Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Ends the Miracle Run

OK, so perhaps I was all but too optimistic on that thought. But it was possible up to the very last second that Frerotte decided to forget the utter basics of football.....the snap from center! Looked like McCollum was ready to blow a gasket after that ineptitude on Frerottes part. And who can blame him? McCollum didn't do anything wrong.

Oh well, that's that. Bulger injured again, Pisa out with a sprained if not worse knee....pretty much sums up our season. Just one woe after another.

Who would have dreamed that the Rams would or could ever have such a living nightmare of a season? I know I couldn't have. How heartbreaking it is to have such high hopes for a team you love so dearly to have it end up like this.

But since I seem to be a glutton for punishment, I will continue on, writing, watching and supporting my Rams.

Go Rams! ~ In 2008

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Win's a Win

It may not have been pretty or as prolific as the win against the Saints, but it was a win and just one game closer to the miracle run I've been hoping for. And as a fan, I'm happy with that.

The 49ers as lousy as they are on offense, their defense probably put up their best fight of the season. Which is basically how it is every time we play the 49ers, there's just no getting around that it seems. But we did what was important and stuck through the whole game and finished the job.

The defense did a very nice job this time around in stopping Gore. In fact the Rams continue to improve against the run on a weekly basis. As it stands the Rams defense stands at 19th in overall defense and it's Hasletts goal to get them in the top 10 this year no matter what the record might end up being. The way they've been playing his goal looks very reachable. Haslett has done a good job of improving this defense and the Rams would be fools to even think of letting him go anywhere after what he's done with this unit.

Two down and six more to go.

Don't stop believing.....anything's possible in the NFL!

Go Rams!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Now That's What I Call Heart

This goes out to all the fans who turned their backs on this team weeks ago. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you're a fan stick with your team, no matter how bad the going gets.

Thumbs up to the Rams for proving to the whole world that they still had heart, that they still believed in themselves and that they had not given up on their coach.

This goes out to all those fans who over the past few years have whined about Jackson having a big mouth and needed to walk the walk not just talk it. Jackson has proved to everyone that without him the team is missing the heart and soul of this offense, but with him they breathe new life and play good football. Thumbs up to Jackson and his leadership and walking the walk.

Thumbs down to every single reporter in the St. Louis area who had the Saints beating the Rams, not one single reporter in their home town gave them a shot in hell to pull off a win, NOT one. And for now acting as if you knew they could do it. Stop your sucking didn't believe and don't act like you ever stopped for a moment and thought they might have a chance.

Thumbs up to those fans who still had heart, and still showed their support for their team and believed without a doubt that this would be the game that brought life back to the team. You deserve a special Planet Rams Golden Heart award for standing by your team.

Thumbs up to the Rams coaching staff for finally coaching a superb game and not giving up on their players! You see what works now so word of advice....stick with it and you just might pull off a miracle comeback and end the season 8-8. Anything is possible in the NFL and you need to believe it.