Monday, April 26, 2010

Argue if You Must

You can argue all you want about the Rams number one pick. You can say Suh was the best choice hands down until you are blue in the face. But it is not going to change things. The Rams understood just how horrendous the offense was. It was going nowhere under Bulger. There was no room for improvement. They understood that we had the weakest offense out of 32 teams.

The Rams need a young talented player to build around. Steven Jackson needs someone that the team builds around so that he can perhaps let go of some of the burden. It is always better to build a team around a quarter back than any other player on the team. You can't build a team around Suh and besides the Rams defense was actually beginning to improve at the end of the year last year. The defense will have a better shot at improving if their offense isn't as pathetic as it was last year.

Sam Bradford is the real deal and instead of saying we should have taken Suh, we should be welcoming the new face of the franchise.