Monday, December 31, 2007

The Pain and Agony

As if the season wasn't bad enough as it was, we as Rams fans had to sit in just utter angst as we watched our team be totally humiliated.

And by the Cardinals no less. The Cardinals folks, a team that hadn't had a .500 season since moving to the desert. Oh.....My.....God! Could it get any worse?!

Well of course it could.

Not only did our beloved Rams get the whoopin' they did but to make matters worse, it was at the hands of the one and only Kurt Warner. The same Warner who brought dignity and honor to the Rams Organization, that same organization that dissed the man just a few years removed from that glorious Super Bowl.

This had to be the worst game of the entire season. There were a lot of bad ones but this one was the entire season summed up in one horrendous embarrassment.

But like the sadistic fools some of us Rams fans have grown to become, many of us continued to watch this debacle to the bitter end. Perhaps to remind ourselves that we still loved our team and that no matter what we'd be there. Whatever the reasoning for this self-imposed torture, we are none the less thankful and fall on our knees and thank God that we are finally rid of this pain and agony that we called the 2007 season.

Friday, December 21, 2007

More Than a Game Was Lost

We'd all be lying to ourselves if we didn't deep down inside believe the team had quit on Linehan long before the Steelers game.

As a fan, you always hope that it'll never happen, but sometimes enough is enough, even for the players.

It's been brewing for a long time now. It all started with Jackson, who openly apologized and it was all suppose to be due to his fierce competitiveness.

Then there was the so called minor incident on the sidelines with Bulger giving his head coach the "evil eye".

All of which, Linehan has shrugged off, including the latest and most volatile outburst of them all. And for all the world to see. The last two players on this team you would ever expect to see such an outburst from would be Isaac Bruce and the always even tempered Torry Holt. In fact if I had not seen it with my very own eyes, I would never have believed it. But I did see it, I did capture it on DVD and the above still shot. It did happen and it's sad to think one of the happiest players on the team, one of the most mild mannered members of the NFL would be pushed this far, pushed to his own emotional limits to force him to react in such a manner. And all Linehan can do is say "It didn't bother me." What?! It should bother you, A LOT! It should make you think there's something very, very, very wrong in Rams Nation!

If three leaders on this team, not one disgruntled player, but THREE leaders during the season have shown extreme displeasure right in front of the cameras, how many more players feel the same way and just haven't spoken up or got caught by the ever watchful NFL cameras?!

If three of your leaders turn on you coach, you have a bigger problem than you can manage, because leaders lead and the rest follow.

More than a game was lost on Thursday against the Steelers. The final exclamation point was put on losing the team as a whole. They were slipping away long before this game, Holt simply emphasized it with finality. Respect for the coaching authority has been lost and if Linehan is allowed to stay after this blatant statement by Holt, there's nothing Linehan can do to get them back not next week, not next season, not ever.

If John Shaw doesn't see the scope of this turmoil, the utter disaster that has become the Rams, and understand that no matter how nice a guy is, if he's not doing his job to the best of his ability, and he's lost the support of his subordinates then there's no hope for this team.

Perhaps Linehan should do some soul searching and if Shaw can't bring himself to do what is best for the team, perhaps Linehan should.

On a lighter note. Congrats is in order for Isaac Bruce! Way to keep moving up the ladder of fame! Way to go Bruce for moving past James Lofton to third on the ALL Receiving List! Just two more to go to reach the heights of Jerry Rice!

What a phenomenal player and one of the NFL's classiest acts!


Your number will be next right along with #28!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lambeau Field or The Ed?

"It's a joke, simple as that. The whole first level was Green Bay Packers fans. And then we're allowing them to put up signs. It's a joke . . . it's a joke." That was Jackson's response to the lack of Rams fans in the dome. And I couldn't have said it any better myself.

As a fan watching this game and looking at the crowd as the cameras panned the was utterly disgusting to see that Jackson wasn't exaggerating about the the first level dominated by Packer fans. And the only reason this could happen would be if the Rams fans sold the opposing teams fans the tickets.

That's just wrong, utterly wrong. Why do you say? The Rams deserve it with their record? The fans have a right to do whatever they want with their tickets. I suppose you could be right there but that doesn't make it right, now does it?!

Look around the league at other teams with poor records and I'll name you a few....

Chiefs.....their fans still pack Arrowhead, despite their record and you'd never see them selling off their tickets to the enemy.

Bengals....their fans are still there backing their team despite their record and you still see them at home games no matter how painful it is to watch.

Falcons....their QB is in prison, their coach walked out on the team, but the fans are still there and not selling off their tickets to the enemy.

Dolphins....totally winless into week 15 yet you don't see their fans selling their tickets to the opponents fans.

The fans in St. Louis are the poorest excuse for fans the NFL has ever seen. And I'll say it again, they should be utterly ashamed of themselves. It's hard enough for the team as it is, but to be at home and see and hear nothing but pro Packer chants is completely unfair to a team that is suppose to be YOUR team.

As a lifelong fan, it ripped my heart out to hear continual chants of "Go Favre, Go Favre, Go Favre!" at a home game. St. Louis fans, you make me sick.

Yes, you have the right to do what you want....but, it's NOT right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lousy Game....but

That won't stop me from finding some good out of it all.

Last week, I talked of how deserving Bruce was to retire a Ram, be in the Hall of Fame and how he garnered respect.

Well, after watching this weeks game, I think it's in order to give kudos to Torry Holt.

Not only did this game give him his 8th straight season with 1,000+ yards moving him to the 3rd in NFL history to have so many, but this game also highlighted his class.

How horrible it must have been for poor Brock Berlin, just taken off the practice squad, didn't receive reps in practice and had never taken a single NFL snap in his life, to be put out on the field, in enemy territory, under such adverse weather conditions, to have his coach have him start the game off with "airing it out". That's a lot to expect from someone so inexperienced.

But if you watched Torry closely on the field that day, you'd have seen a guy, who knew what this poor kid was going through and he went out of his way to try and catch even the worst passes thrown anywhere in his direction. He did everything in his power to try and help this poor guy out. Sure, isn't that what a receiver is suppose to do every week for any QB? Yes, it is, but you could see Torry was going beyond the call of duty.

But the best part of it all, was at the end of the game when Torry went up behind Berlin, tugged on his jersey and game him a hug.

Now, that's a class act!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bruce is Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

You can say all you want about he's seen his day, he's lost a step, that he's an expense the Rams can do without. Say it all you want, but you'd be wrong.

The Rams organization and fans have a bona fide living legend amongst them and age should not be considered a factor.

Once again, Bruce proved his worth against the Falcons and proved that he still can make corners and safeties look simply downright silly out there.

No one should ever doubt Bruce's abilities or longevity. As long as he stays in the shape that he continues to be in each year that he reports to duty, it should be a given that Bruce has a place on this Rams team.

He and his illustrious career have earned the right to remain a Ram and to retire a Ram! And the organization and fans should support that.

He's earned it and he's earned the right to be respected for all he's done, all he's still capable of doing.

He's Canton bound and Rams Nation should be proud!