Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Now What?

So here we are, thinking that we're all set for a possible great year for the Rams and this happens?!!! You've got to be kidding me! If it were not for bad luck, the Rams organization would have no luck at all!

What it means for the Rams: Williams, their new defensive coordinator, has been suspended for at least the 2012 season. Commissioner Roger Goodell will review Williams' case following the season. This is a significant setback for the Rams and one that calls into question Williams' future with the team. Head coach Jeff Fisher and assistant head coach Dave McGinnis do have experience as defensive coordinators. They'll take the lead on defense, presumably. Williams cooperated with the NFL's investigation. I suspect failure to cooperate might have led to stiffer punishment (a lifetime ban, perhaps?). Payton received a one-year suspension. Loomis got eight games and a $500,000 fine. The Saints drew a $500,000 fine while losing second-round choices in 2012 and 2013. Vitt drew a six-game suspension.

You know what? I don't give a damn about the woes of the Saints in all of this, what I want to know is why the hell are the Rams getting punished in all of this? Why are the Rams not getting some sort of compensation from this disaster? If you ask me, the Rams are victims here and they should be given some sort of compensation from the NFL in the draft, such as an extra draft pick. After all, our team had NOTHING to do with any of this mess!

Freakin unbelievable! The Rams don't deserve this. And Goodell should do something about it, plain and simple!