Monday, November 24, 2008

There's Nothing Left In the Tank

Well, there are those like the fan above that still put an effort out. I've got to admit this guy put out more effort than the entire team puts out on any given Sunday.

The Rams have had a leak in their tank since day one and for a moment in time, Haslett was able to patch it up with a little 5 minute epoxy. But like we all know, 5 minute epoxy is just a temporary fix for what's really wrong.

The epoxy is gone, the hole is bigger and the tank is empty. There's nothing left and the team just doesn't care. Oh sure there might be a few token players left on the team that might go out there and show some effort but it's a really bad sign when the lackluster and defeatist attitude of the majority of the team even rubs off on Josh Brown. Although he wouldn't be any better off in Seattle right now, it's a lose lose situation for him from any stand point.

Some players are disturbed by the lack of support they are getting from their fans. OK, I've been a staunch supporter of the idea that you stick with your team through whatever mess they find themselves in, and to some degree I still am. But there comes a time when even the truest of true fans have to draw the line.

When you see your team go out onto the field week after week with little or no effort put forth, when you see your team play with no emotion over and over again. When you see your team go out and do the same stupid mistakes week after week, penalties left and right, missed tackle after missed tackle. An offense that can't muster more than 3 points after a 75 yard kick return, oh wait, they even missed that field goal. Good god! And the players can't understand why the fans just sit there and are well lifeless! Their team is lifeless, they've been sucked dry, drained with the ineptitude of a team that is suppose to be a group of highly paid professionals. Why should they be expected to give up their hard earned money for a product that even China wouldn't put their stamp on for resale.

I tell myself over and over again, "I love my team, I love my team, I love my team." But I am finding it increasingly difficult to put myself in front of a TV screen and watch yet another week of complete and total embarrassment beyond the realm of human comprehension. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for those sitting in the stands watching their money being whisked away from them like thieves in the night.

The players gave up a long time ago, sucking the fans completely dry, leaving them with nothing but an empty tank and empty promises.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Me One Reason to be a Rams Fan

After Sunday's game, to be honest with you, I couldn't find one single reason why I'm hanging in here as a Rams fan.

Not one! How sad is that?

There's no hope around the corner for this group of misfits led by a QB that doesn't give a damn about what we think or say.

There's no light at the end of the tunnel to offer us any ray of hope that just maybe, just maybe there's still some life and pride left in this team. Nothing.

This team is so damaged that not even a top notch, superior draft can help bring the team back to respectability. There are so many players that need to be replaced it's mind boggling. This mess we call a team makes the days of Tony Banks look like a cake walk.

Yet here I am, publishing a newsletter, a website and forum all for the Blue and Gold. And why? I really don't have the answer. Not a logical answer.

The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe it's because after you have followed a team all your life, they become like family, and sometimes even your family can be difficult to be around, but you still love them. And you find it harder to turn your back on that family than it is to love them. So, you continue to love them even though they've let you down, even though they've fallen apart and gone astray. Because as hard as it is, you know deep in your heart, that this is the time when your love is most needed.

Go Rams!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Does It Get Any More Embarrassing?

This was the most embarrassing game I think I've experienced in my entire life as a Rams fan. I am probably the last one that would leave a game before it's over, but had I been at that game I would have been gone at half time. As it was I suffered through most of the game online until about the last 6 minutes and well quite frankly, I can only handle being a massichist for so long.

I'm glad that Bulger was benched but it should have been done before the 2nd half, that would have made a bigger statement than doing it in the 2nd half. Bulger should be left on the sidelines holding the clipboard the rest of the season.

For some odd reason it appears that Bulger thinks this $65 million contract makes him immune having to own up to his inability to play football. He seems to think it's OK to dismiss what people think or how his fans feel. On the sideline he looked as if he just didn't give a damn.

It's enough of this crap, the team doesn't need and the fans don't deserve it, that's for sure.

Sure benching Bulger isn't the overall answer, but it's a start. Haslett can't come back this week and put him back in. He needs to stick to his guns if he wants to send a message loud and clear. "Don't perform, don't play!" The season may be a wash but that doesn't mean you allow players to play at such a sub-par caliber.

The next serveral years are not going to be much better and I guess it's time for all of us to get use to that fact and do what we can to be patient and hope that someday this organization will once again regain it's respect in the NFL.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Enough is Enough

I rarely agree with what Bernie M has to say when it comes to the Rams but his comment about Bulger getting close to Tony Banks territory is right on target!

Bulger has had far too many chances to be the leader of this team and in recent years has done nothing but fail at that. And since he's gotten that big contract he's done nothing but regress.

During Linehnan's stint with the Rams, there wasn't much that he did right, but the one thing that does stand out that may have been the right thing, was benching Bulger. He knew something the rest of us seem to have known for a long time. Bulger simply no longer has what it takes to lead this team, if he ever did.

Haslett, needs to wake up to this and let go of Bulger and his hopes that he'll get out of this. Put Green in and go from there. And from there the Rams need to seriously reconsider the Rams QB position for 2009.

The team needs to move on, and without Bulger at the helm.