Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adversity Builds Character

I'm sure that all of you have been reading as many things about the rookies that you can get your hands on.

I myself have been touched by the hard luck story of Mardy Gilyard. When you hear stories like his you know that this person knows what the hard knocks of life are all about. You know that they will either fail or thrive because adversity can build fine character or it can create a person who allows themselves to be swallowed by the adversity and come out fighting and holding a grudge against society.

As for Mardy Gilyard it has already be seen that he is letting the adversity to drive his life in a positive manner. Someone who had to live out of his car to finish college is a true test of character and in June he will see the fruits of his labors by graduating from college. Furthermore he comes to a team that is need of not just talent but those with the character to handle adversity.

Mardy will be facing plenty adversity as a Ram, but if how he responded to it in college is any sign at all, we could be blessed with a player who not only makes good impressions on the field but off the field as well.

Welcome to the Rams Mardy!