Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Job

I was really impressed with how the Rams came out firing and using a game plan that immediately put the 49ers on their heels. Unfortunately, Shurmur went conservative once again and to be honest with you, I really thought we'd end up experiencing another game like against the Chiefs.

However; that was not the case and I'm sure we all let out a collective sigh of relief when the whole team came together in the 4th quarter when it was really needed and really counted! That is the way they need to end each game by making the 4th quarter count. The first 3 quarters mean nothing if you can't take the lead and put a nail in the coffin in the 4th quarter.

It was also great to see Shurmur allow Alexander to play. He and Amendola each in their own ways offer up legitimate threat to opposing defenses and Alexander over and over again when allowed to play has shown he is the shot in the arm the offense needs.

All caution must be thrown to the wind next Sunday night in Seattle! Conservative thinking and behavior MUST be thrown out the window. The Rams must be aggressive both on defense and offense if they want to end the long chain of losses they have experienced at Qwest Field! This is it and the Rams MUST play like it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What is Going On Here?

Everyone is to blame for this loss except for maybe Donnie Jones, Brown and Amendola who just kept on ticking like a little time bomb on the field.

My God what are the coaches doing? Where's Alexander? Two 4th quarter plays to the only guy other than Jackson that poses a threat for some fireworks! What is up with that? And speaking of the coaches....where was the blitzing? Come on! None last week and only a couple against the Chiefs. And when they did blitz they got to Cassle. Hello?!!

And are we trying to create another shell shocked Marc Bulger here with poor Sam Bradford? Let's get some plays in here that's going to help the kid not diminish his talents! This is ridiculous. Instead of progressing the play calling and coaching is regressing!

Lucky for the Rams however; everyone else lost in the NFC West so they are still in control of their own destiny. But not for long if they continue to go backwards instead of forwards!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Painful Loss

I'll admit the game at times was painful to watch and at other times the Rams kept giving me the feeling that there was still hope even into the 4th quarter. A little confusing indeed. But I think that's because this is a team that clearly gives off the aura of never giving up on itself. Despite the fact this was one of their worst losses of the season at times I couldn't help but keep watching and thinking, "Just maybe, just maybe, so don't give up now, the team's not."

I will admit that at times Bradford made me feel like he was playing his first rookie game. He simply seemed to finally allow an opponents defense to finally get to him, which was a definite disappointment. He did indeed make some decisions that made it look like he had suddenly digressed instead of continuing to grow. However; there were times when some of the things he did made you truly understand exactly why the team chose this young man to be the leader of this team. He is the right choice, was the right choice to build a very good team around. Despite all the mistakes the team made, not once did this kid give up. He kept playing as hard as he could never once letting the scoreboard be a factor in his behavior.

Even in this painful loss, Bradford came out as a true leader for this team.

Despite this loss, the Rams still are in control of their own destiny if they can simply get past their next three opponents, two of which are at home, they will win the division.

As usual, the Rams need to leave this game behind come this week during practice and move onto to the next team, the Chiefs. Chiefs are having problems, so the Rams need to plan for those problems and take advantage of them.

Go Rams!

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Team Has Grit

This team not only has quited those who predicted we'd be lucky to win 4 games for the whole season and that was being generous, but this team has proven that they learn from each and every game they play.

Not only are they on an extremely fast learning curve, they probably have a lot more character and downright grit than half the teams in the NFL, and definitely far more than anyone in their own division.

Adversity is no longer a bitter pill that they can no longer swallow. Not only can the Rams take that bitter pill but they can also chew it up and spit it right back out at you. This young team seems to be beginning to thrive off of the adversity. Go ahead, throw some adversity at them. I dare you, cause if you do, they're going to shove it right back at you.

Gone are the days when you would see this team curl up in a corner and cower against the face of any adversity. Gone are the days where other teams can push this rag tag group of grid iron warriors around. Because they are true warriors now and no longer cower in the face of adversity or danger. There does not seem to be much that frightens this team anymore, not even winning on the road.

They believe in the system, the coach, themselves and most of all their new leader, Sam Bradford. Now it's time for us as fans to believe too. Because it won't be long before we'll be riding high again and you don't want to miss out on the excitement of rising to to top with the team!

Go Rams!