Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing Will Help This Season

No matter what Chip Rosenbloom decides to do with changes in staff and/or players, the damage from last year through to this year is far beyond a simple fix of getting rid of the coach. Although Linehan must go. There's no question there. But it would have served the team far better had Rosenbloom gotten rid of him at the end of last season.

Nothing can be done about that error on his part. But he can't sit and wait till the end of the season either to start blowing up this organization. The time is now, especially if he wants to keep any type of fan base in St. Louis.

His first step MUST be to fire Linehan, no if's, and's or but's about it. Who he puts in as interim coach really won't matter much because the damage to our team has already pretty much destroyed them as a whole. But if this step isn't taken then Rosenbloom himself had better start thinking of getting out of St. Louis and fast.

His second step will need to be working all season in the background and making up a game plan on how to improve his front office and that would be getting rid of long time family friends Shaw and Zgymunt. It just has to happen. And finally he must find a coach that has a reputation of turning things around and who would be willing to take on the challenge of our poor Rams.

If none of this happens, then all of us are guaranteed many more years of darkness in Rams Nation.

P.S. Well as I was writing this, the news was being released about the firing of Linehan so a lot of what I said is moot. But I will say, I'm not so sure of the choice of Haslett. He couldn't motivate the defense, how is he going to motivate the entire team? Guess we'll find out the week after the bye.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The 90's Are Starting to Look Good

Two weeks now we've witnessed some of the worst Rams football in franchise history. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true. I've been following the Rams since the mid-60's and I've not EVER seen anything as dreadful as this.

Looking back at the dreadful 90's now just seems to be a joke. When we thought we were suffering during that era of Rams football, little did we know that a new and more brutally painful era was going to hit within a decade.

It's time to give it up Chip, it's time to give it up Linehan and admit that you just can't cut it and stop bringing the team down with you. Walk away while you still might have some semblance of manhood left. And Zyggy go crunch the numbers and stop thinking you know anything about football, because there's a world of women that could handle football decisions better than you could, and they could probably do it in their sleep.

The past two weeks really make the 90's look almost like a cake walk. And at least then we had Bruuuuuuuce!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


That was about as mind numbing as anything can get. I can't believe that I actually got up, dressed in Rams gear, even put on my Rams earrings and allowed myself to get psyched up for such a display.

I don't think I even remember a time during the dismal 90's where the effort on the part of the team was so lacking!

Sure we can say this was just the first game, but come on no one can be that bad, can they?

Where was the so called Al Saunders offense?

Has Bulger simply given up on playing quarterback?

Did Saunders forget we had a player by the name of Holt?

What's the excuse for the O-line this time?

Was Donnie Jones the only one that got off that plane to play?

Just pathetic and I don't know if I can stomach a season that seems to be pointing to as bad if not even worse than 2007!