Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fumble is a Fumble, is a Fumble!

I don't care what you want to call it, but a fumble, is a fumble, is a fumble. Come on. When it comes to bonehead moves the refs took the cake on this one. When Kyle Orton fumbled the ball on the snap anyone with two half way good eyes could tell he wasn't trying to spike the ball, it was a fumble, plain and simple.

And what does a coach have to do to get the message across that they need the booth to review it? Usually when a coach calls for a time out in a situation like this, he is hinting to the idiots in the booth that the play should be reviewed! But did the fools up in the booth do anything? Uh Duh, like no. Were they twiddling their thumbs? Had they gone out for dinner or what?

Look, I know that it was only a pre-season game, but like Faulk said "There's no excuse for these guys to make mistakes like this, they aren't replacement officials up in the booth!" Pre-season or not, that one missed fumble did indeed change the entire complexion of the outcome of this game! Had that been a fumble it would have been Rams ball and the Cowboys would not have had 20 points. And as we all saw, in the end, the Rams rallied back and had that 3 extra points not been there to pad the score for Dallas, we could have possibly had another win.

Had this been a game that counted you can rest assured that Fisher would be filing a complaint first thing Monday morning. These are things that can't be ignored and it still needs to be pointed out to those idiots that they really blew that one!

On top of that the overall officiating was horrendous in this game and they had better get their act together before the season begins if they plan on continuing to fill in for the other idiots that call themselves officials.