Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Answers, No Plans for Humiliation

The players claim they have no answers for the horrendous humiliation they offered up to their fans as entertainment in London. Maybe it's because they didn't have a well laid out plan. Hell, if you ask me, they didn't have a plan at all. It was if after that first drive, they looked over at the Pats and just decided to commit football suicide and then throw out the white flag.

It was just one of the worst things that has been witnessed this season so far. It was bad enough that a game that was suppose to be a home game was taken from us and then come into a huge stadium that favored the Patriots to begin with. That was like  deliberate suicide on the part of the Rams owner from conception. Stan may say they wanted the Rams to be "branded" in England, but did he have any idea they'd get "branded" alright, as pathetic losers, not well fought tough losers, but a team that reminds us of 2011.

Let's hope that this team and the coaches use their bye week to really reflect back upon one of the worst outings of the season and from it learn something, anything! Especially how to utilize the red zone. Chris Givens for instance seems to be the key play maker outside of Amendola and it is time that they give him full reigns plain and simple. Stop treating him like a rookie, he appears to be able to handle it, so let him handle it, plain and simple. Make him the key piece of the puzzle. End of discussion.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Givens Becoming Possible Big Threat

Both Givens and Bradford haven quite been on the same page for a lot of the season and often times it's Bradfords inability to see him on the field, however, when they do connect it always seems to generate a huge play that no one else in this receiving corp seems to be able to do. So this makes Givens a possible deep threat in coming weeks.

He has definitely been asked to step it up since the loss of Danny Amendola and for the most part, as a rookie, he's faired well. In fact he has surprisingly been the team's most impress first year receiver due to the fact that the rookie Brian Quick has been more than disappointing.

Let's hope that the two of these guys can continue to improve their relationship so that we might finally have someone that Bradford can utilize in order to open up the offense and stop relying so much upon the leg of Zeurlein.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finally the Defense is Getting Noticed

Not much has been said about the defense as they quietly rise of the ranks and maybe that's a good thing because then that means the defense is catching some of these teams off guard.

It's nice though to realize though, that we are finally building a defense that other teams are starting to fear and maybe even respect. Here's a little about out new defense.

There's a chill in the air, the leaves are turning, the baseball Cardinals are in the playoffs. Nothing new there when it comes to mid-October in these parts.
But something radically different is taking place on the football field. Two words that haven't been associated with the Rams' defense in a long time are suddenly apropos: Top 10.
Through six games this season, the Rams rank fifth in scoring defense and seventh in total defense in the National Football League. One must go back more than a decade — back to when most of the current Rams players were in grade school — to find the last time that's happened:
• The 2001 NFC championship squad finished seventh in scoring defense and third in total defense.
• The 1999 Super Bowl championship squad finished fourth in scoring defense and sixth in total defense.
• The 1998 Rams finished 10th in total defense.
That's it. In the first 17 seasons of "St. Louis" Rams football, those are the only teams to finish in the top 10 in either category. Otherwise, defense has pretty much been a lost art. The Rams have finished 24th or lower in scoring defense 12 times since the move to St. Louis in '95. They have finished 21st or lower eight times in total defense over that span.
Scoring defense ranks teams according to points allowed; total defense ranks teams according to yards allowed. The Rams are allowing 18.5 points and 311.5 yards a game this season. So even though the sample size remains relatively small with 10 games still to be played, the defensive turnaround has been just short of astounding so far.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who Are These Guys?

I mean it, seriously, who are these guys we call the Rams defense? My goodness, 9 sacks, 9 sacks! There could have been 4 or 5 more but Kolb was able to pull out of them. Could you imagine getting double digit sacks in one game? Looking at the Rams during the Cards game, I see where it could be possible.

I don't know what Fisher has done, but I don't think I've ever seen a Rams defense like this one since, dare I say it, since The Fearsome Foursome. I'm not saying they are as good as them, but they are far better than the 1999 defense and they were good.

It is hard to come to the realization that this group actually belongs with the Rams! They probably already have opposing offenses beginning to dread having to face them. Sounds familiar too, doesn't it? Do you, as fans recall how much you dreaded playing Fisher's Titans? Remember how we hated their defense so much? Well, here we are on the flip side of the coin. Sure feels a lot better doesn't it?

Who are these guys, seriously, they need a "name"!

Go Rams!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Notes

Since I wasn't able to see any of the game until the end of the 3rd quarter, it was a big relief to see the Rams were leading the minute I turned the game on.

It also was nice to see the "real" refs back. Never thought I'd ever say that but after the past few weeks, I bow down to you or might refs. LOL Just joking of course. Am glad to see officials on the field that know the game of football.

Nice to see that the Rams shut down old Golden Tate, got what he deserved this week after the undeserved TD against the poor Packers the previous week. It's called karma dude.

Have to say, without a doubt we have the best kicker in the NFL. Who ever thought that a kicker could be so good and so valuable that he would be the leading scorer on the team. But wait a minute before the season started, I read where one writer actually predicted that this is exactly what would happen. Amazing. Gotta love the kid, that's for sure, nothing like knowing once you pass the 50 yard line you are already in scoring position.

The defense is continuing to improve and now lead the league in INT's are second in the league in lowering QB ratings, on the average after a QB walks away from playing us they have a rating of just 64.2. Got to love that number!

Let's hope that next week the Rams can bring the Cardinals down to earth and pop their undefeated bubble.