewing for a long time now. It all started with Jackson, who openly apologized and it was all suppose to be due to his fierce competitiveness.

Then there was the so called minor incident on the sidelines with Bulger giving his head coach the "evil eye".

All of which, Linehan has shrugged off, including the latest and most volatile outburst of them all. And for all the world to see. The last two players on this team you would ever expect to see such an outburst from would be Isaac Bruce and the always even tempered Torry Holt. In fact if I had not seen it with my very own eyes, I would never have believed it. But I did see it, I did capture it on DVD and the above still shot. It did happen and it's sad to think one of the happiest players on the team, one of the most mild mannered members of the NFL would be pushed this far, pushed to his own emotional limits to force him to react in such a manner. And all Linehan can do is say "It didn't bother me." What?! It should bother you, A LOT! It should make you think there's something very, very, very wrong in Rams Nation!

If three leaders on this team, not one disgruntled player, but THREE leaders during the season have shown extreme displeasure right in front of the cameras, how many more players feel the same way and just haven't spoken up or got caught by the ever watchful NFL cameras?!

If three of your leaders turn on you coach, you have a bigger problem than you can manage, because leaders lead and the rest follow.

More than a game was lost on Thursday against the Steelers. The final exclamation point was put on losing the team as a whole. They were slipping away long before this game, Holt simply emphasized it with finality. Respect for the coaching authority has been lost and if Linehan is allowed to stay after this blatant statement by Holt, there's nothing Linehan can do to get them back not next week, not next season, not ever.

If John Shaw doesn't see the scope of this turmoil, the utter disaster that has become the Rams, and understand that no matter how nice a guy is, if he's not doing his job to the best of his ability, and he's lost the support of his subordinates then there's no hope for this team.

Perhaps Linehan should do some soul searching and if Shaw can't bring himself to do what is best for the team, perhaps Linehan should.

On a lighter note. Congrats is in order for Isaac Bruce! Way to keep moving up the ladder of fame! Way to go Bruce for moving past James Lofton to third on the ALL Receiving List! Just two more to go to reach the heights of Jerry Rice!

What a phenomenal player and one of the NFL's classiest acts!


Your number will be next right along with #28!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lambeau Field or The Ed?

"It's a joke, simple as that. The whole first level was Green Bay Packers fans. And then we're allowing them to put up signs. It's a joke . . . it's a joke." That was Jackson's response to the lack of Rams fans in the dome. And I couldn't have said it any better myself.

As a fan watching this game and looking at the crowd as the cameras panned the was utterly disgusting to see that Jackson wasn't exaggerating about the the first level dominated by Packer fans. And the only reason this could happen would be if the Rams fans sold the opposing teams fans the tickets.

That's just wrong, utterly wrong. Why do you say? The Rams deserve it with their record? The fans have a right to do whatever they want with their tickets. I suppose you could be right there but that doesn't make it right, now does it?!

Look around the league at other teams with poor records and I'll name you a few....

Chiefs.....their fans still pack Arrowhead, despite their record and you'd never see them selling off their tickets to the enemy.

Bengals....their fans are still there backing their team despite their record and you still see them at home games no matter how painful it is to watch.

Falcons....their QB is in prison, their coach walked out on the team, but the fans are still there and not selling off their tickets to the enemy.

Dolphins....totally winless into week 15 yet you don't see their fans selling their tickets to the opponents fans.

The fans in St. Louis are the poorest excuse for fans the NFL has ever seen. And I'll say it again, they should be utterly ashamed of themselves. It's hard enough for the team as it is, but to be at home and see and hear nothing but pro Packer chants is completely unfair to a team that is suppose to be YOUR team.

As a lifelong fan, it ripped my heart out to hear continual chants of "Go Favre, Go Favre, Go Favre!" at a home game. St. Louis fans, you make me sick.

Yes, you have the right to do what you want....but, it's NOT right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lousy Game....but

That won't stop me from finding some good out of it all.

Last week, I talked of how deserving Bruce was to retire a Ram, be in the Hall of Fame and how he garnered respect.

Well, after watching this weeks game, I think it's in order to give kudos to Torry Holt.

Not only did this game give him his 8th straight season with 1,000+ yards moving him to the 3rd in NFL history to have so many, but this game also highlighted his class.

How horrible it must have been for poor Brock Berlin, just taken off the practice squad, didn't receive reps in practice and had never taken a single NFL snap in his life, to be put out on the field, in enemy territory, under such adverse weather conditions, to have his coach have him start the game off with "airing it out". That's a lot to expect from someone so inexperienced.

But if you watched Torry closely on the field that day, you'd have seen a guy, who knew what this poor kid was going through and he went out of his way to try and catch even the worst passes thrown anywhere in his direction. He did everything in his power to try and help this poor guy out. Sure, isn't that what a receiver is suppose to do every week for any QB? Yes, it is, but you could see Torry was going beyond the call of duty.

But the best part of it all, was at the end of the game when Torry went up behind Berlin, tugged on his jersey and game him a hug.

Now, that's a class act!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bruce is Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

You can say all you want about he's seen his day, he's lost a step, that he's an expense the Rams can do without. Say it all you want, but you'd be wrong.

The Rams organization and fans have a bona fide living legend amongst them and age should not be considered a factor.

Once again, Bruce proved his worth against the Falcons and proved that he still can make corners and safeties look simply downright silly out there.

No one should ever doubt Bruce's abilities or longevity. As long as he stays in the shape that he continues to be in each year that he reports to duty, it should be a given that Bruce has a place on this Rams team.

He and his illustrious career have earned the right to remain a Ram and to retire a Ram! And the organization and fans should support that.

He's earned it and he's earned the right to be respected for all he's done, all he's still capable of doing.

He's Canton bound and Rams Nation should be proud!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Ends the Miracle Run

OK, so perhaps I was all but too optimistic on that thought. But it was possible up to the very last second that Frerotte decided to forget the utter basics of football.....the snap from center! Looked like McCollum was ready to blow a gasket after that ineptitude on Frerottes part. And who can blame him? McCollum didn't do anything wrong.

Oh well, that's that. Bulger injured again, Pisa out with a sprained if not worse knee....pretty much sums up our season. Just one woe after another.

Who would have dreamed that the Rams would or could ever have such a living nightmare of a season? I know I couldn't have. How heartbreaking it is to have such high hopes for a team you love so dearly to have it end up like this.

But since I seem to be a glutton for punishment, I will continue on, writing, watching and supporting my Rams.

Go Rams! ~ In 2008

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Win's a Win

It may not have been pretty or as prolific as the win against the Saints, but it was a win and just one game closer to the miracle run I've been hoping for. And as a fan, I'm happy with that.

The 49ers as lousy as they are on offense, their defense probably put up their best fight of the season. Which is basically how it is every time we play the 49ers, there's just no getting around that it seems. But we did what was important and stuck through the whole game and finished the job.

The defense did a very nice job this time around in stopping Gore. In fact the Rams continue to improve against the run on a weekly basis. As it stands the Rams defense stands at 19th in overall defense and it's Hasletts goal to get them in the top 10 this year no matter what the record might end up being. The way they've been playing his goal looks very reachable. Haslett has done a good job of improving this defense and the Rams would be fools to even think of letting him go anywhere after what he's done with this unit.

Two down and six more to go.

Don't stop believing.....anything's possible in the NFL!

Go Rams!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Now That's What I Call Heart

This goes out to all the fans who turned their backs on this team weeks ago. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you're a fan stick with your team, no matter how bad the going gets.

Thumbs up to the Rams for proving to the whole world that they still had heart, that they still believed in themselves and that they had not given up on their coach.

This goes out to all those fans who over the past few years have whined about Jackson having a big mouth and needed to walk the walk not just talk it. Jackson has proved to everyone that without him the team is missing the heart and soul of this offense, but with him they breathe new life and play good football. Thumbs up to Jackson and his leadership and walking the walk.

Thumbs down to every single reporter in the St. Louis area who had the Saints beating the Rams, not one single reporter in their home town gave them a shot in hell to pull off a win, NOT one. And for now acting as if you knew they could do it. Stop your sucking didn't believe and don't act like you ever stopped for a moment and thought they might have a chance.

Thumbs up to those fans who still had heart, and still showed their support for their team and believed without a doubt that this would be the game that brought life back to the team. You deserve a special Planet Rams Golden Heart award for standing by your team.

Thumbs up to the Rams coaching staff for finally coaching a superb game and not giving up on their players! You see what works now so word of advice....stick with it and you just might pull off a miracle comeback and end the season 8-8. Anything is possible in the NFL and you need to believe it.


Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Just Numb

I don't know what else to call it but complete and utter numbness after Sundays game. It's like I've got no feeling in any part of my body especially my brain.

This horrendous and unbelievable season that our boys in blue and gold are having is beyond comprehension and leaves me nearly speechless. What few words are being ushered out here are coming out as quickly as a snail on it's fastest day.

When Jackson stepped onto the field I could feel the fire the intensity and I knew there was renewed hope and it really looked as if we had this game. Only to find out it was yet another cruel joke the "football gods" were playing on us, he was yanked from the team never to be seen the rest of the game. And with that slap in the face all hope of a win was washed away.

This year I feel, as a fan, that I'm stuck in quicksand and struggling without any success to get out of this pit and being sucked under inch by inch. With each loss, I find myself watching less and less football because other games only serve as painful reminders of the quagmire that we find our team floundering in. Each Rams game leaves me empty and the last thing I want to see is more football because one game is all this fragile psyche can handle these days.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Offense Simply Offensive

Can we excuse Bulger for his ineptitude due to his broken ribs or is there something else wrong.

I can understand how having your ribs being hit could cause you to cough up the ball, but it shouldn't have anything to do with INT's. Last time I checked the ribs generally don't have anything to do with your eyesight. Because those INT's had to been thrown by someone who was simply blind or utterly lost out there on the field.

And please, whatever happened to sticking with your "bread and butter" Holt and Bruce, especially when it was working? I just don't understand Linehan's inability to utilize Holt and Bruce.

It's amazing how Haslett has kept his promise to improve the defense and teach them how to stop the run....accomplished. They have yet let a runningback get a 100 yards on them to date. Kudos to Haslett for keeping up his end of the bargain.

But what is Linehan doing with the offense? I just don't get it. 48 points scored in 7 weeks? You've got to be kidding me.

I'm sickened by the whole affair and simply don't know where this team should go from here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Five Interceptions and Another Degrading Loss

With not many players left on the team that most people in the NFL have even heard of, the Rams went into Baltimore with a defense that wanted a win but an offense that shot itself in the foot nearly every time Frerotte touched the ball.

Whine and complain all you want about the team as a whole but this one falls completely on the shoulders of Gus Frerotte. Five interceptions at any level of football is unacceptable and inexcusable. And let's not forget the one lost fumble.

The Rams were credited with six turnovers all of which came from the not so nifty hands of Frerotte.

Frerotte had to be the loneliest player on the flight out of Baltimore and he has no one to blame but himself.

The saddest part of all of this is that despite all the adversity the Rams defense never gave up always giving it over to the offense with good possibilities to score yet nothing but failure came of it.

The players on this team must be, at this point in time completely demoralized and lacking in any faith in one another, especially the offense that is filled with talent that either is racked by injuries or simply not being implemented in the proper scheme of things.

How much longer can this team hold onto such a thin thread before they turn on each other? The coaching staff needs to act fast to motivate them or not only will the season be a total loss but relationships within the team will be shattered beyond repair.

Note: And to you sportswriters out there that think it's so painful to be forced to watch the entire Rams game and then have to confront fans and then have to write on the game....stop your damn whining, at least you get paid to do it. It's your job!

This amateur writer doesn't care about your pain.....try doing this because you love the team not because you're paid to do it! And then tell me how painful it is!

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Cards Thank the Refs

For helping them not fall into those blue and gold mouse traps they had hanging up all over their locker room this week. Because until the refs stepped in to help out the Cardinals the blue and gold mouse traps were being tripped by one Cardinal or another as it looked like the Rams were going to pull off their first win.

Ref's TD #1: The fumbled football that rolls into the end zone without a player attached to it. The ball came loose before James was down and beat him over the goal line.

Ref's TD #2: With the Cardinals on the goal line and the first half coming to a close, the clock runs down to 0:00. Generally in my book that means play over, half ended, go to the locker rooms boys. But instead the center fumbles the ball into the end zone, where it bounces unknowingly off of a Rams players foot, is recovered by the Rams...fumble right? End of half right? NOT. Instead the Rams are penalized for illegally kicking the football and with 0:00 on the clock the Refs allow Warner to squeeze into the end zone.

Both these TD's were questioned and scrutinized highly even by the announcers who were shocked that either one of these were allowed to be called touchdowns. So I feel I have a right to complain about such incredibly poor officiating.

So you might say, "So what? Gus killed us with his INT's" That could be true too, but those came after the Cards were spotted 14 points.

Cards 34 - 14 ref pts = 20
Rams 31

Even with the turnovers, we still would have won the game. So don't tell me that poor officiating CAN NOT and DOES NOT affect a game. Because in this game it clearly did.

P.S. I don't buy it when the refs said they didn't have access to all the angles on the touchdown that should have been a touchback. Which they now admit to the fact it wasn't a TD. I think they had access to all views, after all why would fans have better views than the officials? They simply got caught with their pants down and instead of admitting the real truth they placed blame on not having the right angle. Whatever! Take back even one of those two off the wall calls and the Rams STILL win. Jerks!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What the Hell is Wrong With Linehan?

I sat simply numbed by the inability of Linehan to recognize how bad of shape that Bulger was in. What was it that made him think that Bulger was OK to play? Is there some sort of "stupid drug" in the water in St. Louis that only targets coaches?

After the game is totally out of reach, unless if you're maybe Kurt Warner coming off the bench....he finally puts Gus in. He puts Gus in when we're down 35-7! What the hell did he think he could do then? A smart coach would not even have started his quarterback with 2 broken ribs behind an offensive line that's had more

I'm at an utter loss for words on just how disgusted I am with Linehan's decision makin

So tell me coach, what finally gave you the hint that Bulger wasn't cutting it?

The 114 yards passing, 2 INT's, the painful grimaces on his face, or the near inability to pick himself up off the field each time he got hit?!!!

I concede, the season is over. But will still be here to support the team, as painful as it may be.

GO 2008

Sunday, September 23, 2007

$65 Million Dollar Question

Marc Bulger is getting paid $65 mil? And for what? 1 TD in 3 games and 3 INT's in this latest folley!

This is pathetic and it's inexcusable for a player to play so poorly. Sure last week we could lay some of the blame on the offensive line. But you can't this time around. They allowed just one sack the entire game.

So what's wrong with Marc? If someone has an answer for that question, I'd sure like to know because he is simply killing this team.

He should be utterly ashamed of his performance, especially this week. one person can single handedly lose a game for you. Sure Wilkins missed 2 FG's but that doesn't change the fact that Bulger simply is incapable to manage the game in the red zone at this time.

Something needs to be done immediately, not in a few weeks, but now. Don't want to bench your $65 million boy Linehan for Gus? Then you might want to reconsider....just to see what happens, your job is on the line no doubt as it stands, so it's not going to hurt to try something different. If Martz could do it to Warner, you can do it to Bulger and see if it changes things up. And if it doesn't, it's just another loss. You're not winning with Bulger as it is, so it's worth a shot.

Three weeks is more than enough to see that the $65 million dollar "Golden Boy" isn't getting the job done. Let him sit, at least a week and give him some time to think about.

Now is the time to make the decision Linehan, not 3 weeks down the line when we're 0-6.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Dante Muff

Say what you want, Bulger fumbled, Holt fumbled. Yes and that would be true. And though that cannot be excused, they didn't entirely cost us the game.

For once in years, a young and somewhat inexperienced defense finally did it's job. Finally played with fire, finally played admirably. They stood out and close to the end, simply were winning the game.

Until of course when Dante Hall muffed the punt late in the 4th quarter. This was the key and truly only key play of the whole game that gave the game to the 9ers. Without that muff the 9ers would never have taken the lead and forced Wilkins into a "hero's role".

Just ask the doesn't matter how ugly you win, just as long as you win and to that point we were winning the game and could have been the ones walking away with the ugly win. Instead we're stuck with a heartbreak loss.

As heartbreaking as this loss was and putting us in last, I find it hard to believe that we should jump onto the train that's leaving town and throwing in the towel proclaiming the end of the season isn't near but is here. If other Rams fans want to jump on that speeding train leaving Rams Nation, fine but you won't find me on it. I plan to stick it out to the end.


Monday, September 10, 2007

This Game Was Suppose To Count

Or at least that's what this fan thought and I think Torry may have actually realized it was a real game, but it pretty much seemed to stop there.

I'll take that back. The first half, they had us believing that they really knew it was a game for real, one they couldn't take back.

They even had us believing that they were ready for anything the Panthers threw at them. They had us believing that they were ready to play for real.

But then the second half came along and it was like they were walking around in some sort of fog. They were flat, they lost touch with the reality that this game was not going away and that it did count and that it would be there as a big freakin "L" in the win/loss column.

All of a sudden Pace is gone and what? We don't have anymore offensive cohesiveness? Come on, one player can't be depended upon that much. That's utterly ridiculous! Sure Pace is good but you've got to keep it together after you lose a player, you can't just simply fall apart piece by piece.

But Pace has no affect on the defense, so what's the excuse there for simply wearing down like a bunch of old farts who can't keep up with the grandkids?!

Back to the drawing board Linehan, your team was NOT ready! They better be when the Whiners come to town, or you'll be hearing some pretty nasty stuff from the fans in St. Louis....just ask Martz how little patience these fans have.

Note: It's already begun....the rats are abandoning ship already. I may be upset with the teams performance and the coaching, but I'm not bailing. The fans in St. Louis should be ashamed of themselves for the way they behaved, most walking out on their home team barely after the 4th quarter starting leaving the stands nearly empty for the remainder of the game and those that did remain should have just joined the rest, for their behavior and complete disrespect for the players as human beings was utterly disgusting!

You won't see me handing out kleenex or giving any of those fans any pats on the back when the Rams finally realize how much of ingrates these fans in St. Louis are and they pack their bags and say "See ya!". And when that day comes and I have no doubt that it will, it will be well deserved.

Shame on you St. Louis.

Monday, September 3, 2007

This is it Folks

The time is finally upon us. The waiting is all but over. The team is cut down to the 53 man roster and according to the coaching staff, the team is ready to go.

So here we are, after the long silent off season, draft, mini camps, training camp and pre season games, we are just 5 days away from the official kickoff.

All of our anxiety, all of our questions we've been posing all during this time will finally begin to be answered as soon as that ball is in Dante Hall's hands. Once he touches the ball we know that it's officially here and we will find out whether or not the critics are right or if our high hopes for success will be fulfilled.

One game does not make a season? Well maybe not, but it's the best barometer for us to start judging whether or not we're going to make a positive mark on the NFL this year or just fall right back down into mediocrity.

This is it folks....let the games begin!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Losing to the Raiders - Ouch!

I wasn't able to see the game, due to a 5 day camping trip. And maybe it was better to be out in the mountains listening to the sound of water trickling by and fighting off mosquitos than to watch yet another lack luster offensive performance and a penalty riddled defense.

The Rams racked up 157 yards in penalties, 10 big ones, 7 of which were attributed to the "new" defense, from what I hear most of the 7 penalties helped the Raiders score.

And this was our "dress rehearsal"? Yikes! I know it's just the preseason but with a "dress rehearsal" like that, it's no doubt got some of us a little worried.

But perhaps I'm being a tad too harsh....since the "dress rehearsal" still did not include some key figures....Torry Holt and Steven Jackson. Perhaps had they been in the game, there may have been a little more offensive muscle to show case.

The penalties and turnovers caused by the defense, does lead you to think that Haslett is beginning to create a far more aggressive defense than what we've been use to. The problem with penalties though, needs to be nipped in the bud and gotten under control by official kickoff time and that's just 2 weeks away.

Let's get this offense gelling and the defense settled down by opening day and then the future might not look so shaky.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

They Can Whine About Offense

But it's only pre-season and the critics need to realize this before passing judgement on the Rams, especially the Rams offense.

Last year was no different than this year, where the Rams offense was extremely ineffective. Pre-season simply doesn't mean anything and we've all got to realize that. It's the only way that the players who are vying for a spot on the roster have a way to showcase what they can offer to the team.

One player that truly is proving that he deserves to be in the NFL is Brian Leonard. In just week he's gone from a rookie backup with stars in his eyes to a player that quickly learned to adjust to the fast pace of the NFL. In one week he polished his skills to point where there should be no doubt in anyone's minds that HE belongs and deserves to be the backup to Steven Jackson.

He's got a great bruising style and is not afraid to hit or get hit, learning quickly from Jackson that he simply has to learn how to do it right so he doesn't kill himself out there. He's proved just in two weeks that he has great hands and can be a threat in the receiving game. He's beginning to show that for a rookie he's got pretty good field vision as well.

Brian Leonard is the real deal and we're lucky to have, or should I say, Jackson should feel lucky to have such a quality backup and a rookie to boot.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fitzpatrick in Trouble?

Call pre-season jitters, call it being rusty, but something didn't look right with Fitzpatrick in his first pre-season game. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here and just getting to excited for the season to start, but Ryan Fitpatrick just didn't seem to be on the same page as the rest of the offense during the Vikings game.

Sure he's just the third string QB, but eventually you'd hope that your third stringer was being groomed for the future to at least move up to back up. And right now, I'd be afraid to have him as back up if I were to base anything on his performance against the Vikings.

Had it not been for his horrendous throw that gave the Vikings a interception for an 82 yard touchdown return the Rams defense would have held the Vikings to just 3 points for the entire game.

It was good though to see that Linehan wasn't going to give up on him and remove him directly after that crucial INT. He put him right back out on the next drive. This is a good thing. But good thing or not, Fitz just couldn't get the job done. He just didn't seem polished enough under Linehan yet.

Could his third position as QB be threatened by the youngster Berlin? Despite a few rough patches his first couple of touches, Berlin seemed to take to the field like fish to water.

It'll be interesting to see how this develops over the next few weeks.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Many Happy Returns

Critics can say all they want about Dante Hall losing a step due to his ripe old age of 28, but they say the same thing about Isaac Bruce year in and year out about this has got to be his last year, he's bound to retire, he's lost a step here and there, etc. Yet every year Bruce comes back, there's no signs of lost steps or old age setting in. So why should it be any different for Dante Hall.

What a lot of people need to understand is that perhaps it's not the fact that Dante has lost a step or two with so called old age (geez how can they say 28 is old), but it's more that each team was terrified of him and would do their best to keep the ball away from him.

That being the case, this does not mean he's losing it. What we have here on our team now is a threat on the field, someone that we all know if he gets the ball he's going to do his damnedest to make sure that he does something with any opportunity that he might see on that field. We now have a player that actually would prefer to play special teams than wide receiver. He knows his niche and he loves his niche. How refreshing is that? How exciting is that?

Maybe Dante won't get us a huge run back every time that he touches the ball, but he will give us the threat and put fear into the opposing teams hearts. And we know that if it's there, just one little hole of sunlight, he'll be gone and there won't be anything anyone can do to stop him.

And that's what is going to make our hearts skip a beat. Just the sheer thought of the possibilities that Hall gives our team each time he stands back there waiting for a punt or kick off.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Steven Jackson Rising Star in the West

Say all you want about LT or any other high profile running back. There's no doubt that in 2006, Steven Jackson not only proved to Rams fans that he wasn't all talk and no action, but he proved it to the entire NFL.

His combination of power and speed led him to lead the NFL in yards from the line of scrimmage with 2,334 total yards. 334 over his goal on the year.

And even though he powered his way through every game, opposing defenses just didn't seem to get it, until it was too late. You don't arm tackle this guy and you don't try to bring him down all by yourself. How many times during the year could we see a pile of guys being moved by the sheer strength of Jackson just to make sure he got the needed yardage! Even a stack of them couldn't completely keep him down.

During the 2006 season, Jackson dedicated himself to focusing on his blocking skills and once he began to realize the importance of this part of his game, he appeared to relish doing it and did it with force.

With his blocking skills now honed and the world knowing he's not just a top notch runner but an excellent receiver as well, Jackson is coming into the new season with his new goal being 2,500 yards from the line of scrimmage. Wanting to not only to break Faulk's record but to set a new one.

Some say it's probably wishful thinking on his part, not that he's not capable enough to do such a feat, but because of his new backup Brian Leonard and the arrival of Randy McMichael onto the receiving scene.

But let's don't count him out yet. Many didn't believe he'd break 2,000 yards but he did. So I say go for it Steven....rock the NFL!



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Well Has Gone Dry

And because of that, I thought I'd list a few Rams players here and some little personal things about each of them. Hey, it's different than the norm and it fills up space. Enjoy!

James Hall

My hobbies and leisure activities include:


My favorite NFL team as a child was:

New Orleans Saints

Who is your favorite musician or musical group?


The living person I most admire is:

my mother

My greatest achievement is:

graduating from the University of Michigan

What is your favorite movie?

"Pulp Fiction"

Corey Chavous



What is your favorite movie?

"The Five Heartbeats"

What is your favorite food?

Collard greens

Few people know that:

I am a very good guy

Who is your favorite musician or musical group?

Stevie Wonder

My motto is:

"If not me then who?"

My autobiography would be titled:

"Just A Guy"

My craziest ambition is:

to catch an interception with one hand on top of the goal posts.

Growing up, my football hero was:

Roy Green

My pre-game superstitions/rituals are:

be myself and have fun getting ready for the moment.

My hobbies and leisure activities include:


My favorite NFL team as a child was:

Cleveland Browns

When I finish playing football, I would like to:

show produce

My favorite quotation is:

"Please believe it!"

My greatest achievement is:

Being named team captain with the Vikings

The best advice I have ever received (and from whom) is:

"Do what you like to do in life." - my mother

La'Roi Glover

What is your favorite movie?


My hobbies and leisure activities include:

surfing the Internet and reading.

The best advice I have ever received (and from whom) is:

"Money without knowledge is like a boat on dry land." valuable words from my mother.

When I finish playing football, I would like to:

work in the NFL front office

My motto is:

"the harder you work, the tougher it is to surrender."

My favorite quotation is:

"Without struggle there is no progress."

Few people know that:

Few people know that my birth name La’Roi means "the King".

What is your favorite food?


Who is your favorite musician or musical group?

Bob Marley

My pre-game superstitions/rituals are:

to wear three socks and wear the same t-shirt for every game (without washing it).

Growing up, my football hero was:

Walter Payton.

My favorite NFL team as a child was:

Dallas Cowboys

My craziest ambition is:

to be a WWE wrestler.

My autobiography would be titled:

"The Little Train Who That Could"

The living person I most admire is:

Alan Page

My greatest achievement is:

proving people wrong

What is your dream car?

2600 Benz



Dante Hall



What is your favorite movie?


What is your favorite food?


Few people know that:

I'm very kind-hearted

Who is your favorite musician or musical group?


My favorite quotation is:

"I will not lose." -Jay Z

My motto is:

As you treat me is how I will treat you.

My autobiography would be titled:

Dante's Inferno

Growing up, my football hero was:

Deion Sanders

My pre-game superstitions/rituals are:

pray and listen to music

My hobbies and leisure activities include:

praying and listening to music


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here's What I Can't Wait to See

There is so little news to talk about it's enough to drive you insane. I mean Kurt's selling his home out there in St. Louis and gee, the Rams have cut 3 players that no one has ever heard of. Boring.

I barely squeezed out an article over on the website and now I'm stuck here with writers block. Good grief. So here's my top ten can't wait to see list for 2007.

Can't Wait to See List

  1. Dante Hall's first kickoff return.
  2. James Hall relieving the double teaming of Little.
  3. Steven Jackson trying to break Faulks rushing records.
  4. Steven Jackson period.
  5. A healthy Torry Holt.
  6. The new kid Brian Leonard.
  7. Randy McMichael ending our red zone woes.
  8. Drew Bennett ending our red zone woes.
  9. Bulger to Holt, to Bruce, to Jackson, to McMichael, to Bennett, to anyone who can catch the ball.
  10. Adam Carriker not only living up to the hype but surpassing it.
Just start the season already, will ya?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another First Round Bust Shipped Out of Town

Well, there you have it folks, yet another player that came to us with high expectations, and why not? He was a first round draft pick. And aren't first round draft picks suppose to have a lot expected of them?

Coming out of Penn State with a coach like Joe Paterno, you'd expect more than what we got from Kennedy. Trust me, I was all for this kid when he came to the Rams. He came with glowing backing from Paterno, he was one of his favorite kids. And when nothing came of him in his rookie year, that was OK too, we probably all thought that it was just hard to get adjusted to the NFL. It happens, it's not unusual.

But then came the second year, the third year and finally the fourth year and when you've had little to no improvement, you've got to finally give up on what no longer is a work in progress but a busted draft pick, plain and simple.

Either this kid simply did not have the skills he was "billed" to have or he simply did not have the desire to play for the Rams. No matter what the case, this was not the type of excess baggage that Jim Haslett and his defense needed and what had to be done was done. Shipping him off to Denver for a 6th round draft pick was pretty much all they could do.

Some say taking a 6th round pick for a 1st rounder was a bad deal, but why would anyone in their right mind give much more than that for a player that has shown no production at all in four years? That simply would not be a prudent thing for any team to do.

Tough break for the Rams....just chalk it up to yet another first round draft bust.

Hopefully, Adam Carriker is truly everything he's been hyped up to be. But the new coaching staff last year proved that they knew what they were doing by drafting Tye Hill as their number one pick and thus far he's done just fine. Let's see if they're right on two years in a row!

Go Rams!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

McMichael Ready for Change

Despite the fact that when Randy left Miami and the temp was around 90 degrees and when he hit St. Louis it was snowing, didn't change his mood about the bright prospect of getting a brand new start, in a brand new city with a great group of very talented offensive leaders.

In fact the difference was no big deal to him at all. The big deal though is that Miami simply let him walk, one of the better tight ends in the league. They didn't even try to keep him, just simply let him fall into the hands of an already potent offense. Thanks Miami, we appreciate it, we really do.

With all the hype about McMichael's receiving skills as a tight end everyone seems to forget just how good of a blocker he is as well. And this is something the Rams have been lacking in quite some time, especially at the tight end position.

"The thing he really doesn't get credit for is, he's a very, very good blocker in the run game and in the pass game," said Linehan

Randy on the other hand doesn't mind Linehan admiring his blocking skills but did have this to say with a laugh....

"Being a tight end, you don't want to be known as a great pass-blocker. ... You want get out and run routes."

Even though he would rather run routes he has made it a point to polish his blocking skills.

"Especially that year
Scott was there, I really concentrated more on the blocking aspect of my game," McMichael said. "I think one thing that I can bring to the table is that I can pass-block one-on-one with defensive ends and I can run-block one-on-one with defensive ends. So the offensive linemen can stay inside and worry about the inside guys."

As for Marc Bulger...he's got to be one of the happiest QB's in the league now with the likes of Bruce, Holt, Jackson, Bennett, Hall and McMichael. Lots of decisions for him on the field now on who to get the ball to.

"I'd rather have that problem than trying to find one guy; I'll make them happy," Bulger assured. "We'll definitely have the most talent on our side of the ball since I've been starting."

Needless to say, with that much fire power, if anything it should make for one exciting offensive season for the Rams.

Go Rams!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wide Eyed and Busy Tailed

All excited and ready to go was the class of 2007. Their first day was spent in awe of the fact that they were in the NFL. Many went into the Rams locker room to make sure it was real and that they were not just living in some fantasy world. Their first day was filled with childish excitement seeing some pretty impressive names on lockers like Holt, Bruce, Bulger, Pace, Little, how much more fun could any young kid ask for?

Friday, May 11th was pretty much getting to know the layout of the land and picking up their first ever NFL play book and just trying to settle down all the butterflies flying around in their stomachs. But Friday had to end and rookies or not they had to throw away their childish awe and step onto the practice field for their first real taste of what it's like to be a player in the NFL.

Rookie CB Jonathan Wade took immediate notice of the tempo change his first day on an NFL practice field...

“This is the NFL,” Wade said. “Everyone is here because they were blessed enough to be skilled at their position. No one is average here. Everyone is very good at their craft. You have to perform every single snap. That play that you want to take off in college or that snap in practice, that is not going to happen, especially not at camp because if you do and you continue to you will be sent home.”
It's that fear of being sent home, that makes rookies who really want to excel work a lot harder to impress their coaches.

The biggest thing that Linehan noticed is that the kids need a lot of conditioning. Especially the big boys like tackle Ken Shackleford and defensive tackle Clifton Ryan, who were huffing and puffing along and grabbing for those water bottles at every chance.

Since these guys have never played together as a team, it was to be expected for them to come out somewhat disorganized on top of being a tad overwhelmed. But overall, Linehan was impressed with his new kids first day performance.

“I think what’s amazing to me is that in a 24 hour period of time, we were able to put in 50 plays on offense and 20-30 defensive calls in and come out here and have maybe one offsides by both sides,” Linehan said. “It wasn’t too bad. I think the organization of those guys, getting in their books and coming out here today was pretty good.”
Linehan was most impressed with Adam Carriker and could barely hold back his excitement about his number one pick.

“I will reserve my optimism without sounding like I’m impressed,” Linehan said. “But I’m pretty impressed with this guy. I felt really good about our ability to draft him two weeks ago, but now that he’s here and being able to see him in a Rams uniform, confirms why we felt so strongly about him. I think he’s going to be very special.”

Carriker lined up at defensive tackle for both of the day’s workouts and pretty much did whatever he wanted to the players assigned to block him.

Despite all the kudos Linehan gave to his rookies by the end of their first couple of days, there was enough yelling and screaming along with a few choice words coming from the coaching staff during practice that made the newest members of the Rams realize that this was the real deal and that there would be no coddling.

Welcome to the NFL kids!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Another "Old School" Attitude

Well, Linehan with all his smoke screens again kept everyone at bay and was able to get the man he truly wanted for his defensive unit.

As he slightly beefed up the offense during the off season, he would have led you to believe that he might be heading towards trying to pick Ginn Jr in the draft, but once Dante Hall was chosen a few days prior to draft day, everyone knew that Linehan had something more on his mind that shoring up the special teams unit.

He proved that Saturday when he picked Adam Carriker for his first round pick. Adam is a big, strong player who has been taught by the Nebraska staff that stopping the run is primary and the pass rush comes as an after thought.

Just the type of player the Rams have needed for quite some time now. Not only did Linehan choose a player that knows the importance of stopping the run but who also has a similar attitude towards playing the game of football as Pisa Tinoisamoa.

It's been said that Carriker will play through every injury possible, will not complain about it, will just go out and do his job. In fact it's been said that he will refuse to come off the field when injured. Unless he has to be taken off on a cart, Carriker will insist that he be allowed to continue to play.

For Adam Carriker it's all about winning and supporting his team in whatever fashion he can and if that means playing through an injury that might keep some players off the field, then so be it.

His size, skills, attitude and willingness to do what it takes to win football games, could indeed make this rookie an immediate impact player.

I give Linehan an A for this draft pick.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rumor Mill

No one knows just how much credence can be put into rumors but I suppose it's worth talking about.

Previous news about the Rams interest in Kris Jenkins has been reported as lukewarm at best. But as the draft quickly sneaks up on us, the rumors circulating about the league now is that the Rams have a far stronger interest in Jenkins than previously believed.

As the rumors of his lack of commitment and his not so good work ethics have been circulating, the Rams at first seemed to back off.

But now it seems they've put those concerns behind them and from the rumors floating around now it sounds as if the Rams are willing to make a serious trade offer to the Panthers for Jenkins before draft day. It's certain though that the Rams will not give the Panthers their first round pick for him. Originally they considered a third round pick but the Panthers would have no part in that one. Perhaps they are now considering a second round pick and some other sort of compensation. Whatever might be on their minds in the order of a trade for him, should the trade manifest itself, and barring the rumors about him are false, Jenkins could be an immediate impact on the Rams defense.

This would also leave the Rams wide open on the first round pick to try and address their return problems that have been plaguing them for eons now. Rumors have it that they are extremely interested in WR/KR Ted Ginn with the 13th pick. Ginn could revive the team's return game and be groomed to replace WR Isaac Bruce in a year or two.

Only time will tell what Linehan and the Rams have up their sleeves.