Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Excuses

This has nothing immediately to do with the Rams, but in a way it does. The Seachickens walk away with a undeserved win and plan on marching into our stadium as if they are deserving of a 2-1 record when they simply aren't!

Enough is enough. Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge knows that this was an INT and NOT a TD by Tate. The Packers were royally screwed by the refs on this one. And the Seahags weren't even at least decent enough to admit they got a super lucky break here. They knew it was an INT and they should have said it too and not just walk away with a undeserved win. Instead they go around like it was all good, all fair. I call bullshit on that one. Sorry, but it is what it is.

I hope that the Rams will totally trample these guys come Sunday and send them yelping with their tails between their legs by the end of the game! It's time to bring them back down to earth and then drop kick them all the way back to Seattle!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow, I'm Impressed!

What can one say about a team that is actually playing like a team that not only is on a mission, but playing with one big old chip on their shoulder. Fisher is truly transforming this franchise into HIS and it is more than evident that what Fisher is feeding them during practice, in the film room, in the meeting room, before the game and during the game is working.

Sure, it is only the second game and it was a great victory. You can already see that the Rams immediately learned from the first game that could have easily been their first win, had they done what they did in this game against the Skins and the highly toted RGIII. (I don't know about anyone else, but I was getting sick of hearing about him and was glad to see him picking himself up off the ground a lot when playing the Rams. He got away easy with the Saint, but the Rams weren't going have any of the hype.) The Rams picked themselves up off the ground after the disappointing loss against Detroit and would not give up to RGIII and his Skins no matter how much they tried to intimidate the Rams. They also were able to overcome all the setbacks the dreadful officiating tried to dump on them. It was one adversity after another and not one single adversity kept them down and unwilling to fight to the bitter end.

This is NOT your "same old sorry ass Rams"! Those days are gone.

Tired of all the RGIII BS from the media, it is no doubt Bradford was going to respond and he responded with sheer brillance. He not only slid away from the pressure given to him but he scrambled away from deadly sacks, like a master, like he should do. Bradford ended with 310 yards, 3 TD's, 1 INT and a QB rating of 117.4, not bad for one days work.

Danny Amendola after his deadly fumble giving the Redskins their lead, was not going to let that stop him, nor could the Redskins stop him. He showed no mercy with his 15 catches, 1 TD and 160 yards.

And kudos to rookie Daryl Richardson who had no problems stepping in for SJ39 when he suffered a groin injury, gaining 102 total yards of offense on just 17 carries!! Let's not forget his TD and 2 point conversion. The Skins soon realized that speed kills and that is how Richardson was able to blaze through their defense, with his blazing speed.

Finnegan, Dunbar and Quinn all had a lot of fun with RGIII, even though he had a good game, these three were able to keep him in check enough to not allow the rookie to have another record day against them, on their home turf. It's apparent that RGIII was really feeling the heat and even at times showed frustration to the refs about how hard the Rams were hitting him. But like the announcers said "Hey RGIII, you need to learn that once you pass the line of scrimmage you are no different than any other player on the field, you are fair game."

There were a couple of times that Fisher should have sent the flag flying, both times were questionable calls by the fake refs on TD's that they claimed were not, but after several reviews by the announcers, they could have been over turned and given the Rams more points.

Here's a few comments from the pros:

Mike SandoESPN.com: “Jeff Fisher didn't need the St. Louis Rams' 31-28 victory over the Washington Redskins as much as a certain quarterback did. Fisher has a five-year contract. He's a proven coach. He's building for the long term. Sam Bradford, entering his third season as the Rams' quarterback, needed some short-term affirmation. He'd struggled last season for a variety of reasons. Never in two-plus seasons had he looked nearly as good as Robert Griffin III had looked for the Redskins in Week 1. Bradford needed a breakout game and got one.”

Clark JudgeCBSSports.com: “Sam Bradford bashers said St. Louis was wrong to make a commitment to the guy after last season and to trade away the second pick of the draft (which Washington turned into Griffin). I want to hear them say that now. No question, RG3 could be sensational, but Bradford looks like the quarterback who nearly took the Rams to a division title in 2010 -- and that is nothing but good for a team that is tougher, more physical and more competitive under Jeff Fisher. Trust me, the Rams will be a tough out this season.”

Mike WiseWashington Post: “(The Redskins) lost because their defense couldn’t apply the pressure it wanted after losing Adam Carriker (right knee, it doesn’t look good) and Brian Orakpo to first-quarter injuries. They lost because Sam Bradford is awfully good when he gets protection, and the Rams defense began lowering their shoulders and bull rushing Griffin III until he finally went down a few times and had to give the ball up.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jenkins is the Real Deal

If there were ever any doubts in any one's minds about Jenkins being the real deal, those doubts should have been wiped away after the game against the Lions.

This kid is for real and plays with the fierceness of a seasoned vet and there is no doubt that he made it a point to prove to opposing veterans to not take him lightly just because of his rookie status.

This kid put on some major veteran like hits and his motor was running a 100mph and on all cylinders! He didn't even let "Megatron" put any fear into him. The big field of the NFL and all the veterans coming at him didn't even make him back down for a second.

Jenkins is the real deal folks and it won't be too long before he becomes a household name!

Great job rookie, even if it was in a losing effort.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rams Make Surprising Cuts

A little shocked at a few the players that were cut from the Rams after the final pre-season game. It's true that it's tough to get the 53 man roster but I'm still a little shocked at some of the players they let go.

1. Clemens - granted he wasn't nearly as good as either Bradford or the rookie Davis, but isn't it wise to try and keep 3 QB's on the roster as fast as QB's can go down sometimes?

2. Greg Salas - Last year he appeared read to light up the field before he got sidelined for the season and it was Pettis that couldn't seem to catch a single ball. With Gibson still not proving anything great on the field, it's a surprise to see Salas go.

3. Hoomanawananui - And just finally learned how to spell it and pronounce it! Seriously though, I thought Fisher leaned towards having more than one big TE on the field at a time. Has Lance Kendricks really shown enough to Fisher to get rid of Hoomanawananui? Don't know, guess we'll soon see.

4. Chase Reynolds - I thought this guy was impressive, at least impressive enough to be at least on the practice field. At times he was far better than Pead. Strange.

Well, guess we'll see how this all plays out next week when we kick it off in Detroit.