Sunday, September 30, 2007

What the Hell is Wrong With Linehan?

I sat simply numbed by the inability of Linehan to recognize how bad of shape that Bulger was in. What was it that made him think that Bulger was OK to play? Is there some sort of "stupid drug" in the water in St. Louis that only targets coaches?

After the game is totally out of reach, unless if you're maybe Kurt Warner coming off the bench....he finally puts Gus in. He puts Gus in when we're down 35-7! What the hell did he think he could do then? A smart coach would not even have started his quarterback with 2 broken ribs behind an offensive line that's had more

I'm at an utter loss for words on just how disgusted I am with Linehan's decision makin

So tell me coach, what finally gave you the hint that Bulger wasn't cutting it?

The 114 yards passing, 2 INT's, the painful grimaces on his face, or the near inability to pick himself up off the field each time he got hit?!!!

I concede, the season is over. But will still be here to support the team, as painful as it may be.

GO 2008

Sunday, September 23, 2007

$65 Million Dollar Question

Marc Bulger is getting paid $65 mil? And for what? 1 TD in 3 games and 3 INT's in this latest folley!

This is pathetic and it's inexcusable for a player to play so poorly. Sure last week we could lay some of the blame on the offensive line. But you can't this time around. They allowed just one sack the entire game.

So what's wrong with Marc? If someone has an answer for that question, I'd sure like to know because he is simply killing this team.

He should be utterly ashamed of his performance, especially this week. one person can single handedly lose a game for you. Sure Wilkins missed 2 FG's but that doesn't change the fact that Bulger simply is incapable to manage the game in the red zone at this time.

Something needs to be done immediately, not in a few weeks, but now. Don't want to bench your $65 million boy Linehan for Gus? Then you might want to reconsider....just to see what happens, your job is on the line no doubt as it stands, so it's not going to hurt to try something different. If Martz could do it to Warner, you can do it to Bulger and see if it changes things up. And if it doesn't, it's just another loss. You're not winning with Bulger as it is, so it's worth a shot.

Three weeks is more than enough to see that the $65 million dollar "Golden Boy" isn't getting the job done. Let him sit, at least a week and give him some time to think about.

Now is the time to make the decision Linehan, not 3 weeks down the line when we're 0-6.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Dante Muff

Say what you want, Bulger fumbled, Holt fumbled. Yes and that would be true. And though that cannot be excused, they didn't entirely cost us the game.

For once in years, a young and somewhat inexperienced defense finally did it's job. Finally played with fire, finally played admirably. They stood out and close to the end, simply were winning the game.

Until of course when Dante Hall muffed the punt late in the 4th quarter. This was the key and truly only key play of the whole game that gave the game to the 9ers. Without that muff the 9ers would never have taken the lead and forced Wilkins into a "hero's role".

Just ask the doesn't matter how ugly you win, just as long as you win and to that point we were winning the game and could have been the ones walking away with the ugly win. Instead we're stuck with a heartbreak loss.

As heartbreaking as this loss was and putting us in last, I find it hard to believe that we should jump onto the train that's leaving town and throwing in the towel proclaiming the end of the season isn't near but is here. If other Rams fans want to jump on that speeding train leaving Rams Nation, fine but you won't find me on it. I plan to stick it out to the end.


Monday, September 10, 2007

This Game Was Suppose To Count

Or at least that's what this fan thought and I think Torry may have actually realized it was a real game, but it pretty much seemed to stop there.

I'll take that back. The first half, they had us believing that they really knew it was a game for real, one they couldn't take back.

They even had us believing that they were ready for anything the Panthers threw at them. They had us believing that they were ready to play for real.

But then the second half came along and it was like they were walking around in some sort of fog. They were flat, they lost touch with the reality that this game was not going away and that it did count and that it would be there as a big freakin "L" in the win/loss column.

All of a sudden Pace is gone and what? We don't have anymore offensive cohesiveness? Come on, one player can't be depended upon that much. That's utterly ridiculous! Sure Pace is good but you've got to keep it together after you lose a player, you can't just simply fall apart piece by piece.

But Pace has no affect on the defense, so what's the excuse there for simply wearing down like a bunch of old farts who can't keep up with the grandkids?!

Back to the drawing board Linehan, your team was NOT ready! They better be when the Whiners come to town, or you'll be hearing some pretty nasty stuff from the fans in St. Louis....just ask Martz how little patience these fans have.

Note: It's already begun....the rats are abandoning ship already. I may be upset with the teams performance and the coaching, but I'm not bailing. The fans in St. Louis should be ashamed of themselves for the way they behaved, most walking out on their home team barely after the 4th quarter starting leaving the stands nearly empty for the remainder of the game and those that did remain should have just joined the rest, for their behavior and complete disrespect for the players as human beings was utterly disgusting!

You won't see me handing out kleenex or giving any of those fans any pats on the back when the Rams finally realize how much of ingrates these fans in St. Louis are and they pack their bags and say "See ya!". And when that day comes and I have no doubt that it will, it will be well deserved.

Shame on you St. Louis.

Monday, September 3, 2007

This is it Folks

The time is finally upon us. The waiting is all but over. The team is cut down to the 53 man roster and according to the coaching staff, the team is ready to go.

So here we are, after the long silent off season, draft, mini camps, training camp and pre season games, we are just 5 days away from the official kickoff.

All of our anxiety, all of our questions we've been posing all during this time will finally begin to be answered as soon as that ball is in Dante Hall's hands. Once he touches the ball we know that it's officially here and we will find out whether or not the critics are right or if our high hopes for success will be fulfilled.

One game does not make a season? Well maybe not, but it's the best barometer for us to start judging whether or not we're going to make a positive mark on the NFL this year or just fall right back down into mediocrity.

This is it folks....let the games begin!