Monday, June 23, 2008

Fans Don't Like to Hear the Truth

In fact, does anyone really like hearing the truth? Truth stings doesn't it? But do we want to be lied to, really? Wouldn't you rather know how someone really feels than go along in life totally ignorant of others feelings?

Then why should fans be any different? Why are they so outraged when a player simply speaks the truth? Not BS but the truth. But it seems fans have a double standard when it comes to football players and the truth.

Once again, grumblings are beginning to erupt over the simple fact that Steven Jackson has no qualms about expressing his true feelings about the situation of the Rams, the organization and it's fans. And why shouldn't he have that right? It's a free country isn't it?

Fans feel they have the right to say what they want about their team or players. They feel they have the right to turn their backs on their team when times get rough and lean. Yet this is where the double standard comes into play. They don't believe that the players should be extended that same right.

If a players feels the need to express his disgust with fans selling off their tickets to the opposing team, shouldn't that player have the right to do so? And a fan can blame it on the rising cost, the NFL, team front office for those rising costs and that those fans have a right to sell. Sure they do, but shouldn't they at least first try and sell those tickets to the teams fans first before even remotely considering the opponents fans? Isn't that just outright betrayal? Why buy the tickets at all?

So what if a player wants to call out his fellow teammates for poor play or even express how the play calling was poor? If the record supports it, then the truth shouldn't be so shocking or "hurtful". And isn't that what we all look for in a leader? Aren't leaders suppose to step up and challenge the rest to better themselves?

So when Steven Jackson speaks out about last year and he points at all the glaring inadequacies of the Rams from 2007, why should it anger us?

The truth is the truth no matter how you want to deny it.

I say, keep the words of truth coming Jackson, because the truth will set you free!

Go Rams!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Remember Trung?

I'm not going to try and compare Donnie Avery with the likes of Trung Candidate. All of his stats seem to be glowing from all the scouting reports that you might come across and read. And I really don't know too much about the kid.

The coaches seem to love him and he seems to be well liked by all the coaches.

What scares me though is the fact the main reason that they seemed to have focused on him when drafting him was his supposed incredible speed. Speed is fine because usually it leads to YAC, which Avery says is his "best friend", but it just gives me shades of the past when they said the same thing about Trung Candidate. Who turned out to be just a "toy" to tinker with and to be shelved when his so called formidable skills never developed.

With Bruce gone though, we can't afford to have our second round draft pick become a coaches "toy", we don't have that luxury.

Just as Torry won't make a comment or assessment on Avery, the jury here is also still out and will wait to see more evidence on whether or not Avery has what it takes or gets shelved like other unwanted toys.