Monday, December 10, 2012

We're Not Pretty

That's right, the Rams and how they play isn't very pretty, but does that matter? Ask Long if it matters how pretty this team plays. The uglier the better if games are won. Because that's all that matters is winning games and the Rams are learning just how to do that. They no longer are surviving in an atmosphere of nothing but one loss after another.

So who really cares if their wins aren't pretty? We shouldn't care. What we should care about is the fact that this team is becoming one of the ugliest teams for opponents to play against! Now that's exciting. Remember the days when we as fans would groan any time we had to play the Titans? Well, Fisher has turned this rag tag group of guys into the same type of team and this is a good thing. We are slowly beginning to get noticed and it's not to make fun of us, it's more like groaning "Oh man, we have to play the Rams this week." Win or lose, this team is tough and beats up on any and every opponent that comes their way whether it's at home or on the road.

This is a tough team, this is a mean and fiesty team and there is nothing there that makes it look or feel the same as any team we've seen in a very long time, especially the 2011 group. Who were those guys anyway? Who knows, I do know that 34 of them don't even play in the NFL ANYWHERE. Now that's a huge statement! Fisher definitely knows how to get rid of the garbage!

Fisher has even shown the NFL that you don't even have to score a ton of points to win a game. As long as you have a top notch defense and a way to intelligently manage the game on offense, you can still pull off the wins.

This is only the beginning folks, there is nothing but good to come in the future. The NFL had better be ready because this is just a glimpse of what this team is going to become and it will start as soon as 2013 is in full swing. By the way 49ers and Seahawks, watch your backs, you haven't seen nothing yet.

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