Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here's What I Can't Wait to See

There is so little news to talk about it's enough to drive you insane. I mean Kurt's selling his home out there in St. Louis and gee, the Rams have cut 3 players that no one has ever heard of. Boring.

I barely squeezed out an article over on the website and now I'm stuck here with writers block. Good grief. So here's my top ten can't wait to see list for 2007.

Can't Wait to See List

  1. Dante Hall's first kickoff return.
  2. James Hall relieving the double teaming of Little.
  3. Steven Jackson trying to break Faulks rushing records.
  4. Steven Jackson period.
  5. A healthy Torry Holt.
  6. The new kid Brian Leonard.
  7. Randy McMichael ending our red zone woes.
  8. Drew Bennett ending our red zone woes.
  9. Bulger to Holt, to Bruce, to Jackson, to McMichael, to Bennett, to anyone who can catch the ball.
  10. Adam Carriker not only living up to the hype but surpassing it.
Just start the season already, will ya?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another First Round Bust Shipped Out of Town

Well, there you have it folks, yet another player that came to us with high expectations, and why not? He was a first round draft pick. And aren't first round draft picks suppose to have a lot expected of them?

Coming out of Penn State with a coach like Joe Paterno, you'd expect more than what we got from Kennedy. Trust me, I was all for this kid when he came to the Rams. He came with glowing backing from Paterno, he was one of his favorite kids. And when nothing came of him in his rookie year, that was OK too, we probably all thought that it was just hard to get adjusted to the NFL. It happens, it's not unusual.

But then came the second year, the third year and finally the fourth year and when you've had little to no improvement, you've got to finally give up on what no longer is a work in progress but a busted draft pick, plain and simple.

Either this kid simply did not have the skills he was "billed" to have or he simply did not have the desire to play for the Rams. No matter what the case, this was not the type of excess baggage that Jim Haslett and his defense needed and what had to be done was done. Shipping him off to Denver for a 6th round draft pick was pretty much all they could do.

Some say taking a 6th round pick for a 1st rounder was a bad deal, but why would anyone in their right mind give much more than that for a player that has shown no production at all in four years? That simply would not be a prudent thing for any team to do.

Tough break for the Rams....just chalk it up to yet another first round draft bust.

Hopefully, Adam Carriker is truly everything he's been hyped up to be. But the new coaching staff last year proved that they knew what they were doing by drafting Tye Hill as their number one pick and thus far he's done just fine. Let's see if they're right on two years in a row!

Go Rams!!