Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail to Jackson

This may have been another road loss for the Rams, making the last time they won on the road was their only win last year against the Lions! Although there are a lot of negatives to complain about, there should be time set aside for Jackson's personal and professional victory!

Despite the loss and the teams continued road woes, Jackson stood out amongst the crowd when he had his crowning moment of his career by passing the great Eric Dickerson.

On Sunday, Jackson surpassed Dickerson's all time rushing record and moved into first place in Rams franchise history. Even for those who have never quite been on Jacksons side for one strange reason or another have to admit that this was definitely a defining moment and a well deserved honor  for SJ39.

Jackson is a beast and a class act that the Rams organization and fans a like should be proud to have such a top notch player on their team.

Thanks for all you do for the team Jackson and congrats!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

And the Chargers couldn't believe it either! How could a team that got beat by 38 points by a winless team come back with such fierceness? But they did. The Rams came into this game forgetting that last week even happened. Forgetting they lost Bradford's favorite go to guy, forgot that they looked like fools just a week prior.

Instead we discover a team that is learning how to come back from all kinds of adversity instead of cowering in a corner and just letting everyone walk all over them. This is a team now that has shown the NFL that they are changing, improving and they do know how to win and they like the taste of victory and the agony it inflicts upon their opponents.

The Chargers and Rivers were beat upon by the Rams defense for the entire first half. They were manhandled severely the first half and the Chargers seemed shell shocked by half time. Although the Chargers were able to adjust in the second half, the Rams defense was good enough to stop the #1 offense from overrunning them and taking over the game.

Although the Rams offensive scheme was probably too conservative in the 2nd half, luckily they were able to pound the ball down their throats with Jackson at the end, gobbling up the time on the clock allowing them to finally just sit on the ball and send the Chargers home shocked and wondering what they had just witnessed in St. Louis.

The Rams made a statement in this game and that was telling the NFL that they refuse to be the NFL's doormat any longer!

Way to go boys! You truly deserved this awesome win!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things We've Learned

First thing that should have been learned from this, is that no matter what, Sam Bradford is still a rookie who has yet experienced everything there is to experience. Sunday's game however was a tough lesson to learn and that is the defeat by humiliation. It's better that he had this experience early in his rookie season than later. He has had his first taste of an embarrassing loss and how everything can go wrong even when you think you tried your hardest. This stinging defeat will probably stay in his memory banks for a long time and there is no doubt that he is already teaching himself how to avoid another one like it, because Bradford is not a quitter.

Another thing learned from this game is that this  team has a long way to go to learn how to bounce right back from an immediate adversity such as losing Mark Clayton. Other receivers need to be able to step in immediately and support their quarterback. Danny Amendola can not do this on his own, as much as he tried to, he is not going to be able to carry the entire receiving duties on his back a lone.

We also learned that this team is still young and immature as a total unit and they are going to need more time to be able to learn that they must play flawless football to pull off future wins. They simply are not good enough at this point to think they have the ability to screw up and then come back from it and win the game. They have yet to do enough in this league to warrant much respect from their opponents.

Whether we've learned it or not, all of us need to learn that one debacle does not mean the world is going to stop turning, that the season is over for this young team. However; it does mean that yes, the sky is a little darker than it was going into this game and we are in for some troubled weather. But all of us knew that in the very beginning, deep inside we knew the storms had not passed and that it was just a break in the clouds. But there will be other breaks in the clouds and we need to be there to enjoy them!

Hang in there Rams and fans! We'll make it through.

P.S. Planet Rams wants to offer our prayers to Mark Clayton for his devastating injury, just when it looked as if his career was to be resurrected in St. Louis this had to happen. We hope that he can recover from this and rejoin the team healthy next season!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's Take Another Look At The Schedule

After four weeks of play, I don't know about anyone else, but I see a totally different team than what the critics predicted we would see on the field. I see a team that has the heart and determination to go a lot farther than 4 wins, perhaps even more than 6 wins. Before you think I'm nuts, if the Rams continue to improve as they have each week it's possible. So let's take a look at their schedule again.

Rams @ Lions - Come on we beat them last year. (Win)
Chargers @ Rams - It's not impossible to win this game, especially since the home crowd is back in it, but for the skeptics I'll cave on a close one. (Loss)
Rams @ Bucs - Don't look any better than the Skins and we beat them. (Win)
Panthers @ Rams - Come on they are winless at the time of this writing. (Win)
By week 9 we could conceivably be standing at 5-3
Rams @ 49ers - (Win)
Falcons @ Rams - Tough one so I guess I'll go with a loss here. (Loss)
Rams @ Broncos - Denver is not having a good year and I think Rams should be able to pull it off. (Win)
Rams @ Cards - Rams are going to want to make up for the early loss by this time. (Win)
Rams @ Saints - Really tough one in New Orleans. (Loss)
49ers @ Rams - Not in our home this year. (Win)
Rams @ Seattle - The "new" Rams are not afraid of this team. (Win)

So it is possible the Rams led by Sam Bradford could end up with a 10-6 record. If they keep going forward and there are no setbacks in the learning curve, nothing is impossible!

Go Rams!