Monday, January 26, 2009

Spags Has Principles

From the moment he was hired it has been a focal point about his core, character, core values and team first. With principles like that how can we as fans not regain a little hope for our team.

This is a man, similar to Kurt Warner, who is proud to be Christian, doesn't care who he tells, doesn't care if they like it or not because it's the way he believes.

He won't push it onto the team, but those who truly believe in the manner of Spags or Warner, don't have to push it on anyone, what they do and say speaks for themselves and others are touched by it.

Our team has been lacking a type of leadership that brings them closer together in faith, character, core values, etc. Remember the days of Warner when all you would hear would be the character of this team, how high their core values were, etc.? And during that time, that led to a very successful team as well.

Our team has been missing this for some time now and Spags has arrived on the scene as our team lay dying and bleeding lacking in everything from faith in themselves, others and maybe even God. Spags couldn't have come at a better time and being a man of strong faith as he is, I believe that he feels the same way. So many thought that he was out of our reach, that he would go for sure winners or possible winners to coach....but Spags has already shown he's the type of man who goes where he's truly needed.

Welcome aboard coach!

You have a long road a head of you, but we believe you can do it!

Go Rams!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the Winners Are....

We have to admit the response to voting was disappointing but we couldn't wait around forever for more votes to come in so we went with what we received and here are the winners for 2008.


Receiving 50% of the votes, our winner this year is...

O.J. Atogwe

Planet Rams 2008 MVP Awards

Special Teams MVP

Hands down....receiving 100% of the votes our winner is

Donnie Jones

Defensive MVP

With a resounding 83.3% of the votes the winner this year for the defensive MVP is

O.J. Atogwe.

Offensive MVP

This one was a tough one and came down to a tie in votes and there is no tie breaker so there are two Offensive MVP's for this season...

Steven Jackson and Donnie Avery

Rookie of the Year

With receiving 100% of the votes, this one was another no brainer...

Donnie Avery

Team MVP

It was a close one, but receiving 50% of the votes we do have our Team MVP....

O.J. Atogwe